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When the sinister Dragaunus takes over Puckworld, a band of hockey-loving ducks fights back. During the battle, they are caught in a dimensional portal and stranded on Earth. They form a hockey team (The Mighty Ducks) and build a secret base to protect Earth from Dragaunus and find a way home.

Mighty Ducks is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on September 7, 1996.

Where do I stream Mighty Ducks online? Mighty Ducks is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mighty Ducks on demand at Disney+ online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
September 7, 1996
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoon, Comedy, Kids & Family
Cast: Jeff Bennett, Brad Garrett, Jennifer Hale, Steve Mackall
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Mighty Ducks Full Episode Guide

  • A story mainly about Duke. Dragaunus plans on stealing the biggest jewels in the world to power his new weapon so he sends Falcone from Puckworld after them. Mallory hates the fact of Duke working on this case since he was once a thief of jewels himself and use to runs the group of thieves Falcone is a part of. Can Duke convince her and everyone else he's on their side, and stop his rival Falcone at the same time?

  • When Dragaunus takes over the ducks headquarters, it's up to Wildwing and Klegghorn to stop him. But Klegghorn hates the ducks and doesn't believe Wing. Can Wing save his friends and convince Klegghorn that they are on his side?

  • The ducks find out that Dragaunus is using Salerinite to make a missile.They go to the only place Salerinite is found to stop it.They are hunted by a madman there.Can they get out and stop Dragaunus?

  • When two aliens bent on making the Earth a freezer, the ducks have their hands full because Dragaunus plans to use solar energy to power his ship up. Can they stop both villains before the Earth becomes a Freezing Oven?!

  • After Chameleon quits, he makes himself look like the king of Atlantis and gets treated, finally, with some respect. But Atlantis is filled with Balerium Crystals and Dragaunus wants them! Only Wildwings mask can find Atlantis so you know what Dragaunus is gonna do..... Can the ducks escape him and stop him from opening the Dimensional Gateway, bringing his Saurian brothers out as well to conquer everything!?

  • When a nerdy annoying fan of the ducks is being chased after by Dragaunus, the ducks have to protect him. But he won't tell them about himself. Is Dragaunus planning to use his super genius brain for evil purposes or does he just want a kid to call son. Can the ducks save the kid before he drives everyone bananas!!???

  • Daddy-O Cool, the ducks newest villain, want to make the world a cooler place by turning everyone into toxic mutants but he needs a new engine for his machine. He goes after the Migrator's engine by tricking the ducks to come to him. Will they stop this jerk weed in time, save the world's water supply, and make him stop reciting dumb ass poetry?

  • After their teammates get locked up for a crime they didn't commit, it's up to Nosedive and Grin to see what exactly is going on here so they go undercover as gangsters to learn the truth from a guy known as Limpy Lumbego. There's three things they have to figure out though.... What is the Lumarian Falcone, who is Mr. Big, AND IS BERNIE A FREAKING BEAR OR WHAT!

  • When a new super hero comes to town, the ducks start being treated like villains themselves. To make things worse, this Mondo Man got his powers from Dragaunus who he thinks is the good guy. Can the ducks stop this loon before he gets everyone into deep trouble with his super mumbo jumbo?

  • Yes, that loony is back for a second time, and this time, he's making a new body for himself. A HUGE body that can easily help him destroy all the human bacteria in the world thanks also, to his new super computer who turns all the appliances against everyone. Can they stop this fiend again, and what does Phil's new girlfriend have to do with all of this?

  • Dragaunus plans to make the Earth a Saurian hotbed paradise so he plans to start a volcano in the middle of the city! To keep the ducks out of his way he brings his cousins, the dinosaurs back to life to attack the ducks! It's gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight if the ducks don't find a way to stop them!

  • Dragaunus gets attacked by a B.R.A.W.N., a robot who guarded him in Dimensional Limbo. Unfortunately, Dragaunus is able to reprogram him and send him after the ducks while he makes his new plan to conquer the world, a floatation devise that has enough power to fulfill his plans! Will the ducks be able to stop them both?

  • Dragaunus decides the ducks will never give up so he offers them a teleporter to Earth but before they could decide, Phil from the future comes and brings them to the future... the future of what would happen if they left. Can they stop Vineus Viper, that fiend of a snake and new ruler of the Earth while Draggy is gone, from making the world an even worse place to live?

  • Being stranded in a small town is way boring for the Mighty Ducks, until weird stuff starts happening. Why are the members so nice and why did they purposely strand the ducks there?

  • Draggy plans on stealing an engine from a rocket but he need to keep the ducks occupied so Wraith puts a spell on Phil, making him obey his every command and he sends the ducks on crazy and almost deadly public appearances. Unfortunately, Nosedive overhears their evil plans but gets a concussion soon after. Will he wake up in time to tell his friends?

  • When Dragaunus hires an extremely attractive spy to trick the ducks into helping him get a chip buried deep in a mountain, the ducks will have only Tanya to tell them the truth about her. But will she make it before Dragaunus' evil plan is carried out?

  • A continuation of the first episode of the show. How did the ducks get to Earth anyway? What ever happened to Canard? And how in the world did they end up meeting such a boob like Phil Palmfeather? This episode will answer all of those questions and more.

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