Moose Attack!

Moose Attack is a television show that explores the interaction between moose and humans. As human civilization expands into the moose habitat moose attacks are becoming more and more common. Combine that with the increasingly widespread presence of cameras and you get the amazing footage that makes up Moose Attack.

Many people think of moose as quiet, non confrontational creatures. That is usually the case but there are times when moose feel threatened or maybe they are just having a particularly bad day in moose land. When this happens the next human to cross their path could be in for a real surprise. This television show has compiled some of the best moose attacks ever caught on film. After watching Moose Attacks the next time you cross paths with a moose, it will make you think twice before getting too close.

Discovery Channel
1 Season, 1 Episode
May 21, 2010
Animals, Documentary & Biography
Moose Attack!

Moose Attack! Full Episode Guide

  • At over 7 feet tall and weighing nearly a ton, the moose is one of the largest land animals in North America. As towns and cities expand into moose habitat, these powerful and aggressive creatures are coming into dangerous contact with people.