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  • TV-PG
  • 2007
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.4  (4,899)

October Road is an American drama television series that aired on ABC from 2007 to 2008. The show stars a talented cast of actors including Bryan Greenberg, Laura Prepon, Tom Berenger, Brad William Henke, Geoff Stults, Elizabeth Bogush, Slade Pearce, Evan Jones, Warren Christie, Amy Acker, Odette Annable, Sean Gunn, Zach Mills, Reed Diamond, Penny Johnson Jerald, Veronica Cartwright, Michelle Lombardo, Amanda Walsh, Bella Thorne, Oz Perkins, Frances Fisher, Jessica Tuck, Jay Paulson, Lee Norris, Phillip DeVona, Ric Reitz, Julie Ann Emery, David Clennon, Melissa Ponzio, Bre Blair, Kevin Weisman, Nicholas Pryor, Rebecca Field, James Keane, David Paymer, and Robert Lipton.

October Road is a drama series revolving around Nick Garrett, a bestselling author from New York, who returns to his hometown of Knights Ridge, Massachusetts, after a decade to teach at the local university. The show follows Nick as he tries to make amends with his family and reconnect with his old friends. However, his return is not welcomed by everyone, especially by his former girlfriend Hannah, who is now in a committed relationship with Nick's best friend, Eddie.

Throughout the series, Nick explores the themes of love, friendship, family, and forgiveness as he tries to find a place in his old hometown. He must confront the ghosts of his past, mend old relationships, and create new ones as he grapples with his newfound fame, success, and the expectations that come with it.

One of the standout features of October Road is its charming setting, which captures the small-town atmosphere perfectly. The show takes place in the fictional town of Knights Ridge, which is a close-knit community where everyone knows each other's business. The show pays a lot of attention to the town's culture, traditions, and the complexities of the relationships between its citizens. The result is a nuanced portrayal of a small town that is both familiar and intriguing.

The ensemble cast of October Road is another highlight of the show. The actors bring depth and nuance to their characters, making them feel like real people that the audience cares about. Bryan Greenberg's portrayal of Nick Garrett is particularly impressive. He brings a vulnerability and sensitivity to the character that makes him relatable and sympathetic. Laura Prepon's performance as Hannah is also noteworthy. She portrays the character's conflicted emotions with subtlety and depth, making her a complex and compelling character.

While the show primarily focuses on the lives of Nick and his friends, it also delves into the lives of other characters in the town. From a teen struggling to find his identity, to a single mother trying to make ends meet, the show features a diverse range of characters with their own unique struggles and challenges. This helps to make the town of Knights Ridge feel like a living, breathing place that is full of rich and vibrant characters.

Overall, October Road is an excellent drama series that is well-written, well-acted, and engaging. With its charming setting, compelling characters, and nuanced exploration of themes, it is a show that is both heartwarming and thought-provoking. While it was canceled after just two seasons, it is still worth checking out for anyone who enjoys a well-crafted drama series.

October Road is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (19 episodes). The series first aired on May 15, 2007.

October Road
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As Soon As You Are Able
13. As Soon As You Are Able
March 10, 2008
After Eddie's ex-girlfriend resurfaces, Janet must cope with her visit. Meanwhile, Hannah's arrest affects her engagement to Ray and Nick must decide whether he should take a job offer that would once again take him away from Knights Ridge.
The Fine Art of Surfacing
12. The Fine Art of Surfacing
March 10, 2008
A visit from Eddie's former girfriend (guest star Stacy Kiebler) sends Janet into a panic, Hannah is arrested, and Nick is offered a terrific career move.
Stand Alone By Me
11. Stand Alone By Me
March 3, 2008
While Nick, Eddie, Phil and Owen have problems with the women in their lives, they learn of the untimely death of their childhood crush.
Hat? No Hat?
10. Hat? No Hat?
February 18, 2008
Nick makes a shocking discovery that he is broke, while Hannah deals with her mom as she prepares for her wedding. Meanwhile, Jenny, the beer delivery girl who saved his life is asked out by Owen.
We Lived Like Giants
9. We Lived Like Giants
February 11, 2008
Nick worries about Aubrey when her father leaves once again, and he tells Nick to tell Aubrey why he's on the run. Meanwhile, Owen, Nick, Ronnie, Aubrey and Gabriel head out on a road trip to find the girl that saved Owen's life.
Dancing Days Are Here Again
8. Dancing Days Are Here Again
January 21, 2008
Nick learns Aubrey's secret -- she's meeting up with her estranged father. Ray tries to convince Hannah to fully commit to him by adopting Sam.
Spelling It Out
7. Spelling It Out
January 14, 2008
Nick begins to think that Aubrey is keeping a secret from him when he overhears a mysterious phone call.
Revenge of the Cupcake Kid
6. Revenge of the Cupcake Kid
January 7, 2008
Nick is haunted by a comic book he wrote when he was a teen, when he and Eddie look to land a new project. Meanwhile, Hannah and Janet would like to go on a double date with their boyfriends.
Once Around The Block
5. Once Around The Block
December 17, 2007
Christine, Ray's ex-wife, arrives in town and becomes angry at Hannah for allowing a "hippy friend" to watch her sons while Hannah is taking a veterinary tech exam. Meanwhile, Nick sets Ronnie up on a date, but Ronnie soon realizes his feelings for Aubrey; and Pizza Girl tries to convince Physical Phil to drive the classic car in his garage.
Deck the Howls
4. Deck the Howls
December 10, 2007
With the holidays rapidly approaching, Owen and Alison must work out an arrangement as to how they can both spend time with the kids during Christmas. While his parents are in town, Phil lies to them that he is an architect, which upsets his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Eddie begins to pull away after Janet gives him a very personal gift and Nick learns the truth about his deceased mother.
The Infidelity Tour
3. The Infidelity Tour
December 3, 2007
Owen wants Nick to report back to him with the details surrounding his wife's affair with Ikey. Meanwhile, Eddie is conflicted about whether he should reveal a secret that could end his business partnership with Nick, and Sam contests his mother's upcoming nuptials.
How To Kiss Hello
2. How To Kiss Hello
November 26, 2007
When Nick returns from New York after convincing Owen to come home, Hannah decides to share his feelings with him. Meanwhile, Eddie has trouble expressing his feelings for Janet in public; another professor begins to be interested in Aubrey; and Physical Phil's one connection to the outside world could be cut off.
Let's Get Owen
1. Let's Get Owen
November 22, 2007
While Nick and Eddie head to New York to find Owen, who left town after learning about his wife's infidelities, Hannah wrestles with her true feelings for Nick.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 15, 2007
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (4,899)