Mighty Ducks

Mighty Ducks

  • TV-Y7
  • 1996
  • 1 Season
  • 6.5  (1,629)

When the sinister Dragaunus takes over Puckworld, a band of hockey-loving ducks fights back. During the battle, they are caught in a dimensional portal and stranded on Earth. They form a hockey team (The Mighty Ducks) and build a secret base to protect Earth from Dragaunus and find a way home.

Mighty Ducks
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To Catch a Duck
26. To Catch a Duck
January 10, 1997
A story mainly about Duke. Dragaunus plans on stealing the biggest jewels in the world to power his new weapon so he sends Falcone from Puckworld after them. Mallory hates the fact of Duke working on this case since he was once a thief of jewels himself and use to runs the group of thieves Falcone is a part of. Can Duke convince her and everyone else he's on their side, and stop his rival Falcone at the same time?
Duck Hard
25. Duck Hard
January 3, 1997
When Dragaunus takes over the ducks headquarters, it's up to Wildwing and Klegghorn to stop him. But Klegghorn hates the ducks and doesn't believe Wing. Can Wing save his friends and convince Klegghorn that they are on his side?
The Return of Asteroth
24. The Return of Asteroth
December 27, 1996
When that scum from another dimension comes to Earth in search of his stone the ducks took, the ducks end up being in deep trouble cause he's way too powerful! Can Duke and Dive save the day by destroying the stone, or will they all get fried by the Lord of the Red Dragon?
The Most Dangerous Duck Hunt
23. The Most Dangerous Duck Hunt
December 20, 1996
The ducks find out that Dragaunus is using Salerinite to make a missile.They go to the only place Salerinite is found to stop it.They are hunted by a madman there.Can they get out and stop Dragaunus?
The Iced Ducks Cometh
22. The Iced Ducks Cometh
December 13, 1996
When two aliens bent on making the Earth a freezer, the ducks have their hands full because Dragaunus plans to use solar energy to power his ship up. Can they stop both villains before the Earth becomes a Freezing Oven?!
The Final Face Off
21. The Final Face Off
December 7, 1996
After Chameleon quits, he makes himself look like the king of Atlantis and gets treated, finally, with some respect. But Atlantis is filled with Balerium Crystals and Dragaunus wants them! Only Wildwings mask can find Atlantis so you know what Dragaunus is gonna do..... Can the ducks escape him and stop him from opening the Dimensional Gateway, bringing his Saurian brothers out as well to conquer everything!?
Mad Quacks Beyond Hockeydome
20. Mad Quacks Beyond Hockeydome
December 6, 1996
Being sent to another planet by Dragaunus, the ducks are forced to play the deadly game of Space Hockey. Can they escape the evil aliens and get back to Earth before Dragaunus makes new Balerium Crystals?
Bringing Down Baby
19. Bringing Down Baby
November 23, 1996
After finding an egg that had been floating in space forever almost, the ducks are stuck with this really adorable baby alien who thinks Nosedive is it's father. But pretty soon, he's not so cute anymore! HE'S HUGE AND MONSTROUS! Dragaunus planned for them to find that egg and it was all part of his plan. Can Dive reason with the beast before it's too late?
Buzz Blitzman, Mighty Duck!
18. Buzz Blitzman, Mighty Duck!
November 22, 1996
When a nerdy annoying fan of the ducks is being chased after by Dragaunus, the ducks have to protect him. But he won't tell them about himself. Is Dragaunus planning to use his super genius brain for evil purposes or does he just want a kid to call son. Can the ducks save the kid before he drives everyone bananas!!???
Monster Rally
17. Monster Rally
November 16, 1996
Daddy-O Cool, the ducks newest villain, want to make the world a cooler place by turning everyone into toxic mutants but he needs a new engine for his machine. He goes after the Migrator's engine by tricking the ducks to come to him. Will they stop this jerk weed in time, save the world's water supply, and make him stop reciting dumb ass poetry?
Puck Fiction
16. Puck Fiction
November 15, 1996
After their teammates get locked up for a crime they didn't commit, it's up to Nosedive and Grin to see what exactly is going on here so they go undercover as gangsters to learn the truth from a guy known as Limpy Lumbego. There's three things they have to figure out though.... What is the Lumarian Falcone, who is Mr. Big, AND IS BERNIE A FREAKING BEAR OR WHAT!
15. Mondo-Man
November 9, 1996
When a new super hero comes to town, the ducks start being treated like villains themselves. To make things worse, this Mondo Man got his powers from Dragaunus who he thinks is the good guy. Can the ducks stop this loon before he gets everyone into deep trouble with his super mumbo jumbo?
The Return of Dr. Droid
14. The Return of Dr. Droid
November 8, 1996
Yes, that loony is back for a second time, and this time, he's making a new body for himself. A HUGE body that can easily help him destroy all the human bacteria in the world thanks also, to his new super computer who turns all the appliances against everyone. Can they stop this fiend again, and what does Phil's new girlfriend have to do with all of this?
Jurassic Puck
13. Jurassic Puck
November 2, 1996
Dragaunus plans to make the Earth a Saurian hotbed paradise so he plans to start a volcano in the middle of the city! To keep the ducks out of his way he brings his cousins, the dinosaurs back to life to attack the ducks! It's gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight if the ducks don't find a way to stop them!
Beaks vs. B.R.A.W.N.
12. Beaks vs. B.R.A.W.N.
October 26, 1996
Dragaunus gets attacked by a B.R.A.W.N., a robot who guarded him in Dimensional Limbo. Unfortunately, Dragaunus is able to reprogram him and send him after the ducks while he makes his new plan to conquer the world, a floatation devise that has enough power to fulfill his plans! Will the ducks be able to stop them both?
11. Microducks
October 19, 1996
The show starts with two factory workers making comments about their ""cushy"" job a blast crumbles a wall, enter Dr.Droid shooting at the workers after setting his plans in motion the ducks arrive to stop him. A fight ensues with nosedive being his hot-dogging self almost gets himself blown up with the a mini missile giving Dr.Droid time to escape. after tracking a signal they find another mediocre villain named Mind-bender after tying up That loose end they went to their game. at the game nosedive doing the exact same thing that made them loose Dr.Droid almost cost them the game but thanks to a spectacular save by Wildwing they take the game. At their headquarters they find out that Dr.Droid was a robotics engineer named Otto Maton. Then Tanya played a message left by Droid taunting the ducks to stop him from robbing the museum. At the museum Droid ambushes the ducks blasting Nosedive Grin and Tanya he escapes with the Crystal of Atlantis. At the pond they discover that the trio is
Beak to the Future
10. Beak to the Future
October 18, 1996
Dragaunus decides the ducks will never give up so he offers them a teleporter to Earth but before they could decide, Phil from the future comes and brings them to the future... the future of what would happen if they left. Can they stop Vineus Viper, that fiend of a snake and new ruler of the Earth while Draggy is gone, from making the world an even worse place to live?
The Human Factor
9. The Human Factor
October 12, 1996
Being stranded in a small town is way boring for the Mighty Ducks, until weird stuff starts happening. Why are the members so nice and why did they purposely strand the ducks there?
Take Me to Your Leader
8. Take Me to Your Leader
October 11, 1996
After screwing up an attack on Dragaunus, Wildwings decides leader is not the job for him so he quits. Meanwhile, two strange aliens were passing Earth when they were attacked by the Saurians who had stolen the Aerowing. The ducks got it back but now the aliens think Wildwing was the cause of the crash. He's left fixing it while the ducks are left without a leader, just as Dragaunus plants a HUGE plant that starts destroying the city. The ducks have to choose a leader and they all try but learn to realize Wing is best suited for the job.
Dungeons and Ducks
7. Dungeons and Ducks
October 4, 1996
Dragaunus sends the ducks to another dimension while he plans to make a huge earthquake on Earth. The duck's end up going to a dimension just like Anaheim, except ruled by magic where they meet a friend named Borg. Can they help Borg regain his throne from the evil Asteroth, make it home in time for their next game, and eat lunch before it's too late?
Power Play
6. Power Play
September 28, 1996
A story mainly revolving around Grin and how he once was. Dragaunus is making another annoying energy creature but he needs to keep the ducks occupied so, with his DNA Accelerator he turns a Hockey goon, Stanley Straginsky, into a monster to go after the ducks that he hates so much. Will Grin be able to reason with him and show him the way before he kills them all?
Phil in the Blank
5. Phil in the Blank
September 21, 1996
Draggy plans on stealing an engine from a rocket but he need to keep the ducks occupied so Wraith puts a spell on Phil, making him obey his every command and he sends the ducks on crazy and almost deadly public appearances. Unfortunately, Nosedive overhears their evil plans but gets a concussion soon after. Will he wake up in time to tell his friends?
Zap Attack
4. Zap Attack
September 14, 1996
Dragaunus has another sneaky plan up his sleave when he creates a small energy creature who makes a BIG problem for the ducks when it causes chaos in Anaheim. Only Tanya's friend Dr. Huggarman can help but will he?
A Traitor Among Us
3. A Traitor Among Us
September 13, 1996
When Dragaunus hires an extremely attractive spy to trick the ducks into helping him get a chip buried deep in a mountain, the ducks will have only Tanya to tell them the truth about her. But will she make it before Dragaunus' evil plan is carried out?
The First Face-Off (2)
2. The First Face-Off (2)
September 8, 1996
A continuation of the first episode of the show. How did the ducks get to Earth anyway? What ever happened to Canard? And how in the world did they end up meeting such a boob like Phil Palmfeather? This episode will answer all of those questions and more.
The First Face-Off (1)
1. The First Face-Off (1)
September 7, 1996
A team of human-sized ducks in hockey uniforms playing against other teams brings curiosity to police captain Clegghorn who asks the team's manager Phil Palmfeather about their origin. Phil explains via flashback that the ducks came from Puckworld, a planet in another dimension where hockey is a way of life and ducks are the dominant species, as far as one can tell. A legendary hero named Drake Dukane banished an evil race of reptilian beings called Saurians into an unknown dimension with the help of a high-tech hockeymask. Years later, the last group of Saurians, led by an evil tyrant named Lord Dragaunus, escaped from their dimensional prison. Soon he and his minions, the strong and technical genius Siege, the wizard Wraith, and the shapeshifter Chameleon, started attacking Puckworld. To fight Dragaunus, the Ducks' original leader, Canard, assembled a team of heroes. They were a tomboy soldier named Mallory, a sword wielding ex-theif named Duke La'Orange, a techno-geek named Tanya, a

When the sinister Dragaunus takes over Puckworld, a band of hockey-loving ducks fights back. During the battle, they are caught in a dimensional portal and stranded on Earth. They form a hockey team (The Mighty Ducks) and build a secret base to protect Earth from Dragaunus and find a way home.Mighty Ducks is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on September 7, 1996.

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  • Premiere Date
    September 7, 1996
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (1,629)