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My Big Redneck Family is a documentary comedy with a Southern twist. Follow the unpredictable antics of the extended Clampet family through the trials and tribulations of every day American life. Tom Arnold hosts as the entire Clampet family persists in their quest to live the American dream.

My Big Redneck Family showcases the dynamics of life within the entire family as well as the couples that come together to make up the group. The situations that arise may be familiar, but they become new again with the Clampets.

My Big Redneck Family is not just reality TV, it's a comedy of every-day living. The cameras capture everything as this Southern family's misadventures take them through job-searches, relationship problems, growing pains, and barbecues. My Big Redneck Family is full of personality, charm, and the never-ending crusade for the perfect lawn as the Clampet clan does what comes naturally at every single moment.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on CMT
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
January 18, 2014
Cast: Tom Arnold
My Big Redneck Family
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My Big Redneck Family Full Episode Guide

  • In an effort to help Cooda with his sickness, Jared throws a fundraiser. Doug involves himself with a bachelor auction, and Mason gets grounded.

  • The ladies take Wendy out for a night on the town, and Doug tends the kids for the weekend.

  • The Clampets are settled back home and facing a whole new set of challenges. Mason has found young love and is putting Chris and Aimee's parenting skills to the test while Doug's lack of intimacy with Wendy gets him into a hairy situation. Tammy helps Tommy capitalize on his newfound celebrity status while Jared explores the world of temporary employment.

  • Jared finishes out his final temp job before hunting season and tends to diaper duty. Tammy and Tommy experiment, and Doug may finally get some action with Wendy. Aimee discovers the truth about the happenings in the tree fort.

  • The guys try to improve Mason and Brody's survival skills while Tommy has his acting debut in his first film.

  • Brody loses a tooth, but the tooth fairy doesn't show up; Michelle leaves Jared on diaper duty.

  • Chris and Aimee attempt to bond with their kids while Doug can't remember the events from the crazy night he and Wendy had at the bar. Jared befriends a blind man and tests what it's like to be blind for 24 hours. Tommy has his first audition for a film.

  • Doug makes a large purchase that Wendy isn't too pleased about. Jared wants a pool. Tommy and Tammy have some fans stay for a weekend. Aimee is on to her next taxidermy project when her cat dies.

  • Cris wages war with some teenage kids who are tearing up his lawn. Jared is dismayed after pawning Michelle's grandmother's necklace. Tommy is worried that Hunter is growing up too fast and Doug questions Wendy's sexuality.

  • Jared and Tommy get some quality guy time in but it may be a little too much for Jared to handle. Chris finds out that Christian has a boyfriend and invites him over for a family barbeque. And Doug thinks the key to getting intimate with Wendy is to keep the kids away from his bedroom.

  • After Brody loses a tooth, the tooth fairy doesn't show up; Michelle assigns Jared to diaper duty.

  • Doug takes dance lessons with Wendy; Jared encounters a cultural clash at his new job; Christian must endure girl problems.

  • Michelle deals with Jared's friend after he wears out his welcome; Chris and Aimee face a moral dilemma with Morgan; Presley begins mimicking Doug and Wendy's swearing habits.

  • Aimee gives her new taxidermy style a go on a hog for Jared; Tammy and Tommy face a dreaded awkward moment with Hunter; Doug tries to woo Wendy with oysters, but things don't go exactly as planned.

  • Adventures of the Louisiana Clampet family featured on "My Big Redneck Vacation." In the opener, Mason finds young love; Doug laments his lack of intimacy with Wendy; and Tommy capitalizes on his newfound celebrity status.