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Moon Hee is a Korean drama series that tells the story of a young woman who is reflecting on her past while striving to achieve her goals for the future. The show's main character is Moon Hee, a young woman who lives in a tiny apartment with her mother. Moon Hee and her mother are always facing a financial crisis, and simply living through each day can be a challenge for the pair. Things become even worse when Moon Hee's mother becomes sick.

At about the same time as her illness strikes, Moon Hee's mother sees a man she recognizes on television. The man is Moon Hee's father, who is now a very successful and wealthy business man. Moon Hee has never met her father. However, knowing that she can't properly provide for her daughter, Moon Hee's mother sends Moon Hee to live with her father.

Moon Hee has a very hard time fitting in with her father's new family. Moon Hee has nothing in common with them and is often shunned by them. Around the same time she moves into her father's home, Moon Hee discovers that she is pregnant. Knowing that she can't raise her child by herself, and not wanting to ask her father for help, she decides to give her infant son up for adoption.

Several years pass, and Moon Hee gradually begins to fit into her new life. She is now successful and can support herself. Although she is now living the life her mother dreamed for her, Moon Hee is not always happy. Moon Hee often stops to think about the son she was forced to give up. She wonders about his life and often dreams of a day when she can meet him. She soon realizes that she must do something to fix her past mistakes if she wants to be able to move forward into the future.

Moon Hee is a International series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (49 episodes). The series first aired on August 16, 2011.

Moon Hee is available for streaming on the MBC America website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Moon Hee on demand at Viki , Viki online.

MBC America
1 Season, 49 Episodes
August 16, 2011
Cast: Kang Soo-yeon, Lee Seung-yeon
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Moon Hee Full Episode Guide

  • Sang-mi hears from Bang Sook-hee that Moon Ho is infertile. On that day, Mu-seol approaches Moon Ho about having an affair with her. She tells him that she would feel too pathetic if he turned her down right away and requests that he think about it and call her with an answer later on. Moon Hyeon meets Young-chul and asks him if all three of his children are really his. She says that Ha-neul doesn't look like him at all and asks him if Ha-neul is adopted. Young-chul answers Moon Hyeon that all of his three children are his, but becomes suspicious because of Moon Hyeon's questions. Meanwhile, the hospital calls Sang-mi with the results from Ha-neul's DNA test.

  • Moon Hyeon shows Sang-mi Moon Hee's pendant with the picture of Ha-neul in it. The two exchange a conversation in which they say that there must be a reason that Moon Hee is close to Ha-neul's father. Sang-mi laughs saying that Moon Hyeon has hit the jackpot. Also, Sang-mi meets Moon Hee and compares her to the picture of Ha-neul. Sang- mi tells Moon Hee that she and Ha-neul look alike and that people could mistake them for mother and son.

  • Seeing Ha-neul and Moon Hee together, Jang Han-na goes ballistic and begins screaming at Moon Hee. Then, Ha-neul asks Han-na if she knows Moon Hee, but Han-na replies that she doesn't and suppresses her rage. Now, Ha-neul formally introduces Moon Hee to his mom, Han-na. Meanwhile, Jin Soo-ja visits Bang Sook-hee at her home and tells her that Moon Ho has the reason that he is infertile.

  • Before taking a bath, Moon Hee opens the necklace pendant with the picture of her and Ha-neul together, momentarily gazes at it, and leaves it on the edge of the sink. Moon Hyeon suddenly barges into the bathroom saying that the toilet in her bathroom is broken. Moon Hee leaves the bathroom, leaving the pendant on the sink... Meanwhile, Jin Soo-ja who had been agonizing over the situation with Moon Hee and her son, calls Moon Hee and asks to meet. As soon as she enters the room, she screams at Moon Hee and asks her how she could do such a thing. She begins hitting Moon Hee all over as Moon Hee kneels in front of her in shame. Soo- ja bursts into tears and screams at Moon Hee. She tells Moon Hee that Yoo Jin can't live without her and that she doesn't ever want to see her again.

  • Sang-mi, who has come to the hospital to pick up Moon Hee, who had fainted, becomes suspicious when she spots Moon Hui talking to Nurse Ju-yeong. Meanwhile, putting the picture of Moon Hee into the cabinet in Yoo Jin's room, Soo Ja discovers the empty ring box which Moon Hee gave back to Yoo Jin. It's the grand opening of Young-chul's martial arts academy. Ha-neul calls Moon Hee with an invitation but she declines abruptly. Meanwhile, Moon Hyeon visits the grand opening of Young-chul's academy and asks him if he won't teach a self-defense class at the department store culture center.

  • Moon Hee awaits her son at the location in front of the museum as she agreed with Han-na. Moon Hee is standing there lost in thought and, Ha-neul appears and calls her excitedly, surprising her. Ha-neul asks her if she wants to go get some soda to which she replies that she has a very important meeting and requests that Ha-neul go away. Tense and tired of waiting for Han-na, Moon Hee calls Mu-seol's cell phone. Moon Hee is shocked when she suddenly spots Han-na and Ha-neul in the distance. Realizing that she had known that Ha-neul is her son all along makes her shed endless tears thinking of the amazing coincidences that brought her and her son together and all the times they shared with each other. With a million thoughts rushing through her head, Moon Hee collapses onto the pavement, unconscious.

  • Jang Han-na visits the I-Mall in order to return the fake cosmetics that she purchased there when she runs into Moon Hee. Moon Hee cries and asks Han-na about the child that she gave birth to. She asks whether her child takes after her in any way, but Han-na replies that he doesn't look like her at all. And when Moon Hee beseeches Han-na to let her see her child just once, if only from a distance, Han-na refuses, saying that Moon Hee should know better than that. Meanwhile, after thinking deep and hard, Yoo Jin picks up the phone and calls Moon Hee. Moon Hee answers the phone, but Yoo Jin remains silent on the other end of the line.

  • Moon Hee (Kang Su-yeon) meets Sutbul Kim Seong-su and screams at him, accusing him of being her mother's murderer. To make up for his past sins, Kim Seong-su gives her a bankbook for an account with 20,000 dollars in it. And in between the pages of the account, there is a letter telling Moon Hee that the time he spent living with her was the happiest time in his life. Outraged, Moon Hee tears up the letter and throws it into a trash bin. Meanwhile, Sang-mi's aunt who has been keeping an eye on Kim Seong-su calls Sang-mi and urgently requests her to come to the barbequed rib restaurant. There, Sang-mi acquires the pieces of the letter that Moon Hee ripped up and threw into the trash bin.

  • Moon Hee meets Mu-seol and asks him about her long lost son. But Mu-seol says that Moon Hee's son was sent abroad and he doesn't know anything about him. Moon Hee sits alone in a marketplace and drowns her sorrows in a couple of drinks. Then, she staggers into Young-chul's martial arts academy. There, she runs into Young-chul and Ha-neul who are about to go home. She takes Ha-neul into her arms and begins to cry. Moon Hee confesses to Young-chul about her long lost son whom she bore at the age of 19. Meanwhile, Sang-mi's uncle who has been investigating Moon Hee's past goes to the hospital in Tongyeong. While asking about the records of Ha Soo-jung, Moon Hee's deceased mother, he shows a photograph of Moon Hee to Nurse Ju-yeong.

  • Sang-mi goes to the barbequed rib restaurant that Sutbul runs and tries to draw information from him by telling him that he looks familiar. When Sutbul replies that he once ran a gas station in Jinju, Sang-mi asks him if he wasn't with a pretty looking woman at that time. She catches Sutbul's momentary change in expression and keeps asking him further questions such as whether that woman was his girlfriend or wife. Meanwhile, Moon Hee goes to the hospital in Tongyeong and begs Nurse Ju-yeong to be allowed to see her long lost son Ha-neul just once. But Ju-yeong replies that it's already been 10 years since Moon Hee parted with her son and she should forget about him.

  • As I-Mall's majority stock holder, Sang-mi tells Chairman Moon to fire Moon Hee. When Chairman Moon refuses based on all the things that Moon Hee has done for the company, Sang-mi informs him that Moon Hee's real reason behind coming to him is to take revenge on both him and his wife. Chairman Moon promises to get rid of Moon Hee without hesitation if he discovers that she has come to him with malicious intent.Meanwhile, Mu-seol and Han-na agonize over what to do with the pager number of Ha-neul's birthmother, Ha Moon-hee. Mu-seol pages the number and waits a call from Moon Hee, saying that they should find out the truth.

  • Sang-mi's aunt who has been trying to find dirt on Moon Hee presents Sang-mi with a picture of Sutbul, the man who Moon Hee once lived with.Enraged, Sang-mi says that she will never forgive Moon Hee for ruining her dreams and Moon Ho's life.Sang-mi confronts Moon Hee and tells her that she will make Moon Hee regret that she ever met her and that she will take everything Moon Hee has away from her.Meanwhile, Mu-seol receives baby's articles and a pager number that Ha-neul's birthmother left from her nurse friend who works at the hospital in Tongyeong where Ha-neul was born.

  • The media finds out about the fake cosmetics of I-Mall on the day of Moon Ho's inauguration as I-Mall's CEO. When it is found out that Moon Ho has received stocks from the company that sold the fake cosmetics, the inauguration is called off and he is made to organize a solution committee. Also, Chairman Moon decides to hand down the hospital to Moon Hee when he hears that Director Yoo has decided to let Moon Hee and Yoo Jin marry.Meanwhile, Moon Hee becomes the head of the solution committee and Yoo Jin is reminded of the fact that Moon Hee told him she began to live with Chairman Moon in order to get revenge.

  • In order to throw Moon Hee out, Sook-hee gets rid of Moon Hee's things such as her refrigerator and her dresser. Yoo Jin, who comes to Moon Hee's place in order to propose to her officially, sees what is going on. Hearing that Yoo Jin is planning to visit Moon Hee's place, his mother Jin Soo-ja, waits there for Moon Hee, and asks her the truth about her past when she arrives. Moon Hee hesitates to give an answer to the sudden question.Meanwhile, Han-na, who had been momentarily shocked when she met Ha-neul's birthmother, calms herself and arrives back home. Han-na tells her mother-in-law, Song Ok-hee, that she wants to be beaten and asks her to beat her like she used to. Song Ok-hee begins to beat Han-na on the legs with a stick...

  • Having received a flyer for Haneul Martial Arts Academy, Moon Hyun is reminded of the photograph of Young-chul and Ha-neul she saw saved in Moon Hee's cell phone.Moon Hyun puts the flyer back into the newspaper and place it in Moon Hee's room. When she sees Moon Hee react to the flyer, Moon Hyun accuses Moon Hee of hiding something and pushes Moon Hee to reveal the truth about her past.Moon Hee, Managing Director Kim and Manger Oh discuss what to do about the expensive fake cosmetics they have been selling. Manager Oh says that when this hits the press by noon of the next day, the media and consumer groups will have a field day with this and that Moon Ho will receive the brunt of the blame. Moon Hee asks that she be made the chair of the solution committee of the I-Mall for the problem.Meanwhile, Yoo Jin calls Sook-hee and tells her that he is planning to make his engagement with Moon Hee official.

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