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Miami Ink is a reality television series that follows Ami James, owner of a tattoo studio in Miami, Florida. The shows focuses on the challenges and pressures Ami faces while trying to run a business and manage his stable of tattoo artists, who have a wide array of personalities.

Each episode of the show centers around a couple customers that come into the show looking for tattoos. The show interviews the clients as they talk about their reasons for getting a particular tattoo. Many of the people have experienced tragedies or the loss of loved ones and they want to get a tattoo to remember them by. Others are excited over big life changes and want to get a tattoo as a celebration. Ami and his crew talk to the people while they tattoo them.

The shows focuses somewhat on the interactions of the tattoo artists with each other and shows some of the drama that they go through; however for the most part the focus is on the artistic process involved in creating a quality tattoo. Each episode starts with the client coming through the door of the shop. They meet with a tattoo artist and discuss what they want for a tattoo and their reasons for getting one. The artist then sketches a design for the client and it is up to the client to approve or disprove of the design.

Then, the client sits for a session. Tattoos are notoriously painful to get and some clients cry or squirm with agony throughout the tattoo procedure. Others are as tough as nails and don't even seem to feel the needle that is penetrating their skin. The tattoo artists often try to talk to clients as a means of distracting them. Miami Ink has many famous clients come to get tattoos. Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain and DJ Skribble are just two of the well-known faces who make appearances on the show. Other reality show veterans also make appearances.

Miami Ink is a Reality series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (83 episodes). The series first aired on July 19, 2005. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.5.

Miami Ink is available for streaming on the TLC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Miami Ink on demand at TLC Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, TLC online.

5 Seasons, 83 Episodes
July 19, 2005
Cast: Chris Garver, Ami James
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Miami Ink Full Episode Guide

  • Nu

  • Darren and Talea prepare for the baby. Ami gets overwhelmed when he produces a mixed martial arts fight night. Meanwhile, Nunez helps a cancer survivor regain some balance.

  • Nunez helps Jackie redesign her tribute to her late husband. Ami freehands a dragon for Keith and is shocked to hear the kind of addiction he's overcome.

  • The crew head to New Orleans where they help out a friend by working as guest artists in his tattoo shop, Eye Candy. Also, the gang have a craw fish meal, and live some thrills and chills inside a haunted hotel.

  • Yoji and Darren created a tattoo based clothing line for children, but creative differences are causing problems. Meanwhile, Ami works on a cherry blossom tattoo.

  • In hopes of feeling more included within the shop, Baby Dre' asks to have her name added to the shop's window front. Darren works on an unusual tattoo for a woman who is in mourning over her deceased husband.

  • The boys go out for a day on the golf course, but fail to gain entrance due to their dress code. After a clothes shopping spree to correct that problem, the competition becomes fierce.

  • Nunez helps his mom move into her new home which he has purchased for her. Ami gets a lesson in Jujitsu, Garver meets and tattoos an admirer from Italy, and Tim and Nunez both help give a pair of brothers matching tattoos.

  • Ami, Nunez, Darren and Dre head to Cape Canaveral in a junky RV to see the space shuttle take off, if Nunez can find his way there that is.

  • Ami animates the kids drawings from his art class he is teaching at Miami Children's hospital. Ami and Nunez are shocked by the tight jeans which Baby Dre had picked out for Yoji while on a shopping trip.

  • Yoji needs special medical attention for his developing skin condition, despite all of Garver's efforts to treat him. Also, Baby Dre is given the job of locating and ridding the shop of an unidentified odor.

  • Ami offers to babysit so that a frazzled Yoji can spend a day at lunch with his wife, but finds it hard to relax.

  • Miami Ink's new manager Dre, needs to pass her certification test before she can work at the shop. Darren announces he has a new fiancé and that she is pregnant with his child.

  • Ami must get on board with Nunez idea of finding a new shop for Miami Ink, due to unforeseen chaos, and Darren's unexpected return from an extended vacation brings joy to the shop.

Miami Ink News

'NY Ink': Tramp Stamps Take on The Big Apple with New TLC 'Miami Ink' Spinoff

TLC will be taking on the city that once outlawed tattoos with a new series spin-off on “Miami Ink.”

Despite the fact that tattoos were outlawed in New York from 1961 to 1997 due to tat-related outbreaks of hepatitis “C”, those behind “Miami Ink” are taking all risks to conquer the kingdom of body art in the Big Apple.

With the June premier of the all-new series “NY Ink,” viewers will get an inside look at tattoo culture in the city where America’s inking styles began.