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Hosted by seasoned veterans Larry Woodward and Bob Richardson, Outdoors in the Heartland will begin its seventeenth season in 2012 with new double-action shows. The dynamic duo of Larry and Bob set the scene with string-stretching fishing shows and heart-thumping hunting shows. Outdoors in the Heartland allows viewers to share the host's knowledge and experience of what it takes to capture the outdoor experience on film. You'll see big bass, bucks, bulls and bears from all parts of the country along with special instructional segments that are so helpful you just might want to take notes. Woodward and Richardson also host ScentBlocker Most Wanted on Outdoor Channel, premiering in 2011.

Outdoors in the Heartland is a series that is currently running and has 2017 seasons (172 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2011.

Outdoors in the Heartland is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Outdoors in the Heartland on demand atAmazon Prime online.

Wednesday 5:00 PM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
2017 Seasons, 172 Episodes
January 1, 2011
Cast: Bob Richardson
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Outdoors in the Heartland Full Episode Guide

  • Larry's taking a winter break for some fishing fun in the sun. Plus we get to hunt the Illinois gun season for big bucks.

  • On Outdoors in the Hear Larry and Bob get the most out of topwaters and bottom-bouncers as they catch a boat-load of smallies. Then Bob heads to the deep woods of Illinois to bag a late-season buck.

  • On Outdoors in the Heartland, seasoned veterans Larry Woodward and Bob Richardson share the outdoor experience, with special instructional segments.

  • We're back in Ontario for the Atikokan Bass Classic.

  • Bob and his long-time friend and tournament partner, Bob Wilson, are pre-fishing for the Atikokan Bass Classic. Plus, Scott's fighting the wind in Oklahoma in his quest for a sooner state wall-hanger.

  • Bob and Larry get the best of the Show Me state fishing for late season bucketmouths and even later season bucks.

  • It's spring-time in Ontario and the guys have two jobs - catch a whole bunch of smallies and hunt for black bear.

  • Bob and Larry cruise the Mississippi River searching for big blue catfish and Scott Shultz hunts for Hoosier State bucks.

  • Late-season hunting from Nebraska plus the guys use just about every lure in the boat to catch a whole mess of smallmouth bass in Ontario.

  • There's no reason to leave the Midwest when you can chase big bass in spring and big bucks in fall.

  • Bob and Larry hit the northern shield lakes for cold-water smallies and ScentBlocker President Scott Shultz hunts the world-famous Timberghost Ranch.

  • Spring time in Missouri means big bucketmouths going after soft plastic baits. Plus Larry heads to New Mexico to hunt elk.

  • Bob and Larry park their Triton on an Ontario lake where the current has drawn in big smallmouth bass. Plus - Bob doesn't take much time to bag a buck in Missouri.

  • From Texas to Canada Larry and Bob are stretching strings and slinging arrows.

  • Low water means changing tactics, whether it's for bass or bucks.

  • The guys are catching bucketmouths down south and hunting bucks up north.

  • It's Day 2 of the Atikokan Bass Classic. Plus, Larry has a strange encounter with an Ontario Black Bear.

  • The Bob & Bob team are fishing Day of the Atikokan Bass Classic. Plus, Bob fights the light in Illinois for a big buck.

  • The Atikokan Bobs are pre-fishing for the Atikokan Bass Classic in Ontario. Plus we go hunting with Larry for an icon of the West.

  • What do you do when it's 80 degrees in October? Go Fishing! Bob & Larry tackle some late summer largemouths in Missouri. Plus Elk hunting from New Mexico!

  • Bob & Larry fish for bass and panfish in the land of 10,000 lakes. Plus we'll see Larry's Ontario black bear hunt that went all wrong.

  • Bob Richardson and Col. Bob Wilson fish the Fishing for Freedom tournament in Quicny, Illinois. Plus Larry talks doe management in the age of EHD.

  • The Smallies keep bitin' and fightin' in Ontario, plus Larry gets an Elk with our good friend Joseph Graham.

  • Bob and Larry throw top water lures all day to catch a mess of Smallies in Ontario.

  • Scott shows us what it's like to hunt for bruiser bucks in Indiana. Plus we go back to Missouri to finish up spring-time bass fishing with Bob and Larry.

  • Bob and Larry fish for spring-time bass in Missouri. The we head to New Zealand for Red Stag hunting.