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Pole Position is an animated series from 1984 that featured a trio of young crime fighters, two of whom worked as part of a stunt driving government operation. The teens gained the job after a car accident claimed the lives of their parents. The team also has a pair of talking vehicles in "Roadie" and "Wheels" whose faced are represented in the console via a crude computer-generated face. Both vehicles had a number of terrain features, including hover and aquatic handling. Further, the modular computer systems could be removed from dashboards and grasped by handles.

Pole Position lasted 13 episodes.

Saturdays at 10:30 am et/pt on CBS
1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 15, 1984
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Lisa Lindgren, Kaleena Kiff, David Coburn, Jack Angel
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Pole Position Full Episode Guide

  • Tess and Dan are sent to warn Dr. Lungo, an experimental biologist creating new species of animals, of a tidal wave due to hit his island in a few hours.

  • When Dr. Zachary mysteriously disappears, the kids head to Pole Position headquarters to look for clues. They are contacted by businessman Alfred McGuffin, who tells them to "find the colored fish".

  • Tess and Dan are puzzled by the apparent prosperity of a formerly abandoned gold mining town and by the hostile reception they receive from the local Sheriff.

  • Tess, Dan and Daisy return to their hometown so Tess can be the Queen, as was her mother and grandmother, in the Queen's Pageant that is held every twenty-five years.

  • An odd message left by Joe Curry, the engineer of Roadie and Wheels, sends Tess and Dan to the scene of a telephone booth where they find a teddy bear leading them to Curry's daughter Suzy.

  • Tess, Dan, and Daisy stumble upon a town under the control of an evil magician. He has used his tricks to frighten the people into missing the gold out of an abandoned mine in order to rid the town of the demon.

  • Join the Pole Position as they uncover a priceless treasure stolen over five years ago from an Indian reservation in South Dakota.

  • Sections of four different paintings are mysteriously being stolen. After being duped several times, Dan discovers the "thief" is a small robot being controlled by the soda machine vendor.

  • Tess and Dan are sent to participate in a California - Mexico race where it is believed a stolen computer program is going to be smuggled out of the country in a microchip.

  • Tess and Dan are prevented by icy roads from delivering a revolutionary new tele-communications satellite to its reclusive inventor, Dr. Russell for a final check before launching.

  • A chicken falls into the hands of Dan and Tess, which is being pursued by some shady characters who have kidnapped the professor.

  • Dr. Hastings develops a vaccine that is one hundred percent effective against all forms of biological warfare.

  • Pole Position agent, Greg Dumont, poses as a double agent to lure Wheels and Roadie to Alex Vance, a man out to destroy the computer system of Pole Position by using the memory bank of Wheels and Roadie.

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