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Ned's Newt is a comedy series that tells the tale of Ned and his pet Newt. Desiring a true pet to call his own, Ned excitedly walks into a pet store but is quickly saddened to find out that the only thing he has enough money for is a newt. Quickly dissatisfied with his new pet, Ned goes back to the pet store to voice his dissatisfaction. The owner of the pet store gives Ned some special food to give his newt, and to the extreme surprise of Ned, after taking an excess portion of this food, the newt grows to be over 6 feet tall and has the ability to speak.

Ned's Newt is a Animation & Cartoon series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on February 7, 1998. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.5.

Ned's Newt is available for streaming on the FOX website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ned's Newt on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, iTunes online.

Saturday 9:00 AM et/pt on FOX
3 Seasons, 52 Episodes
February 7, 1998
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Peter Keleghan, Tracey Moore, Carolyn Scott, Harland Williams, Colin O'Meara
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Ned's Newt Full Episode Guide

  • When Ned and Newton accidentally bankrupt Friendly Falls, everyone he knows has to take a demeaning second job in neighbouring Carty Garbageton to pay the town's bills.;Ned's classmates watch in stunned horror as he shows the film he made for Health class with (unfortunately) Newton's help.

  • Protecting his owner from burglars, Newton unwittingly attacks the Tooth Fairy, who puts a curse on Ned that makes his front teeth grow to the size of playing cards.;Ned receives help on a rigged Scavenger Hunt from Newton... and from a magical remote that doesn't work on televisions but does seem to work on everything else.

  • When a calendar misprint cancels July and August, Ned and Newton have to find out what happened to them before their summer vacation vanishes.;Every Mom in Friendly Falls is hosting a Snapperware Party, but trust Ned's tiny pet to get sealed inside one of the containers and shipped off to parts unknown.

  • Newton misunderstands Ned's anxiety at having invited two girls to the new Aquarium opening, and invites 310 more to keep him company.;Ned's new digipet makes Newton jealous, but little do either of them suspect the innocent-looking toy's true evil purpose.

  • Ned wants to take Linda to a sad movie so she'll sob on his shoulder like she did last time, but there are no other weepies playing. That is, until Newton gets in the Director's chair;Newton sees Ned listing his toys and decides to inventory his own possessions. After dead-ending at "Bowl and Rock," Newton decides the problem with his life is, he needs way more stuff.

  • All kids know you never enter the rear door of a school bus unless you want to get sucked into an Alternate Universe from which there's no return. But Newton doesn't know that...;When Newton loses the party invitations Ned was supposed to deliver, he more than makes up for it by going back in time and dragging infamous couples from history to the Flemkins' Costume Party.

  • Newton overhears Ned rehearsing his role as ring-bearer at a cousin's wedding, and, thinking Ned is marrying someone other than Linda, decides to ruin the wedding for his beloved owner's own good.;A freak accident makes Ned and Newton change bodies, but Ned doesn't know any more about being a 6-foot morphing newt than Newton does about being a 9-year-old boy.

  • Ned joins the debating team to be close to Linda, but can't bring himself to argue with her. So Newton helps him be contrary. Perhaps a little too contrary.;After a little Newton re-tooling, the Flemkins' TV aerial downloads several gigabytes of top-secret info into their VCR... and Ned and Newton go on the run from international spies.

  • Because Newton believes grown-ups don't have pets, he drags his owner to Never-Never Land to enlist Peter Pan's help in locking Ned in perpetual boyhood.;When Friendly Falls discovers rich kid Rusty McCabe is only as prosperous as everyone else, it triggers a town-wide outpouring of misplaced sympathy.

  • Except for Ned, all the kids at Xylophone Camp have been dumped there by their parents against their will. Unless Ned and Newton can excite these young musicians about this wonderful instrument, it'll vanish from the face of the Earth!;Ned has to cure Newton of his fear of the spooky Friendly Triangle by dragging him there to experience it for himself.

  • Keen on spicing up Ned's diary entries, Newton decides to begin by spicing up his owner's life.;Ned is having difficulty with fractions, so Newton divides himself in half as a Math teaching aid. But his bottom half develops a mind of its own and runs away.

  • Ned rescues an endangered plant for his science fair. But he rescues it too well, and it soon threatens to take over the world.;Newton helps Ned and Linda win tickets to a floating rock concert. But the ideal date is derailed by trolls from the center of the Earth intent on world domination.

  • When Ned's parents cancel an exciting trip to the Big Apple because of a silly rumour about alligators in the sewers, Newton takes Ned on a quick trip to prove there is no such thing. Except, there is.;When Doogle's dumb dog Lummox goes missing, Ned and Newton become detectives to find him. But Lummox isn't at the Pound, he's become a professional baseball player.

  • When Ned gets a cold, Newton shrinks and goes inside his body to cure him.;Newton misunderstands the meaning of Mother's Day, and presents his mother to Ned.

  • Convinced that Ned's invisible childhood friend is back, the Flemkins send their son to a child psychiatrist - then they see Newton themselves and take his place on the couch.;All the Ns, Es and Ds are missing from Ned's alphabet soup and he goes to the factory to find out why.

  • Zippo falls into the hands of the wrong newt.;When Ned gets a job sweeping up at the local TV studio, Newton accidentally erases the weekend's pre-recorded tapes, and the duo have to perform all the shows themselves.

  • Newton believes the Flemkins are going to move, and goes about persuading them their new home town is awful.;Ned tries to eliminate all the classmates sitting alphabetically between him and his beloved Linda Bliss.

  • At the Flemkin family picnic, Newton gets amnesia and thinks he is everyone's least favourite Uncle.;When the Flemkins visit Ned's grandparents on their farm, Newton, unfamiliar with the concept of retirement, decides to whip the animals and crops into shape.

  • Friendly Falls re-opens the Future World Fair, which was barely futuristic in 1964 when it was built. But what's tedious and stupid to Ned is a world of technological discovery for Newton.;Ned goes on his parents' Anniversary cruise - but, thanks to Newton, on the wrong boat.

  • Ned goes into hospital for observation after a mild concussion. Well, it's mild until Newton shows up to nurse him back to health...;Ned and his friends collect 10,000 bags of pet hair for charity, while Renfrew plots their downfall.

  • Ned lands a small role in a horror film sequel that's shooting in Friendly Falls, only to find out that the horror is all too real.;Newton is enjoying a summer heat wave... until he realizes it's drying out all the ponds and puddles that his newt relatives need to survive. He decides to make it rain.

  • Ned has to spend the weekend at his puritanical Uncle & Aunt's house while his parents attend a convention in exciting Gamble City. That is, until Newton gets bored too and decides to relocate to where the fun is.;Ned has the humiliating duty of playing the New Years Baby at the annual town pageant until a child is born in Friendly Falls closer to January 1st. Newton promises to arrange it.

  • When Ned decides to climb a local hill to raise money for charity, Newton relocates him to Mount Everest to make some real money.;Newton learns what fate befalls newts in the Winter time and, rather than hibernate in the mud, decides to fly South.

  • On Take Your Child To Work Day, Ned follows his boring Dad to the office and discovers he's a top-secret government spy! (Or is he?);When Ned complains about the tedious summer ahead of him, Newton helpfully signs him up for the Army.