Powerblock is a television show that airs on the weekend on Spike TV. The show is one of the numerous how to auto shows that you can watch. This show is hosted by Courtney Hansen. In the past the show was hosted by a number of people including Danica Patrick and Michelle Spaziano. The content of this show made it have a TV-G rating and was therefore the first G rated show on this station. Viewers of this show will get to watch content that pertains to numerous types of vehicle shows including MuscleCar, Trucks, Xtreme 4x4 and Reality Racing. With these shows viewers will get to see how these cars are driven and operated in a given setting.

When watching Powerblock viewers will be introduced by a host and they will explain to the viewer what will be on the show. Once this is done, then the viewer will then watch a program such as Muscle Car. In these shows the viewer will be told what a muscle car is and then be shown how it is driven. After this part if over viewers will then get to see the car and vehicle being driven. As a result viewers will get a complete insight on how this car operates and functions. This will likely appeal to viewers who enjoy these kinds of shows and one's that cover vehicles.

The show known as Powerblock is likely to be most appealing to those who are really into cars and trucks. Since this show is about numerous types of vehicles, viewers will be exposed to a number of different vehicles that they can learn more about or just review them if they are already aware of them. This is a show that is not only enjoyable but also educational as you will get to learn more about many different kinds of vehicles. Some of the most appealing and highest quality vehicles are discussed on this show and therefore you can get first hand knowledge of these many vehicles when watching this show. Anyone who is looking to watch a quality show about vehicles will not be disappointed when watching Powerblock. Watching this show will give viewers the opportunity to expand their knowledge of vehicles and learn more about them and how they operate.

Saturdays & Sundays at 11:00 am on Spike TV
1 Season, 42 Episodes
January 3, 2009

PowerBlock Full Episode Guide

  • MIG welding basics, machines, gasses, setups, and welding techniques all explained.

  • We're doing retro styled body mods including "Frenching" our headlights and "Tunneling" our taillights.

  • How to rewire your trail truck for simple circuits, ignition, relays, breakers, lights with examples shown as we wire up our IH Scout.

  • Horsepower supercharges the hot new Chevy Camaro

  • Pumpin' up a Mopar motor

  • We're checking out the cool show trucks, running the autocross and finding the bargains in the swap meet area at this yearly show in Nashville.

  • Altered E-Go gets custom-fabbed headers and mufflers.

  • Horsepower finishes up its '68 track car project.

  • Part Budget Buggy returns for custom paint from spray cans. Plus part 1 of America's Top Trails: Kentucky and New Mexico.

  • The International Scout returns for an aftermarket brake kit, new springs to lower center of gravity, and a fuel system.

  • Rolling Thunder gets it new drivetrain installed.

  • It's a tour of the Trucks! shop.

  • Rolling Thunder gets a supercharged Cobra engine.

  • Seven custom builders get Super Dually ready to paint in just one show.

  • The Duramax is slipped into our Curvy buggy with details on engine mounts, seats, fuel cell and more!

  • Take your ride from eye-sore to eye-catcher on one easy weekend.

  • MuscleCar and Wyo Tech paint a third-gen Camaro. Visit Magnaflow headquarters.

  • MuscleCar's A/FX drag car, Altered E-Go, gets more custom touches with a new fender profile and front bumper. Rick shows how the Lexan slider windows...

  • It's everything you want to know about the good ol' 4-speed! From Borg-Warner to Muncie, we'll go over the most common models, how to choose one, and...

  • Daily driver weekend wheeler gets beefier with t-case rebuild, pre-cut cage kit and more!

  • Learn how to make your own tail lights, and polish scratches out of glass.

  • Horsepower builds and old-world, new-world high performance smallblock.

  • We're checking out the Matco Tools Expo in Cancun Mexico.

  • We're making room for our 4.6 Liter V-8 in Project Rolling Thunder.

  • We'll show you a budget approach to freshening up your work truck.

  • We're building engine mounts for our V-8 swap in Project Rolling Thunder.

  • MuscleCar visits a machine shop. Tommy assembles the 455, and Rick shows how to install a shift kit.

  • Rick and Tommy finish Red Sled's steering, clutch and Air Ride systems. Learn how to rebuild a starter.

  • Red Sled gets a console, paint, and airbrushed emblems.

  • Build a buggy from scratch in part one of our super cool diesel buggy project. Plus how to use a roll bender.

  • How to upgrade a Yamaha Rhino side-by-side with 13" long travel suspension, performance exhaust and other goodies.

  • How to modify Dana 60 axles to fit a Jeep TJ for custom width and heavy duty axle components.

  • We kick off Project Rolling Thunder to wedge a 4.6 liter V-8 into a Ranger based truck.

  • Our Military deuce gets airbags and 4 link suspension, plus we'll build a custom bed where the fire junk used to be.

  • Turbo-charging a new Dodge Challenger.

  • Altered E-Go gets a custom transmission tunnel and the Tribute Trans Am gets a convertible top.

  • It's three-for-one in this episode of Musclecar... The Tribute Trans Am, Red Sled and Altered E-Go.

  • Xtreme's S10 Truggy gets custom suspension, drivetrain, rock lights, light bar, floods and more.

  • Learn how to choose and plan your next restoration project.

  • We're painting our '49 Chevy with brushes and a roller to create a look that takes mother nature 50 years to create.

  • Muscle Car intake and RC drag racing.

  • MuscleCar unveils the plans for Project Blue Collar Buick, a '73 Century with a restoration budget of under $10K.

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