Marked is documentary series about tattoos and their significance. The show explores the tribal meaning behind tattoos. The notion that people who don't exactly fit into society wear excessive tattoos is also explored. For instance, motorcycle gangs are known for their large body art.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on History Channel
1 Season, 4 Episodes
August 27, 2009
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Freddy Negrete

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  • In Southern California, black and grey tattoos connect a culture that started in the barrios of Los Angeles in the 1940s and survives on today's rough streets. Amid the sun and palm trees, ink marks territory and serves as a reminder of blood spilled on neighbourhood streets.Marked dives into the origins of this distinctive tattoo style, born in the violent, gang-saturated California prisons and refined on the streets of LA. Artist Freddy Negrete, one of the originators of the Chicano style, takes us on an exclusive journey, deep into this unknown world, where we decode the ink that decorates the bodies of current and former Chicano gang members.

  • For outlaw motorcycle gangs, tattoos prove dedication and mark alliances. The bikers who wear them live by their own set of rules.Marked goes inside the clubhouses of three of these underground organisations to examine how ink separates these riders from the pack. Witness rituals never before seen on television, as members get permanently branded with tattoos rife with dark, devilish iconography. The engines roar as we decode the hidden meanings of some of the most popular biker images and learn what it takes to live the rough and tumble biker lifestyle.

  • The premier episode featuring an inside look at tattoos and their meanings begins with prison tattoos and how they are used.

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