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  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 6.8  (188)

One Man Army was a Discovery Channel reality show that aired in 2011, where contestants competed in physical and mental challenges to prove they were the ultimate warrior. The show was hosted by Mykel Hawke Pierce, a survival expert and former Green Beret; James Yeager, a firearms instructor and former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier; and Dale Comstock, a former U.S. Army Delta Force operator.

Each episode featured four contestants, who were all highly skilled in various combat and survival techniques. The competitors were tested in a wide range of challenges that required not only physical abilities but also strategic thinking and mental toughness. The contestants were subjected to extreme situations such as jungle warfare, hand-to-hand combat, firearms drills, and survival scenarios.

In each episode, the contestants were given a specific mission, such as completing an obstacle course or retrieving a hidden object within a certain timeframe. The challenges were designed to test the contestants' endurance, agility, marksmanship, problem-solving skills, and quick thinking, and they were also required to demonstrate their proficiency in different weapons and equipment.

During the challenges, the contestants were pushed to their limits and often had to face unexpected obstacles that tested their abilities to adapt and improvise. They had to think on their feet and make quick decisions while under pressure.

The show was notable for its focus on real-life combat scenarios, and the contestants were required to perform complex maneuvers that were similar to those used by special operations forces in real-world situations. One of the key aspects of the show was the use of military-style weapons and equipment, which added to the authenticity of the challenges.

Throughout the show, the contestants were evaluated by the hosts, who provided feedback on their performance and offered advice on how to improve. The judges were highly experienced in combat and survival techniques and provided valuable insights into what it takes to become a true warrior.

In addition to the challenges, the show also featured interviews with the contestants, where they shared their backgrounds, experiences, and motivations for competing in the show. The interviews provided a glimpse into the lives of the competitors and the diverse range of skills and backgrounds that they brought to the competition.

Overall, One Man Army was a thrilling and intense show that tested the limits of the contestants' physical and mental capabilities. It was a showcase of the skills and training that are needed to become an elite warrior, and it was a fascinating look at the world of combat and survival.

One Man Army is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on July 13, 2011.

One Man Army
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Warrior Spirit
10. Warrior Spirit
September 23, 2011
The operatives go neck-and-neck in an explosion-filled maze and physically grueling five-obstacle breach course. The final two standing must use strategy and their wits in an intelligence challenge with life or death stakes.
Time Bomb
9. Time Bomb
September 16, 2011
The operatives must navigate through a series of fences and explosions to recover keys frozen within solid blocks of ice. The two finalists must use their knowledge to deactivate a series of bombs.
To Hell and Back
8. To Hell and Back
September 9, 2011
The operatives square off in one of the most grueling competitions yet, putting their strength to the test in a demanding 4-way game of tug-of-war, sawing through metal to escape an underwater coffin, and a memory challenge with life and death stakes.
Hard Work, Hard Play
7. Hard Work, Hard Play
September 2, 2011
A super-athlete US Marine turned Ninja warrior takes on three equally skilled and fierce warriors: an energetic Dallas Cop, a US Army officer and a cocky Air Force Special Ops pilot.
Deadliest Guy On the Block
6. Deadliest Guy On the Block
August 17, 2011
The One Man Army takes on a complex web of lasers, a gladiator style tug-of-war, and every soldier's worst nightmare: enemy capture. Even host Mykel Hawke is stunned by crafty, wily tactics.
Faster, Stronger, Smarter
5. Faster, Stronger, Smarter
August 10, 2011
This week's One Man Army takes on a series of walls carrying an 80 pound load, and snake their way through a complex web of lasers while racing the clock. The final two operatives must keep calm to diffuse a hurt locker of bombs.
No Guts No Glory
4. No Guts No Glory
August 3, 2011
One Man Army takes on a complex maze to freedom, endures a brutal test of strength in a gladiator style tug-of-war, and must use his brain to escape a cell.
Will to Win
3. Will to Win
July 27, 2011
An MMA fighter competes against two Recon Marines and a Navy SEAL Team 6 veteran. The final two risk drowning and hypothermia in a test of their intelligence in ice-cold water.
Fear Is Not An Option
2. Fear Is Not An Option
July 20, 2011
In the scariest challenge yet, this week's One Man Army must escape a Water Coffin, dig their way through a mined obstacle course and break the codes on a series of safes while suspended upside down!
Brothers In Arms
1. Brothers In Arms
July 13, 2011
Four highly trained operatives from the diverse worlds of the Army Rangers, Security Contractors, U.S. Marshalls and Tactical Weapons Instruction battle in three challenges in hopes of winning the title of One Man Army and a $10,000 prize.
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  • Premiere Date
    July 13, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (188)