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Mike, Lu and Og focuses on the story of Mike, who is a foreign exchange student. One day, she arrives on a tropical island which is actually a forgotten island that is mostly populated by citizens of a previous shipwreck incident called Albonquetine. As soon as she arrives, Mike notices that the people on the island seem to act like natives. One day, she meets a girl named Lu, as well as girl named Og, and they instantly become friends.

Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 27 Episodes
May 7, 1999
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Nika Futterman, Dee Bradley Baker, Nancy Cartwright, Kath Soucie
Mike, Lu & Og

Mike, Lu & Og Full Episode Guide

  • The Three AmigasMike feels lonely, so Og directs a ship carrying hundreds of passengers to the island, which becomes a problem.Sleeping UglyQueeks accidentally breaks a spell making a woman free, but she quickly becomes a pain in the neck so the kids and Queeks work together to get her back asleep.

  • The Hunter and the HuntedAfter destroying the wombat's birthday party, Alfred is shot with an arrow by the wombat, he feels ashamed until Mike renews his confidence but is once again defeated. The wombat hits himself and Alfred is renewed, but he's taken his unachievement too far...To Serve LuLu challenges Mike to a game of throwing a rutebaga at a bush, which is really Lancelot covered in grass, since he moves, Mike loses and Mike must be her servant. Lancelot ends up telling Mike the truth and Mike makes Lu her and Lancelot's servant.

  • A Freduian SplitGoat and Pig fight which is better: peanut butter and jelly, and they as Og, so he goes for a day to decide, eventually gets everyone in a wrestling match and Og decides you need bread.Fitness FeverWendel is getting fat and he can't fit into his governor costume, so Mike works him out, he gets slim but overnight eats lost of chocolate.

  • King of CurtainsWendel has a hard time deciding what curtains go with his new outfit.Margery the DuckWhile Og is trying to make a duck a travel agent, Margery looks at the "brain-switcher" (or something like it) and she thinks she is a duck.

  • Who's Got the QueeksThe Cuzzlewitz come and take Old Queeks from his home on the mountain and Mike is the only one to see he is missing. She goes into Cuzzlewitz Territory and tries to take Old Queeks back, but Queeks has certain rules for her to follow. The Cuzzlewitz gladly accept Queeks' leaving and give them everything they have, all the islanders don't care for the annual tradition but aren't even interested in the gold and treasures they gave them.Alfred, Lord of the JungleThe host of Mike's favorite nature show crash lands on the island and wants to scoop it on Alfred as a "Tarzan" type thing. Mike becomes his assistant and is rude to her as his show also is bombing down, making him furious and leaving the island.

  • Flustering Footwear FloatsamA crate carrying a bundle of shoes washes up on the island. Mike introduces shoes to them but they quickly get carried away becoming obsessed with shoes. Once again it's up to Queeks to save the day!Fathers and PiesMargery is convinced Alfred and Og need to spend more of a father-son relationship together, so he goes to Og's Workshop. Og has left the shop leaving a pie there so Alfred thinks Og is a pie since it has his breechcloth, so Alfred spends time with a pie but the real Og is wondering around.

  • For the Love of MikeThe two Cuzzlewitz boys, Haggis and Baggis fall madly in love with Mike. She doesn't like them and tries to get rid of them, they only love her more when she gets all stinky and dirty, but Mike thinks backwards and puts on a lovely dress and perfume. They break up and Lu just fell in some mud so when they spot her, love is in the air!SparksWhen Mike can't sleep at night without a New York type influence, with all the lights and busy traffic, she has Og re-invent the light bulb to have electricity all along the island, but when Og goes overboard and creates a carnival like influence, Queeks breaks all the lights, in a different sort of fashion and Queeks ends up being electricuted with a glow and Mike has him as her new night-light.

  • MoneyMike introduces the islanders to American money, but Lu turns the idea upside down.Repeat After MeWendel gets mad at Skipper, his pet bird, so throws him out, and Mike's new pet is Skipper now but when she tells him things about the other islanders behind their backs, they are hurt and Mike tries to reunite Wendel and Skipper once again.

  • A Learning ExperienceMike goes to school on the island but seeing as studying isn't the same, she goes to find a teacher.We the PeopleMike runs and wins as governor of the island and tries to get Wendel back.

  • High CampThe gang goes camping while Lu tries to scare them claiming a Wooly Mountain Elephant is coming!Sneeze PleaseMike catches a cold and thanks to Lu all the islanders including her get it and in the end Lu slips up and accidentally tells the truth.

  • Nobody's NoseMike is chosen to be the island's nose, leader for a day, she refuses and Queeks curses her and she must become the nose.Scuba Dooby DooThe gang goes underwater to locate a lost treasure.

  • Crowded HouseThinking all islanders live too far away from each other, Mike constructs an apartment complex, but Lu turns it into a Lu-only houseA Bicycle Built for MeOg finishes building Mike's bike. The problem is all the islanders want to use it and the last person, Lu, breaks it so Mike never gets to ride it.

  • Scopin' It OutLu trades Mike's music for a message from the Oracle, everyone is convinced except Mike when she once again plays the spy in this episode and finds out he sees everything with a telescope.Good Ship BadThe gang goes and explores the ruins of the pirate ship when Lu finds a treasure map.

  • Hot CoutureMike is interested in the mail drop off until she gets a coupon book.Opposites AttackThe Cuzzlewatts, the other islanders on the east side of the island get ready for the annual war, which our islanders win!

  • Whole Lotta Shakin'A volcano erupts leaving all the islanders trapped so Lancelot and the other three animals must save them.Mother of All MarathonsMike gets all the islanders interested in the marathon coming up, except Lu when Lu tries to cheat holding on to Mike, the fastest runner but in the end Lancelot crosses the finish line first since everyone else crashed or stopped for Og's lemonade.

  • Yo Ho WhoSome Pirates pretend to go to the Island Thanksgiving so they can steal Lancelot and have Turtle Stew.A Boy's GameOg invents a game that's impossible to win, but tries all days and nights until a flood is about to sink the island, trying to get Og off the game, he finally wins and invents a pump to pump water to the ocean.

  • Elephant WalkLu tries to get a pet elephant to impress Mike, but ends up having an elephant wash in Og's lab and end up having to wash the elephants with soap, water, and brushes.Palm PetEveryone except Mike seems to have a hobby or a pet, so since the Island is so strange, she adopts a palm tree for a pet.

  • Losing LancelotLu is mean to Lancelot and loses him while everyone tries to find him in the forest fighting giant insects and animals.Buzz CutOg gets a new haircut.

  • Sultans of SwatMike gets all of the islanders ready for a baseball game, a game which is played completely wrong and Mike could go crazy about it!Tea for ThreeThe Island's only tea cup from the wreck of the Good Ship Betty Anne which brought the islanders there is missing and Mike goes private eye style to retrieve it thinking Lu is the suspect but really Og took it for expirementing.

  • The TubeMike has Og invent a television but the static messes up the programming and all the islanders seem to enjoy it while Mike becomes their "slave girl".Roller MadnessMike has Og invent roller skates and a huge sidewalk covering the island. All but Lu seem to enjoy it until Lu is finally decides to join the fun. The only problem is she is the only one who can't skate.

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