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  • 2005
  • 9 Seasons
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No Reservations, aired on the Travel Channel from 2005 to 2012, was a travel and food show hosted by the celebrated Chef and writer, Anthony Bourdain. Joined by his producers, Tom Vitale and Zamir Gotta, No Reservations took viewers to all corners of the globe in a quest to explore the beautiful people, cultures, traditions, and food that made different places unique.

The concept of the show on paper was seemingly simple: go to a new place, eat local cuisine, and, most importantly, meet the locals. But in the hands of Bourdain and his team, No Reservations became something so much more. It was, at its core, a commentary on the human experience, where, as Bourdain put it, “food and travel become more than just an experience, but a metaphor for life itself.”

Each episode of No Reservations showcased the eccentric and wildly different cultures around the world through the lens of its cuisine. Be it the blind alleys of Tokyo, the streets of Jerusalem, the unexplored terrain of Libya, or the sun-kissed beaches of Caribbean Islands, Bourdain took us along for a journey that provided equal parts of culinary discovery and cultural delights.

But if you think No Reservations was just about eating exotic dishes and traveling to picturesque locations, you are mistaken. It was also about connecting to people, to local cultures, and the history and the customs of the places Bourdain visited.

Be it sitting down for a cup of tea with a group of women in the middle of the Algerian desert or having an eye-opening experience with the Dalai Lama in Tibet, Bourdain and his crew sought to impart upon their viewers the importance of people, culture, and heritage.

In fact, their approach to storytelling was so human that even the most unassuming individuals they met on their travels would come alive onscreen through Bourdain's charismatic lens. It was this quality that made No Reservations so special and endeared it to its viewers.

The episodes were often a cocktail of observing minutiae, interpretative dance from locals, house parties, and visits to shrouded and enchanting locales. Although the episodes rarely centered on Bourdain himself, he was still an essential part of the show, with his personality and worldview permeating every moment.

On No Reservations, Bourdain's ability to see beyond the surface and delve into the core of a place's way of life was the real treasure. His interviews with chefs, restaurant owners, and local people provided insightful commentary about the ingredients and dishes that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Bourdain's passion for food and cooking was palpable in every episode, from his indulgence in fried chicken, tacos, and chicken wings to his appreciation for the finer aspects of French cuisine. But it wasn’t just about the food; it was also about the stories behind the food, the history that had led to the unique blend of cultures that created a dish.

Most episodes of No Reservations ended with Bourdain partaking in an extravagant dinner with various notable figures or guests appearing in a joyous, raucous setting. In many ways, it felt like the appropriate symbolic end to what amounted to a brilliant showcase of fun and learning with each episode.

In summary, No Reservations was a splendid exploration of food, travel, and human existence, through Anthony Bourdain's expert eyes. It was an engaging and informative travelogue that would transport viewers worldwide, expertly capturing the different cultures, people, food, and customs that made the world a wondrous place. It was thought-provoking, genuine, and inspiring and will forever be a testament to the teachings and legacy of Anthony Bourdain, a man who sought to bring the world closer through food, travel, and storytelling.

No Reservations
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Catch of the Day
39. Catch of the Day
August 25, 2015
In Colombia, Tony heads across the channel from Cartagena to Tierra Bomba, an island with a completely different way of life than its bustling urban sister city.
38. Cookout
August 18, 2015
Friends, food and the great outdoors. Some food just really isn't right to eat in a restaurant. Outside of Barcelona, Spain, Tony's friend Lucy suggests they take part in a local favorite, calsotada.
Path Less Traveled
37. Path Less Traveled
August 11, 2015
Tony visits communities found only by GPS, leading him off the beaten path.
The Meat, The Fire
36. The Meat, The Fire
July 28, 2015
The most prehistoric method of cooking still proves to be the best. A juicy cut of meat, the open fire, and repeat.
Extreme Games
35. Extreme Games
July 21, 2015
Featuring a slide ride down a luge run during a blizzard in China and a bull fight in Mexico.
Eccentric Seafood
34. Eccentric Seafood
July 14, 2015
The show features wriggling octopus and Korean beer in Queens.
Travel Buddy
33. Travel Buddy
May 17, 2015
The show features a visit to Chernobyl in Ukraine and a game of feather bowling.
Bar Hopping
32. Bar Hopping
May 10, 2015
Spicy tuna roll and fermented cactus sap in Mexico.
Whole Roasted Piggie
31. Whole Roasted Piggie
May 3, 2015
From pork chops to hooves; shooting a boucherie hog in Louisiana; crispy sucking pig in the Philippines.
Asia Files - Volume 6
30. Asia Files - Volume 6
April 26, 2015
Anthony takes a look back at some of his favorite moments traveling through Asia.
Eastern Hemisphere Files - Volume 3
29. Eastern Hemisphere Files - Volume 3
April 19, 2015
Summary not available
Eastern Hemisphere Files - Volume 2
28. Eastern Hemisphere Files - Volume 2
April 12, 2015
Highlights from Anthony's Eastern Hemisphere trips.
Eastern Hemisphere Files - Volume 1
27. Eastern Hemisphere Files - Volume 1
April 5, 2015
In Australia Anthony dines on fried brains and finds out how to properly butcher a lamb.
The Caribbean Files - Volume 2
26. The Caribbean Files - Volume 2
March 29, 2015
Memorable moments from Anthony Bourdain's trips to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Included: a dish called drum pan chicken; and a conversation with a favorite photographer of Fidel Castro.
Eastern Hemisphere Files - Volume 1
25. Eastern Hemisphere Files - Volume 1
March 26, 2015
Summary not available
The Caribbean Files - Volume 1
24. The Caribbean Files - Volume 1
March 22, 2015
Summary not available
Latin American Files: Volume 5
23. Latin American Files: Volume 5
March 15, 2015
Anthony Bourdain's trips to Chile, Brazil and Colombia include dining on hoof soup and pulled pork.
Latin American Files: Volume 4
22. Latin American Files: Volume 4
March 8, 2015
Anthony Bourdain further explores Colombia, Brazil and Chile.
Latin American Files: Volume 3
21. Latin American Files: Volume 3
March 1, 2015
A complilation of the best of Anthony Bourdain's Latin trips, focusing on the exploration of Mexico, Panama and Nicaragua.
Latin American Files: Volume 2
20. Latin American Files: Volume 2
February 22, 2015
Snacking on the cocaine of fruits; plates of grilled meat; penis soup.
Latin American Files: Volume 1
19. Latin American Files: Volume 1
February 5, 2015
We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's Latin America trips in The Latin America Files - Volume 1, in which he further explores Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama. In Mexico City, Tony visits a food cart for fresh blue corn tortillas which are, as he puts it, the "best tortillas ever." Continuing on his tour of Mexican street foods, Tony samples "wet tacos" filled with guts, tongue and eyeballs, followed by tacos al pastor. Then Tony and Carlos, the head chef of Les Halles in NYC, make their way to Carlos' hometown, Puebla, outside Mexico City. Carlos introduces Tony to the traditions surrounding bullfights: parades, street food, liquor, and spirit.
US Files - Volume 6
18. US Files - Volume 6
January 29, 2015
Chili dogs, lamb noodles and oxtail; walking The Wire in Brooklyn.
US Files - Volume 5
17. US Files - Volume 5
January 22, 2015
The best of Anthony Bourdain's US trips in The US Files - Vol. 5, in which he further explores Missouri and Michigan. He hunts for suckers, raccoons and ducks, gorges on pierogies, and is gifted a raccoon penis bone.
US Files - Volume 4
16. US Files - Volume 4
January 15, 2015
The best of Anthony Bourdain's US trips in The US Files - Vol. 4, in which he further explores Montana, Illinois and Maine. He tries his luck at fly-fishing and dines on foie gras dogs and Road Kill.
US Files - Volume 3
15. US Files - Volume 3
January 8, 2015
The best of Anthony Bourdain's US trips in The US Files - Vol. 3, in which he further explores Hawaii and Missouri. He chows down on SPAM sushi and purchases a pricey aloha shirt, then digs into a squirrel pot pie.
US Files - Volume 2
14. US Files - Volume 2
January 1, 2015
Homemade tamales and barbecue brisket; shooting the boucherie hog.
US Files - Volume 1
13. US Files - Volume 1
December 25, 2014
Summary is not available.
Europe Files - Volume 7
12. Europe Files - Volume 7
December 18, 2014
Dining on snails and black pudding dim sum; a festival full of food and tradition.
Europe Files - Volume 6
11. Europe Files - Volume 6
December 11, 2014
Continuing a look back at highlights from Europe.
Europe Files - Volume 5
10. Europe Files - Volume 5
December 4, 2014
Continuing to look back at journey's to Europe.
Europe Files - Volume 4
9. Europe Files - Volume 4
November 27, 2014
Anthony explores some of his trips to Europe.
Europe Files - Volume 3
8. Europe Files - Volume 3
November 20, 2014
The latest travels from Anthony Bourdain in Europe.
Europe Files - Volume 2
7. Europe Files - Volume 2
November 13, 2014
Anthony explores his trip to Europe.
Europe Files - Volume 1
6. Europe Files - Volume 1
November 6, 2014
Summary is not available.
Asia Files - Volume 5
5. Asia Files - Volume 5
October 30, 2014
Summary is not available.
Asia Files - Volume 4
4. Asia Files - Volume 4
October 23, 2014
Get the best of Anthony Bourdain's Asia trips in Asia Files - Volume 4. Bourdain explores Thailand, Laos and China. He spends time with a Muay Thai fighter and meets a businessman with a taste for the American Wild West.
Asia Files - Volume 3
3. Asia Files - Volume 3
October 16, 2014
We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's Asia trips in The Asia Files - Volume 3. Bourdain visits Sri Lanka, India and China. He dines on fish head curry and visits the world's tallest bungee jump. Will Bourdain take the plunge?
Asia Files - Volume 2
2. Asia Files - Volume 2
October 9, 2014
We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's Asia trips in The Asia Files - Volume 2. Bourdain explores Thailand, India, China and Japan. He gets a taste of Indian street food and hits the slopes in China, braving the unbearable cold.
Asia Files - Volume 1
1. Asia Files - Volume 1
October 2, 2014
We go back to Anthony Bourdain's favorite places in Asia. In Volume 1, Bourdain explores the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan. He samples goat, cockles and encounters one animal he won't eat... monkeys!
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    July 25, 2005
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