Predators at War

Predators at War is a National Geographic special that takes you on a journey to the Mala Mala Game Reserve in Africa. There you will get a look at the deadly game of survival. Five of Africa's mega predators are followed as they battle to survive. Amazing footage of how animals interact for food. Watch as several female lions, a hyena and a leopard all fight for the same meal. See how animals cope when food and water are scarce. Drought has hit the Reserve as two rainy seasons have left little or no rain. There is little food and the battles between predators are fierce. Captured on film are the hunts and fatal fights.

National Geographic
1 Season, 1 Episode
March 15, 2005
Documentary & Biography, Nature, Science & Technology
Cast: Jeremy Irons, Mike Secher, Kim Wolhuter
Predators at War

Predators at War Full Episode Guide

  • At the Mala Mala Reserve in South Africa, life is a struggle that rewards only those creatures willful and strong enough to survive. Predators have to dig deep to be able to find food, shelter and safety in a region hit by hunger and distress of all types.

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