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Noir is an action-based anime that tells the story of two different girls, Mireille and Kirika, who are both looking to discover the mysteries behind their pasts. Mireille is a dangerous fighter who lived through a deadly attack on her family. The only other family member who survived the attack was her uncle, who taught her how to be an assassin. Kirika is a Japanese woman who remembers almost nothing about her past. Her only real memory is how to be an excellent assassin.

Unsure how to find out about their past, the two girls begin working as a team of assassins, using the name Noir. As they do different jobs for clients, the pair begins to uncover secrets about themselves. They also begin to discover that their own connection to each other may not be a new one. Meanwhile, a group called Les Soldats begins stalking the girls and laying traps for them. As the girls work to escape Les Soldats and complete their jobs, they meet people who may be able to help them discover what the secrets surrounding them point to. They also realize that they may need to trust each other in order to survive.

Noir is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on April 6, 2001.

Where do I stream Noir online? Noir is available for streaming on TV Tokyo, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Noir on demand at iTunes, Crunchyroll online.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 26 Episodes
April 6, 2001
Cast: Houko Kuwashima, Kotono Mitsuishi, Aya Hisakawa, Tarako
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Noir Full Episode Guide

  • One last battle remains to put an end to the ritual - and Altena - for good. While there is no escape from the Soldats, a new Noir is born to seek the light in a world of darkness.

  • Mireille arrives at the manor to stop the Grand Retour - only to stare down the barrel of Kirika's gun. A bullet-ridden battle begins, and only two may remain to claim the title of Noir.

  • Priestesses from the Soldats arrive at the manor to praise Altena for orchestrating the Grand Retour. Chloe savors her time with Kirika as they don their ritual garb and practice fighting in the ruins.

  • Kirika collapses at the edge of a village and is taken in by an old couple who have been expecting her. There she learns about an ancient ritual, the Grand Retour, of which she is an essential part - and a threat to certain factions of the Soldats.

  • Kirika's final guidance - in the form of a bullet - brings a rush of painful memories. Mireille finally learns the connection to their past, but fails to follow through with her original promise to kill Kirika.

  • Danger lurks around every corner as Mireille and Kirika draw closer to learning the truth behind the Soldats. A rooftop showdown ensues when masked gunmen ambush their apartment.

  • Mireille and Kirika fly to Austria on a hunt for the ancient manuscript that could solve the mystery of the Soldats, but they run into a familiar face - someone who suddenly has her finger over the trigger to set off Kirika's memory.

  • An agitated Mireille banishes her partner from her sight at gunpoint. After receiving inside information on Chloe's motives, Kirika is warned of a trap set for her troubled friend - will she make the choice to save Mireille despite their confrontation?

  • Mireille returns to her abandoned home in Corsica where she learns some disturbing information regarding her parents and the Soldats.

  • Shaoli holds Mireille hostage to lure her partner into a deadly trap. Kirika takes the bait, but she isn't alone.

  • Shaoli holds Mireille hostage to lure her partner into a deadly trap. Kirika takes the bait, but she isn't alone.

  • Mireille is overjoyed when she runs into her uncle in Paris, but the nostalgia turns sour when she learns who his next target is.

  • After meeting the mysterious Chole, Mireille and Kirika recieve an invitation from the Soldats. Altena disproves of the two being brought in and sanctions a hit on the team.

  • Noir is hired to kill a corrupt police man and judge. However they find that someone has beaten them to the punch. Prompting the girls to wonder are they once again being shadowed by a hidden enemy.

  • Lady Silvana returns to Sicily trying to understand why Mireille wants documentation on the Greone family. Mireille who met Silvana as a child has feared her ever since. Silvana wants to take advantage of this fear and challenges Mireille to a duel.

  • Noir brings the wrath of the Sicilian Mafia down on them after a sucessful hit. This makes the mob bring in Intoccablie a most deadly and heartless killer. She and three other top assassins are poised to take the girls down.

  • Noir is tasked to assassinate Yuri Nazarov a KGB chief who commited genocide years ago. Noir is paid by surviving victims of the genocide but by accident Kirika befriends Yuri complicating the mission.

  • Now seeing the danger they are in Kirika and Mireille travel to Ulgia. In an attempt to kill a high ranking official in the country by a group planning a coup d"etat. Although the two known as Noir find themselves once again ambushed and fighting for survival.

  • The widow of a young corporate president hires Noir after his mysterious death. In reality it's a trap by the same people who took Kirika's memory. Now her an Mireille must wage a life or death struggle to escape with the truth and their lives.

  • After returning to to Paris Mireille and Kirika settle in to life in Paris. Shortly after Mireille gets an assignment to kill the leader of a terrorist group, which she excepts along with Kirika.

  • After responding to an email inviting her to take a pilgrimage to the past. Mireille meets a young girl calling herself noir but there's no time to find her real name as the two are ambushed and the mystery of this strange girl begins.