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Negima! Magister Negi Maga, is an anime adaptation about a Welsh boy wizard, Negi Springfield, who longs to become a Master of Magic, or a Magister Magi. Magister Magi are unique wizards who devote their powers to aiding everyday citizens. But Negi has another motive: he wants to use his powers to locate his missing father, a legendary Magister Magi revered as a Thousand Master, and rumored to be deceased.

The series follows Negi briefly during his growing up years, showing his graduation from Merdiana Magic Academy in Wales. Negi is assigned a cover in the real world, a stint as a Middle School English teacher to an all girls' class in Japan, at the Mahora Academy. Negi soon settles in, developing a relationship with his students built upon respect and trust. Negi is attentive, helping students solve riddles. At the same time, he counteracts evil magical threats both within and without the Mahora Academy, namely those spawned by one Evangeline A. K. McDowell, a girl student who is both the daughter of an enemy to Negi's father and a powerful vampire.

Negi particularly bonds with a girl named Asuna Kagurazaka, his roommate and student who at first gives him cold shoulder but later warms. A subtle romance blossoms between them, though Negi's story and character arc spill over with fantasy, action, horror, and a touch of comedy.

Negi finagles his class onto a trip to Kyoto, simultaneously using the time to investigate his father's disappearance. Along the way, he is inveigled into a fight with Eastern mages who want to abduct Negi's other roommate, Konoka Konoe. A conspiracy is subsequently uncovered revealing the presence of strong, advanced mages who are merely pawns of a larger power. Negi regroups, recruiting his more advanced students as unofficial teachers who help him grow and become more proficient in his wizardry.

Ultimately, Negi and his friends confront and defeat their archenemy, Cosmo Entelecheia. In between, Negi ends up on Mundus Magicus, where his search for his father continues.

Negima! is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on January 5, 2005.

Where do I stream Negima! online? Negima! is available for streaming on FUNimation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Negima! on demand at Hulu online.

2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
January 5, 2005
Cast: Shizuka Hasegawa, Hiroshi, Sara Wakatsuki, Natsuko Aso, Nao Oikawa
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Negima! Full Episode Guide

  • Our heroes have finally returned to the real Mahora Academy! Almost everything is back to normal, but something is keeping Negi from enjoying the spoils of victory. The young wizard still seeks answers about his father's role in this adventure.

  • The courageous cuties of Class 3-A keep a close eye on Anya while preparing the school for a big party! Meanwhile, Negi decides to investigate the mysterious light that helped him avoid being trapped in the Star Crystal forever.

  • Negi and his students succeeded in rescuing Eva, but in the process, he was trapped in the heart of the Star Crystal with Anya! The girls can only watch as their teacher is forced to handle this battle on his own.

  • The secret is revealed! Anya stole the Star Crystal in an attempt to destroy everything Negi holds dear. Driven mad by loneliness, she uses her dark powers to possess Eva and wage war on the students of Mahora Academy.

  • Chizuru may have finally discovered the common factor linking the girls possessed by darkness. While she explains her hypothesis to Negi, he comes to a painful realization someone from his past is responsible for all the recent trouble!

  • Yue has been experiencing some strange feelings for Negi, but she's got a good reason to keep them under wraps her best friend, Nodoka, has a major thing for their teacher. Will a chat with Nekane help Yue deal with this complicated crush?

  • Eva has been mysteriously transformed into a giant! Trapped in a trance, she is determined to make it to class no matter what stands in her way. Unfortunately for the foundation, once Eva arrives at school, she promptly takes a nap ' on the roof!

  • The magical version of Mahora just got a lot weirder! The 31 girls of Class 3-A have all transformed into dud mode! Negi's students don??'t need a teacher ' they need a babysitter!

  • The identity of the Black Rose Baron has been revealed, and it's none other than Negi's sister Nekane! Questions abound and inquiring minds want to know what's behind her puzzling alter ego.

  • A gorgeous new arrival is discovered lounging "au natural" in the girl's locker room! This pretty face is the hot topic on everyone's minds at least until the mysterious Boingy-Boingy attacks again.

  • A catfight erupts between Asuna and Ayaka, and the girls spiral toward an ultimate showdown! Meanwhile, Eva and Takahata search for a way out of the dream world, while Motsu and Shichimi cast their lot with a dark stranger!

  • Negi and the cuties of Class 3-A are trapped in a world that looks familiar ' but isn??'t. Before the final bell rings, the young wizard must regain his human form and rescue his students!

  • Things are getting worse for the girls of Mahora Academy and their favorite teacher. Having been caught performing magic by Motsu and Shichimi, Negi is stripped of his powers and turned into a chupacabra!

  • Negi's secret is revealed to one of his students, but the thought of kissing him prompts her to run away! With the entire Chupa Army in hot pursuit, it's a race to find her before Motsu and Shichimi.

  • Takamechi uses a spy to keep tabs on Negi, and things take a dire turn when a heartbreaking betrayal lands Negi in danger of being turned into an animal. The clock is ticking and only more kissing can save him

  • Ayaka is suspicious of the Chupacabra Club and jealous at being left out of the Magic Training Camp, so she uses espionage to infiltrate Negi's inner circle. Will our hero be found out and turned into an animal?

  • The riddle of the Black Rose Baron continues against the backdrop of a wild, wilderness romp - Magic Training Camp! Negi attempts to teach his partners the basics of wizardry, but haunting dreams of his father leave him fatigued and vulnerable.

  • The search for answers about the mysterious fairy continues, but they're hard to come by. When a black rose petal leads Negi to Library Island, he cross paths with two cuties - Fuuka and Fumika - that are in a hurry to grow up!

  • Negi uses a breakthrough in his Mage training to make contact with Sayo - an "other-worldly" student. When this leads to some girly hi-jinx in the girls' dormitory, a stone-cold cutie helps Negi calm things down.

  • A mysterious fairy uses black magic and mind control to turn Negi's students against him! When a kiss that should have been magic goes horribly wrong, Negi and his partners are trapped in a deadly walk down memory lane!

  • Something dark is controlling Mahora's tempting student bodies, and rumor has it that the powerful Star Crystal was stolen from the Academy of Magic. Between these mysterious events and his nasty habit of waking up in the wrong bed, Negi has his hands full.

  • Two strange messengers from the Academy of Magic arrive with devastating news, and a dark fairy attacks Negi, Asuna, and Nodoka. Caught in a fight for their lives, lips are locked and cards are drawn amidst the potential blossoming of young romance!

  • After the shocking revelation that Eva is a ruthless vampire, she begins an assault on the students and faculty of Mahora Academy. What does she want? Blood, of course! Her flavor of choice? None other than Negi himself!

  • Rumblings of a bloodsucking Chupacabra continue to make the rounds at Mahora Academy, but a chilling confrontation between Negi and a far more attractive foe gives life to a theory spiked with danger!

  • Fresh from the Academy of Magic, Negi continues his training as an instructor at Mahora Academy where the 31 sexy schoolgirls of Class 3-A are gonna keep him up all night cramming for a final exam in willpower.

  • A multitude of demons appears to claim the young Asuna's soul. Each girl steps up to defend Asuna in their own enchanted way - but only Asuna can step up to face the final challenge.

  • Thanks to Lingshen and Satomi's time machine, Negi inadvertently drags the class nine years into the past. What they find there comes as a complete shock.

  • Asuna's working overtime to pay off some debt and it's taking a toll on her health. After the troubles in Kyoto, Negi's working hard too. He enlists Evangeline to help him strengthen his magic!

  • Class 2-A's trip to Kyoto turns into a hostage situation! With Konoka in jeopardy, Setsuna takes decisive action!

  • Sayo has been missing from Class 2-A for the entire year. Rumors and speculation lead class reporter Kazumi to investigate the mystery.

  • Motivated by Nodoka's confession, Asuna might finally confront Takahata. Negi's inspired by Nodoka's courage as well, and he makes it his duty to give her an answer.

  • Forces conspire to send Nodoka and Negi on a date to the new amusement park. It could be the perfect setting for confession if the quiet bookworm can find her voice.

  • The girls gather outside abandoned Mahora Elementary School for an exciting extra-curricular activity: The Super Smoocher Pillow Fight Challenge!

  • A love potion mix-up leads to a comedy of errors when Ayaka begins to suspect a blooming romance between Konoka and Negi.

  • A stone golem has the Dummy Force trapped on Library Island! Meanwhile, the rest of Class 2-A discovers new levels of determination as they prepare for the finals.

  • If Class 2-A blows it on the upcoming exam, Negi might get fired! With time running out, the Dummy Force visits Library Island to find a magical solution.

  • When the girls create a homepage for Class 2-A, they incur the wrath of Net Idol Chiu - the secret alter ego of Chisame! A virtual popularity contest ensues!

  • Negi ends up as the trophy in a volleyball match between a gang of high school girls and Class 2-A! Can Negi inspire his students to win?

  • With the Narutaki twins as his escorts, Negi sets out to run an errand for the Dean. A dark encounter along the way adds to the mystery surrounding Mahora Academy.

  • Evangeline challenges Negi to a battle! When he rushes to confront the vampire, Asuna finds it within herself to make the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Negi's worried about placing his students in danger, so he spends some time off campus. A chance encounter with one of the girls gives him the strength to return and face his demons.

  • Rumors of vampire attacks spread across Mahora after a student is assaulted. When he investigates, Negi finds the danger frighteningly close to home!

  • A friend from Negi's past causes the girls to lose their heads - and tops! But before Chamo can do any permanent damage, Asuna exposes his true intentions!

  • When an innocent trip to the bathhouse turns into a bare-all competition between girls, Negi decides to 'enhance' Asuna's odds of winning!

  • Negi makes Asuna a love potion to make her irresistible! When Asuna forces him to drink it instead, the girls of Class 2-A find a new appreciation for Negi!

  • Asuna blackmails Negi into helping her woo Professor Takahata. Meanwhile, the class throws Negi a surprise welcome party, but the real surprise is who he'll be rooming with!

  • Ten-year-old professor Negi Springfield has a magical secret - one which Asuna, the Class 2-A hothead, has vowed to expose!