Paradise Hotel 2

Paradise Hotel 2 is a U.S. reality television show that was broadcast on both the Fox and MyNetworkTV channel networks. Amanda Byram is the host of the show that Mark Thompson narrates. The show revolves around a group of very attractive single people in their 20s and 30s living in very luxury hotel resorts. Their aim is to compete to see which people are able to go the distance and stay the longest in the hotel. From time to time, people leave the show, while others are brought in as replacements.

The voyeuristic show features 11 Americans vying to hook up with the residents so that they can win a cash prize of around $200,000. Each person has to find an opposite sex partner with whom to share a room.

Cameras follow the couples strategizing, flirt, and engaging in some form of suggestive or sexual activity. At pairing ceremonies, the contestant who no longer has a roommate is forced to check out when a new contestant will join the show. Whoever manages to remain in the theoretical paradise until the end will win the competition.

The show has virtually no dialogue. All of the contestants are quite physically attractive, often sharing thoughts about how attractive they believe the others are. They spend a lot of time drinking, theoretically to loosen up so that is easier to gossip and engage in other suggestive fodder. In order to stay ahead of the competition they must continually engage in what some would say is questionable behavior in order to avoid being eliminated.

Activities include taking off clothes, dancing suggestively and snuggling under blankets. There is no actual nudity, however contestants are shown often in bathing suits and underwear. They also drink wine, mixed drinks and beer. There is some fighting and strong language, but actual swear words are bleeped in accordance with FCC rules. Because of the way the show is structured and edited, it is hard to tell whether those appearing are acting as themselves or are playing to the situation.

2 Seasons, 47 Episodes
June 18, 2003
Reality, Drama
Cast: Amanda Byram, Mark Thompson, McKenna Maduli, James Adamitis
Paradise Hotel 2

Paradise Hotel 2 Full Episode Guide

  • The cast of Paradise Hotel 2 get together to relive and discuss their adventure.

  • Past contestants return to the house and put the remaining two teams on the hot seat before a winner is chosen.

  • The remaining three couples choose to vote off one couple, but a unexpected twist shakes things up.

  • A vulnerable James hopes to fix up an alliance with Tidisha, as seven contestants remain.

  • Raheim makes a return to the hotel looking for revenge against the friend who did him wrong.

  • The guys play a poker game with high stakes. Meanwhile, the newest arrivals have doubts about their alliance.

  • A familiar face returns and shakes things up as Myrna is targeted by the original players for ousting Tanya.

  • The ladies are worried that they will be sent home if Myrna uses her immunity, but instead surprises everyone with her actions.

  • In hope of making an impression on the new female guest, the guys hold a 'hot bod' contest, and she is later given the power to use all the gossip she has collected against the others.

  • Former roommates accuse each other of lying as things get heated at the Pandora's Box. The players are given a shocking twist.

  • One female contestant's creation of drama behind people's back at the Pandora's Box has her singled out. Meanwhile, two groups battle it out for Stephanie's support.

  • Jealousy ensues when a new female guest steals the guys attention away from the other ladies after checking in.

  • A body painting contest has Mike and Raheim showing off their hidden talents. Meanwhile, James makes a move on someone else's roommate.

  • A wild welcoming party is given as the first new guest arrives. It doesn't take long before the first love interest is sparked.

  • A fight breaks out among two of the men, while the women hope to fend off the first elimination.

  • The 11 single contestants arrive and sum up their competition before choosing their teammates and forming alliances.

  • Remember the first week when Charla was the outsider in the single? When Zack turned down Amy? When Dave drunkenly pointed out his own man-boobs? Those days are long gone. It's the final week in Paradise, and there are only three couples left. One of them is about to get the boot. Keith's mad that Dave put him in a position of mistrust, but he also promised to stand by his Barbie buddies. Keith decides to send Scott and Holly home. "I gotta go with my word from Day One," he mutters solemnly. Holly comments that Dave has been lying to her the entire time, even though she thought he was trustworthy. Scott, who has been there from the first day, had some faith he would advance when Dave blatantly lied to Keith. But Scott thinks that Keith didn't have the "stones" to call him out on it. The pair hugs the other couples and leave.The Barbies congratulate each other sullenly. Keith is angry with Dave because he put him in a bad situation. Charla tells Tara that she can't believe that Dave sa

  • Can you handle even more intrigue, plotting and frantic screaming? Hope so, because it's time for more PH! To start things off, Melanie says that she's really excited to be the girl chosen to return. Then she tells Desiree she's happy Dave didn't pick her because now she doesn't have to lie to his face that she likes him. In their room, Dave, in touch with the people as always, doesn't think Melanie will hate them, as Charla posits.Beau, continuing his strict "no shirt" policy, hangs with Amy, Desiree, Tom and Melanie. Charla says the others are jealous of her. She's sorry she knows how to play this game. At the same time, Amy says she won't play the game and stoop to their level. Charla sardonically says she'd like to sit down and watch the tapes with Amy and tell her how great she is. Also, Charla is sorry Amy's man kissed her and everyone else here. To back up Charla, we see clips of Zack with Charla, Melanie, Toni, Kristin, Amanda and Kavita. Beau says they're in the game seriousl

  • The girls pack up and switch rooms as per Dave and Tara's new assignments. Charla reluctantly moves into the Butterfly Room with Alex. But Alex gives his new roommate a present -- a kit of quickly applicable press-on nails so that she doesn't waste her time in their room doing her nails. Charla mutters the word "Jerk" under her breath. Yet Alex is impressed when Charla orders champagne from room service. Dave comes to visit her, and Charla admits that he and Tara had to do what was best. However, she doesn't know how she's going to fall asleep at night with Alex in the next bed. Keith is convinced that Dave didn't want to have him room with Charla for a third week in a row because Dave was jealous of how close they have become. Tara tries to persuade Charla that Alex isn't that bad, and her room situation could only be for one week.Scott tells Amy that he needs her energy and spunk to help him get through all this. Holly listens to this conversation with trepidation. Alex contemplates

  • Charla teases Keith about his incessant flirting with her. Yet she gives it right back to him in a bear hug. Dave sits alone and ponders Charla. Although he told her that he has full trust in her, where does she stand? At breakfast, the guys discuss what the King and Queen will get to do with their power. Dave jokes that he has already kissed a few babies and a monkey that morning to rally for votes. Charla is excited because she's never voted for anything before. Dave takes the campaigning seriously. He makes sure Holly knows that he would make a fine king. Everyone submits nominations, and Host Amanda makes the announcement. It's Alex vs. Dave for king, while Amy will go up against Tara for queen. The four must spend the day campaigning. There will also be a swimsuit competition and a debate. Dave comments that he needs to win the debate because Alex is sure to take the swimsuit contest.Everyone applauds when Smokey is given his own necklace. Tom thanks them for accepting his monkey

  • In the Season Finale, the 7 returning guests put the final 2 couples on the hotseat with pointed questions about their past actions. That night, the 7 returnees pick a winning couple. But in a series of twists and turns, Paradise Hotel 2 comes to an emotional and powerful conclusion.

  • The final 3 couples learn that they must vote for one person who'll decide which couple goes home. It comes down to an agonizing choice where friendships are weighed against winning - and the final decision comes as a complete shock.

  • With 7 guests left, James tries to rekindle his alliance with one time friend Tidisha, who is worried about her own position. And after a romantic day together, Zack and Stephanie have a fight which leaves Stephanie questioning her loyalty to Zack, right before an elimination.

  • At Pandora's Box, Myrna is grilled by the Originals, who vow to get her. But right in the middle of the action, Raheim makes a dramatic return. He uncovers the truth behind his elimination and tries to settle a score with a friend who betrayed him.

  • As Zack schemes with Chris, other members of the New Arrivals start to doubt the strength of their alliance. And when Paradise Hotel announces a poker tournament for the men, it turns out the stakes are much higher than anyone expected.

  • In the aftermath of Tanya's elimination, the originals start gunning for Myrna. But, in an unexpected twist, a new guest arrives who is no stranger to Paradise Hotel. Once everyone gets over their shock, both factions fight for the new player's allegiance.

  • As an elimination approaches, most of the women feel anxious that Myrna will use her immunity to send them home. But when Myrna makes her move, she shocks all of the guests. Then a popular figure is forced to leave Paradise Hotel forever.

  • A new woman arrives at Paradise Hotel, and the boys get pumped up for a Hot Bod contest to impress her. After a series of private rooftop meetings, the new arrival is given full power to use what she has learned against the other guests.

  • A rowdy Pandora's Box turns into a shouting match when two former roommates accuse each other of lying - only to discover a shocking twist that divides former friends and results in an emotional departure of a major player.

  • One of the women is put on the spot at Pandora's Box for stirring up drama behind people's backs. Two groups fight for the support of Stephanie, who makes a dramatic choice at the elimination ceremony that banishes one woman from paradise.

  • The first new girl arrives and immediately gets the attention of all the men. The other girls compete for her friendship and turn on each other in a vicious fight, leaving one girl in tears.

  • At a sensual body painting contest, Raheim and Mike show off unexpected "talents." At the same time, James makes his move on someone else's roommate, triggering a midnight shouting match.

  • As the women try to avoid the first elimination, which would ban them from Paradise forever, two of the men get into a nasty fight that threatens to tear the hotel apart.

  • The cast of Paradise Hotel 2 get together to relive and discuss their adventure.

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