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Aoi Tokura is a new part time employee at the Rainy Color caf

Sunday 10:27 PM et/pt on FUNimation
2 Seasons, 22 Episodes
April 5, 2015
Cast: Daisuke Hirakawa, Ryô Horikawa, Hikaru Midorikawa, Mamoru Miyano
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Rainy Cocoa Full Episode Guide

  • For the twin's birthday and Christmas, Haruka gives the gift of friendship.

  • Haruka and the twins just can't seem to make up.

  • Haruka gets some advice from Jun regarding the incident.

  • Noel and Nicola reflect on what they have done.

  • Noel and Nicola have an accident and make Haruka furious.

  • Could Jun's photo reveal a secret about Shion?

  • The owner tells the story of how he and Jun met.

  • Noel and Nicola cause more havoc than help.

  • Noel and Nicola greet customers with a smile.

  • Shion's little brothers come to investigate his girlfriend.

  • Who will substitute for Aoi when he takes off from work?

  • During a slow day at the café, Shion and Aoi talk about relationships.

  • Keiichi and Aoi get some helpful advice about their conflict.

  • Ryota tries to "sweet talk" Keiichi into forgiving Aoi.

  • Ryota steps in to try and settle Keiichi and Aoi's little misunderstanding.

  • Aoi is used to being called a girl, but what do the others think about it?

  • Despite having completely different personalities, Ryota has big plans for him and Keiichi.

  • Is there a secret to get on Keiichi's good side? Rain may have found the answer.

  • The guys help open up shop while Keiichi finds himself sidetracked by a digital manga.

  • The owner, Koji, is always missing or goofing off. What exactly does he do all day?

  • Aoi Tokura is a new part-time employee at the Rainy Color cafe. He's also surrounded by a colorful cast of coworkers.

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