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Phi-Brain: Puzzle of God is a Japanese anime television series directed by Junichi Sato. The television series focuses on Kaito, a puzzle-loving freshman in high school, who is a candidate for Phi Brain group. One day after school Kaito and his friend Nonoha find a puzzle near their school, which they consider to be an unsolvable puzzle. Unfortunately, for Kaito and Nonah the puzzle is a philosopher's puzzle, which was created by a mysterious Puzzle Of God Group, and it is very dangerous and could kill them if it is not solved correctly.

The show features several main characters such as Kaito Daimon a freshman who enjoys solving puzzles but is easily insulted when the puzzles are used for hurting others. He is very sensitive about evil puzzles as his parents were killed trying to solve an evil puzzle. He is considered an Einstein puzzle solver and has an Orpheus armband, which enables him to use his mental abilities to their fullest potential. Nonoha Itou is Kaito's childhood friend who goes to every puzzle with Kaito and attempts to help him solve them. She is not very good with actual puzzles but is very good at spots and she has an exceptional photographic memory. She is later given the title of Nightingale because she bakes so many sweets that everyone except for Kaito loves and because she helps little children during a puzzle. The show also features Gammon Sakanoue a puzzle Solver with the title Galileo. He likes to solve puzzles for money and is very competitive with Kaito because of his puzzle solving ability and his relationship with Nonoha who Gammon has a very large crush on. He has the same mental ability as Kaito except when Kaito has the Orpheus arm band on. Other characters include Cubic Galois an Edison solver who is great with robotics and mechanics, Ana Gram a feminine cross-dressing young boy who enjoys painting and who has a vast knowledge of famous paintings but who prefers math to puzzles.

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3 Seasons, 76 Episodes
October 2, 2011
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Phi-Brain Full Episode Guide

  • Kaito and Raetsel reach a turning point in their battle to solve the Puzzle of God. To solve this puzzle they must resort to unforeseen tactics.

  • Kaito locks himself in his hotel room to reflect on the outcomes of the last few puzzles he has solved. Raetsel gets him out of the dumps and decides that the best way to defeat orpheus is to work together.

  • The Puzzle of God begins tomorrow! Kaito and Raetsel are both eager to face the puzzle, but one of them seems ready and one of them doesn't. Raetsel has a blast partying the night away with the girls.

  • The puzzlers are pitted against each other in a game that will test their puzzle solving skills and their camaraderie.

  • Fed up with waiting around for Orpheus, Kaito accepts the challenge and is inadvertently dropped into a puzzle to face a close friend.

  • Raetsel accepts Orpheus's puzzle challenge only when he promises to bring back Jin.

  • Miharui is worried. She hasn't heard from her brother Gammon in some time, so she goes to Kaito for help. Gammon, meanwhile, is headed to POG Headquarters, desperate to find any sign of Rook.

  • Orpheus shows Kaito, Nonoha and Freecell what altering the past could entail. He promises that this power will be theirs if they become Phi-Brains and offer their bodies to him for a short period of time. Will they submit to temptation...?

  • Orpheus has been resurrected! He wants to become the perfect Phi-Brain, even at the cost of mankind. But first, he needs a new vessel. He offers Jin's life in exchange for the life of a Phi-Brain, but will anyone take the bait?

  • Nonoha and Kaito break the truth to Raetsel, both about Jin as well as about Enigma. But will that be enough to finally win her over? If Raetsel decides she doesn't want to share Jin, there's only one way to duke things out... with puzzles!

  • While the Baron is revealing Jin's past and his ties to the fallen puzzler Lavoushka. Enigma shows up and reveals his past and his motives for having the puzzlers eliminated.

  • Rook and Freecell must go all out if they hope to free Raetsel's puzzle. Souji has returned from the Republic of Amgine, bringing back stacks of confidential information. Can Baron use the information to figure out who Enigma truly is?

  • Herbert is bent on defeating Kaito in a puzzle battle. He'll do anything it takes to taste sweet victory, even if it means using thepower of the Rings. Can Kaito and his friends defeat the ultimate king of cheaters?

  • Ana and Cubik have decided to help Kaito solve Raetsel's puzzle! Whenthey reach the coordinates Kaito gave them, they discover that Kaito and his group got caught up in some bad weather. Can they find the next clue on their own?

  • How on Earth did Kaito find himself entered in a cross dressing contest? Meanwhile, the school principal has installed a new puzzle within the school, and Nonoha's been taken hostage and put right in the middle of it!

  • After escaping from Jin's Puzzle of Fools, Melancholy invites Kaito and his friends over to her house. Freecell hopes to use this unexpected opportunity to mend their relationship, but he has a long and bumpy road ahead of him...

  • Bent on vengeance, Melancholy becomes a Master Brain. Freecell wants to leave the world of puzzles behind, but Melancholy won't let him as she drags him into a Puzzle of Fools. Can Kaito and Gammon save him?

  • Gammon is about to blow a gasket when he learns that he has the lowest bounty now. He's desperate for a chance to boost his bounty, but he may have gotten more than he bargained for when Demolition Man challenges him to a puzzle battle.

  • Jin once told Rook that Puzzles are chains. Puzzles are also mirrors. Unsure how to interpret those words, Rook jumps on the chance to challenge a Puzzle of Fools that Jin once fought in the hopes of gaining insight into his heart...

  • Kaito and Raetsel are busy arguing over who knows the 'real' Jin while Cubik fights Dr. Theorem in a puzzle battle. The puzzle is math based, so it should be right up Cubik's ally. But he seems to be having a hard time solving it...

  • Tensions grow tight when Kaito is unable to prove to Gammon that Jin is trustworthy. Raetsel decides that this is the perfect time to transfer to their school. And suddenly Jin challenges Kaito to a puzzle battle...!

  • It's puzzle time! Kaito, Nonoha and Rook must find the right exit before they get turned into pancakes. At Root Gakuen, Gammon, Ana and Cubik have to defeat Whodunit's color-coded number game or get toasted alive!

  • FreeCell's final puzzle traps Kaito in a never ending game. As his friends call out to him, their voices can't reach as Freecell and Kaito has entered a world of their own.

  • Nonoha is kidnapped, and Freecell seems to be pulling the strings, curious as to why she shows up in a vision of himself going up against Kaito. The Himalayas set the stage for a final battle, while Kaito and his group rush to save Nonoha.

  • The remaining members of the Orpheus Order team up with the POG in effort to take down Klondike.

  • Kaito finally gets to challenge the elusive Mr. Klondike, but that too is all a part of his plan.

  • Even after learning everything, Mizerka and Doubt challenge Daimon to one last puzzle to the death.

  • Nonoha and Freecell team up to rescue Kaito who has been knocked unconscious after the cave in. In the process, Nonoha pushes Freecell to her what happened in the past.

  • The classic wolf and sheep puzzle has been reworked by Herbert who will do anything to beat Daimon Kaito.

  • Pinochle is the next to challenge Kaito with his Inferno Tower. If Kaito wins Pinochle will tell the gang everything.

  • Rook has been challenged by the Orpheus Order, but he is up against a unique opponent.

  • After a whirlwind of unnecessary improvements to the Academy, Elena is berated by Tamaki for being irresponsible. Meanwhile, a former POG member returns and appears before the Orpheus Order, bearing a familiar and troublesome item.

  • Jikukawa has accepted the Orpheus ring. He claims to be in control of himself but there are signs proving otherwise.

  • The vacation has turned into a puzzle drill camp. When Nonoha tries to get into the spirit of things, its obvious puzzles aren't her thing.

  • Thanks to Ana's win, team Root still has a chance, but Kaito is showing signs of breaking under Freecell's mind game. Jikukawa stands by waiting for the results of the data Cubik sent him, as it might be their only chance of finding out the secret behind the Orpheus Rings.

  • What Pinochle said has affected Kaito deeply, leaving his friends to fight on without him. The next player is Ana; Gammon holds little faith in his ability to win, but Ana plans to do more than just that.

  • The first win goes to Miss Melancholy, but the data gathered during the game was worth the lost. The 2nd match features Kaito vs. Pinochle, with Kaito's skills this seems like an easy victory. But even the Orpheus Order cringes at Pinochle play style.

  • The Orpheus Order has formally challenged the Phi-Brain kids of Root Academy to a team battle. If Root Academy wins the Order will stop their campaign against Kaito. If Root Academy loses, the Phi-Brain kids will have to join the Orpheus Order.

  • The Orpheus Order involvement of Miharu has pushed Gammon to the limit. He has called in contacts from the POG to find the Orders HQ in order to get revenge. Gammon's anger has affected his puzzle making abilities causing Erena to call in a favor.

  • After the Orpheus ring and earring incident, the crew has started to look for other Orpheus accessories. Cubic has learned that the accessories are replicas and are sending out a signal. Kaito figures out the signals are the start of a bigger puzzle.

  • The puzzle club klutz Airi, can't do anything right, until she receives a gift from a mysterious woman that will unlock her heart. Now Kaito has to solve his puzzle or something dear to him could get hurt. Where is Nonoha?!

  • Kaito and his friends thought everything was done when the POG was defeated. That was just the start, a new group is in town and the puzzles are deadlier than ever.

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