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No Reservations is an episodic adventure that takes you on a journey centered around food, yet is so much more than that. Each week, best selling author and chef Anthony Bourdain, leads his audience on extraordinary travels everywhere from New Jersey to New Zealand. He introduces us to a variety of foods from each place in such a way that makes us want to either book a reservation immediately or hold our stomach and gasp. Mr. Bourdain is a traveler, first and foremost, who happens to love food. He is raw, clever and brings a wild-west flair to the screen.

Sundays 8:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
9 Seasons, 176 Episodes
July 25, 2005
Documentary & Biography, Food, Travel
Cast: Anthony Bourdain
No Reservations

No Reservations Full Episode Guide

  • In Colombia, Tony heads across the channel from Cartagena to Tierra Bomba, an island with a completely different way of life than its bustling urban sister city.

  • Friends, food and the great outdoors. Some food just really isn't right to eat in a restaurant. Outside of Barcelona, Spain, Tony's friend Lucy suggests they take part in a local favorite, calsotada.

  • Tony visits communities found only by GPS, leading him off the beaten path.

  • The most prehistoric method of cooking still proves to be the best. A juicy cut of meat, the open fire, and repeat.

  • Featuring a slide ride down a luge run during a blizzard in China and a bull fight in Mexico.

  • The show features wriggling octopus and Korean beer in Queens.

  • The show features a visit to Chernobyl in Ukraine and a game of feather bowling.

  • Spicy tuna roll and fermented cactus sap in Mexico.

  • From pork chops to hooves; shooting a boucherie hog in Louisiana; crispy sucking pig in the Philippines.

  • Anthony takes a look back at some of his favorite moments traveling through Asia.

  • Highlights from Anthony's Eastern Hemisphere trips.

  • In Australia Anthony dines on fried brains and finds out how to properly butcher a lamb.

  • Memorable moments from Anthony Bourdain's trips to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Included: a dish called drum pan chicken; and a conversation with a favorite photographer of Fidel Castro.

  • Anthony Bourdain's trips to Chile, Brazil and Colombia include dining on hoof soup and pulled pork.

  • Anthony Bourdain further explores Colombia, Brazil and Chile.

  • A complilation of the best of Anthony Bourdain's Latin trips, focusing on the exploration of Mexico, Panama and Nicaragua.

  • Snacking on the cocaine of fruits; plates of grilled meat; penis soup.

  • We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's Latin America trips in The Latin America Files - Volume 1, in which he further explores Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama. In Mexico City, Tony visits a food cart for fresh blue corn tortillas which are, as he puts it, the "best tortillas ever." Continuing on his tour of Mexican street foods, Tony samples "wet tacos" filled with guts, tongue and eyeballs, followed by tacos al pastor. Then Tony and Carlos, the head chef of Les Halles in NYC, make their way to Carlos' hometown, Puebla, outside Mexico City. Carlos introduces Tony to the traditions surrounding bullfights: parades, street food, liquor, and spirit.

  • Chili dogs, lamb noodles and oxtail; walking The Wire in Brooklyn.

  • The best of Anthony Bourdain's US trips in The US Files - Vol. 5, in which he further explores Missouri and Michigan. He hunts for suckers, raccoons and ducks, gorges on pierogies, and is gifted a raccoon penis bone.

  • The best of Anthony Bourdain's US trips in The US Files - Vol. 4, in which he further explores Montana, Illinois and Maine. He tries his luck at fly-fishing and dines on foie gras dogs and Road Kill.

  • The best of Anthony Bourdain's US trips in The US Files - Vol. 3, in which he further explores Hawaii and Missouri. He chows down on SPAM sushi and purchases a pricey aloha shirt, then digs into a squirrel pot pie.

  • Homemade tamales and barbecue brisket; shooting the boucherie hog.

  • Dining on snails and black pudding dim sum; a festival full of food and tradition.

  • Continuing a look back at highlights from Europe.

  • Continuing to look back at journey's to Europe.

  • Anthony explores some of his trips to Europe.

  • The latest travels from Anthony Bourdain in Europe.

  • Anthony explores his trip to Europe.

  • Get the best of Anthony Bourdain's Asia trips in Asia Files - Volume 4. Bourdain explores Thailand, Laos and China. He spends time with a Muay Thai fighter and meets a businessman with a taste for the American Wild West.

  • We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's Asia trips in The Asia Files - Volume 3. Bourdain visits Sri Lanka, India and China. He dines on fish head curry and visits the world's tallest bungee jump. Will Bourdain take the plunge?

  • We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's Asia trips in The Asia Files - Volume 2. Bourdain explores Thailand, India, China and Japan. He gets a taste of Indian street food and hits the slopes in China, braving the unbearable cold.

  • We go back to Anthony Bourdain's favorite places in Asia. In Volume 1, Bourdain explores the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan. He samples goat, cockles and encounters one animal he won't eat... monkeys!

  • The series ends with a tour of Brooklyn. Joining Tony are actors from the HBO series "The Wire" and rapper Talib Kweli. Also: A meal at Brooklyn Fare is shared with chef Eric Ripert.

  • Tony samples the flavors of the Dominican Republic. Included: a meal of empanadas and nearly frozen beer, followed by fried salami with tostones. Also: a helicopter ride to SamanĂ¡ Peninsula for lunch.

  • Moments from the past include a Haitian cemetery visited on the Day of the Dead, and celebrating Halloween with pal Zamir Gotta in Transylvania. Also: Tony recalls a fearful trip to Iraq.

  • A trip to Rio de Janeiro proves stressful for Anthony, who is nervous about his wife, Ottavia, competing in a jujitsu match. To unwind, he enjoys the Brazilian cocktail caipirinhas and a pork sandwich in Ipanema; and later, learns about improvements made in the shanty town Rocinha. Finally, the Bourdains enjoy a home-cooked stew made with filet mignon, garlic, onion, tomato, farofa and feijoada.

  • Tony encounters the seven deadly sins in his travels. Included: lust in Rome; wrath in New York City; and sloth in Finland.

  • A wine cave and an American-owned winery are among the highlights when chef Ludo Lefebvre joins Tony as he tours the Burgundy region of France. Also: a truck stop that serves crepes.

  • Tony tours the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy with Italian-trained chef Michael White. The two rent a red Ferrari and cruise across the region, sampling culatello, balsamic vinegar, Sangiovese wine and a variety of Italian cheeses

  • The host looks back at some of his most unforgettable adventures, from making music in the Mojave Desert with Queens of the Stone Age to burning cocaine in Panama.

  • A food tour of Sydney, featuring fresh seafood, classic charcuterie and the ubiquitous Australian "barbie."

  • Tony Bourdain kicks off the ninth and final season in Austin during the 2012 South by Southwest Interactive Festival. He hangs out with the band Sleigh Bells and enjoys some of the city's unusual culinary offerings, from offal tacos and dove enchiladas to fried shrimp heads and goat neck.

  • The food and culture of Penang, Malaysia, is explored. Featured eats include fresh snapper and a rice-and-shrimp dish wrapped in a banana leaf.

  • Tony gets a taste of the food, wine and culture of Tijuana, Mexico, and the Baja Peninsula. He tries Mexican fish tacos and then checks out local street food with chef Javier Plascencia.

  • The host explores Finland with musician Sami Yaffa. Highlights include a pub tram and an eventful dinner with a cabdriver's mother.

  • Tony travels to Japan to attend the fourth annual Cook It Raw gathering, where 15 of the world's top chefs come together to share ideas and experiment with new ideas

  • The host visits Lisbon, Portugal, and finds the city undergoing a cultural and culinary renaissance in the face of rising debt and unemployment.

  • Croatia's Istria and Dalmatia regions are toured. Included: swimming with bluefin tuna; truffle hunting.

  • Tony travels to Kansas City, the BBQ capitol of the world, with pal Zamir Gotta, in search of the best barbeque. While there, Tony meets up with musicians, Dan and Patrick of The Black Keys for some serious finger licking meat

  • Tony visits Mozambique for a look at life in postcolonial Africa. Stops include Portuguese ruins on Mozambique Island and the vibrant metropolis of Maputo. Along the way, he samples the local fare, which mixes African, Portuguese and Indian influences.

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