Nintendo Quest

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Two gamers head across the country in search of rare games for their collection by checking out a variety of game stores, meeting other collectors, and showing their Nintendo documentary.

Comic-Con HQ
1 Season, 6 Episodes
January 1, 1970
Nintendo Quest

Nintendo Quest Full Episode Guide

  • Writer/Director Rob McCallum takes viewers behind the scenes and explores a number of behind the scenes, and event segments from filming the Nintendo Quest: Power Tour.

  • It's an epic episode for Jay and Rob as they bring "Nintendo Quest" to their home town. Between radio interviews, friends traveling from England, and visiting game developers, it's a whirlwind that encompasses the largest crowd for a screening yet!

  • Jay and Rob return to Columbus where they filmed parts of "Nintendo Quest." They come across a gaming holy grail, some familiar faces, and engage in a healthy dose of pop culture banter, en route to screening the film at the Gateway Film Center.

  • After their time in Austin, Jay and Rob head to Houston to screen "Nintendo Quest" at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Before the screening, they're invited to a private collection that takes up an entire house, filled with one of a kind merchandise!

  • Join Jay and Rob in this inaugural episode as they hit the road to LA for the world premiere of "Nintendo Quest," in Beverly Hills. Rob discovers some Sega gems at a local game store and sets Jay up for a secret competition against a world record holder.