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Roadies is the brainchild of Cameron Crowe, who wrote and directed the acclaimed film Almost Famous. Roadies mines similar territory, this time focusing on the behind-the-scenes antics of a band's stage crew in the present day. The roadies are the ultimate music fans, having accepted lives adjacent to the spotlight in exchange for the privilege of being close to the music every night. It's a clever twist in a workplace drama; the workplace just happens to be a different sold-out arena every night. Luke Wilson plays the tour manager, and Carla Gugino is the production manager. These long-time ensemble actors bring understated enthusiasm to their roles, projecting their eagerness to participate in something much bigger. Imogen Poots, is Kelly Ann, a skateboard-riding tech with one foot in music and the other in film. The roadies deal with crazy groupies, stuffy financial directors and their grueling travel schedule, but the focus is always on the people who make the show happen every night.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on SHOWTIME
1 Season, 10 Episodes
June 26, 2016
Drama Romance
Cast: Luke Wilson, Carla Gugino, Imogen Poots, Rafe Spall, Keisha Castle-Hughes

Roadies Full Episode Guide

  • A memorial for a rock and roll icon at the LA Forum unites a star-studded lineup, while the gang faces an unsure future. Season Finale!

  • The Staton-House Band's first-ever corporate gig sets the crew loose at a beachfront resort in San Diego, where several relationships take unexpected turns.

  • On an all-night bus ride, Phil regales the crew with a story from his past, while Reg arrives at a shocking conclusion about the future of the tour.

  • Bill, Reg and Phil set off on a quest to find Christopher's stolen iPad. Meanwhile, a famously idiosyncratic rock photographer arrives to shoot the band and causes chaos backstage.

  • Janine shakes things up with the band and crew; Wes treats Winston to a guitar lesson from a rock legend.

  • In the band's hometown of Denver, needy friends and family wreak havoc.

  • The crew discovers themselves the sufferers of a mythical rock and roll curse.

  • A famous music blogger targets the band, writing a post that describes them as boring and irrelevant. When Reg invites him to the band's next performance to reconcile, the group takes issues into their own hands.

  • An array of crises land on Bill after the band has a disastrous show.

  • Meet the loyal crew of the Staton-House Band, a makeshift family of roadies and passionate music lovers. Led by tour manager Bill Hanson and production manager Shelli Anderson, this committed group of roadies works tirelessly to make the show happen every night. But all of their lives are about to change with the sudden arrival of Reg Whitehead, a slick British financial advisor hired to overhaul the tour's finances.