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  • 2007
  • 1 Season
  • 6.8  (38)

Shockwave was a documentary series that recalled and explained some of the most horrific and deadly accidents and natural disasters that were captured on camera. Shockwave gives an inside account of catastrophes and shows footage from horrific events such as the PEPCON chemical plant explosion, the Ramstein Air Disaster and many more accidents. Survivors of airplane crashes, tornadoes, earthquakes and deadly fires give interviews and describe the fear and panic that they experienced. Viewers see footage, photographs and hear first hand accounts in Shockwave.

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Shockwave #33
33. Shockwave #33
October 3, 2008
Clips include a family caught inside of a house fire; city workers find themselves caught below a wall of water at a dam; a helicopter stunt has a Mexican celebrity suffering a mishap; a small wooden boat is hit by steel fishing trawler; and a female drag racer is trapped inside her blazing car.
Shockwave #32
32. Shockwave #32
September 26, 2008
Watch as two men desperately try to rescue a young couple who are trapped in their wrecked vehicle which is now on fire. The first nuclear aircraft carrier in US History is on fire and about to blow while crewmen battle the blaze, then run for their lives as bombs explode from fighter planes parked on deck. Next a police helicopter in pursuit during a high-speed chase suddenly loses power and plummets--a cockpit camera catches the drama. Then England's worst flood in 400 years nearly washes away the town of Boscastle leaving residents on their rooftops pleading for help. While attempting to set a world land speed record a car racing at 250 mph across the famed salt flats flips and crashes. Finally, a stunt driver who wants to flip a burning bus with a dump truck winds up trapped in the burning cab of the flipped truck.
Shockwave #31
31. Shockwave #31
September 19, 2008
Shocking film clips include a stealth bomber crashes in Guam; a town in South Dakota is ravaged by a twister; a foundry in Tacoma Wash. explodes into flames. Also, a race car crash and a flood in England.
Shockwave #30
30. Shockwave #30
September 12, 2008
Clips include a fireman who was caught inside an explosion; a rogue lion terrorizing an African village; a top-secret aircraft crashes while on a rescue mission; a construction crew finds themselves caught under a pile of cinder blocks; and a skier is caught under snow.
Shockwave #29
29. Shockwave #29
September 5, 2008
An Army training exercise goes wrong at Fort Campbell when two Blackhawk helicopters slam into each other. Then, a recollection of one of the worst bank robberies on record where men in full body armor rob a bank and then have a shootout with the LAPD. A cameraman and reporter are at an unveiling of a new structure in Stockton, California, when a snapped cable sends them running for safety as the building collapses around them. Next, a policeman's dashboard camera catches a high speed chase as it comes to a crashing stop at a gas station causing the pumps to burst into flames. Finally, a para-glider lands in live power-lines with over 200 volts of electricity flowing through them.
Shockwave #28
28. Shockwave #28
August 22, 2008
Lo que comienza como un pacífico show aéreo termina en desastre cuando tres aviones chocan sobre Ramstein, Alemania y luego se estrellan en la pista de aterrizaje.
Shockwave #27
27. Shockwave #27
August 15, 2008
Watch as a plane that is out of fuel attempts to land but one of the wheels on its landing gear is stuck--a ground crew worker attempts to pull the wheel down manually. Terrified crowds run for cover when a rampaging circus elephant tramples his trainer and tears onto the streets of Honolulu. Then, a world renowned helicopter pilot takes a deadly plunge while performing at a Utah air-park. Next, a crane topples into a river while it is attempting to recover a bus that had gone over the side of a bridge--the bus is loaded with passengers. Finally, watch as a boat at the British Grand Prix flips and explodes with a camera in the cockpit filming it all.
Shockwave #26
26. Shockwave #26
August 8, 2008
Clips include a pig farm being destroyed by a tornado in Oklahoma, a deaf motorcyclist crashes into a parked car because he was unable to hear his friend's warning, a small plane crashes into Lake Pontiac in Michigan, a boy clings to life when he falls off a ski lift, and a freight train hits a fuel truck causing an explosion.
Shockwave #25
25. Shockwave #25
July 25, 2008
Summary is not available.
Shockwave #24
24. Shockwave #24
July 18, 2008
Summary is not available.
Shockwave #23
23. Shockwave #23
July 11, 2008
Summary not available
Shockwave #22
22. Shockwave #22
June 27, 2008
Clips include an explosion of a barge; a grandfather and his grandson are trapped a plane which catches fire while on the runway; terrorists take over the Iranian embassy in London and take hostages; a motorcycle crash, and an explosion in a nursery.
Shockwave #21
21. Shockwave #21
June 20, 2008
Watch as a helicopter in Hawaii crashes and a huge man named Tiny lifts the 1,500 pound chopper by himself, enabling rescuers to pull the pilot out. When a gas tanker explodes on an Oklahoma freeway, area residents have their video camera rolling. In Ohio, the driver of a BMW flips over 13 times before coming to a crashing stop. Next a kayaker in France gets caught in a vicious torrent, turned upside down and cannot right the kayak. Cameras are rolling in the town of Punta Gorda, Florida as storm chasers are caught in the eye of Hurricane Charley. Finally a chariot race for fun turns disastrous as the chariot breaks, and the driver is catapulted 30 feet in the air.
Shockwave #20
20. Shockwave #20
June 13, 2008
A couple out on a lake in Austin, Texas get too close to the dam and their boat is sucked in and swallowed under. With 16 Navy Seals on board, a marine helicopter catches its rear wheel in the steel netting on the edge of an aircraft carrier and crashes into the sea. Just weeks before 911, a parachutist's canopy becomes tangled on the torch of the Statue of Liberty and leaves him dangling hundreds of feet in the air. A man turns a Lincoln Continental into a rocket car and tries to jump over the St. Lawrence Seaway. Lastly, a professional surf photographer is caught in a killer wave, and captures a lot of underwater footage.
Shockwave #19
19. Shockwave #19
June 6, 2008
A camera in the cockpit of the plane of the most elite squad of the US Air Force is filming as it crashes into a fireball, and there is no sign of the pilot. Then watch as a skydiver's chute cord wraps around his instructors neck--they freefall with the instructor out cold. Disaster strikes as stuntman/daredevil Texas Jack Hondo performs his signature stunt while standing atop three sticks of dynamite. Next a man-made avalanche buries a reporter and his cameraman and two racing jet skis collide as they speed to the finish line. Finally a racecar crashes into a pileup on the track, explodes into flames, and all the fire extinguishers are out of foam.
Shockwave #18
18. Shockwave #18
May 30, 2008
Clips include a helicopter crash in Hawaii, an exploding gas tanker in Oklahoma, a raging current overturns a kayaker in France, a charity novelty race turns tragic and an accident involving a face car.
Shockwave #17
17. Shockwave #17
May 23, 2008
Film clips include an Air Force fighter plane which crashes into a residential area; an accident involving a hot air balloon; a crash of a motorcycle daredevil; a casino in Lake Tahoe, NV has a bomb explosion; and a skiing accident caught on camera.
Shockwave #16
16. Shockwave #16
May 16, 2008
Clips include a para-glider wearing a helmet cam when he is caught in an updraft and raises him to 3,000 feet before plummets him into a free falling death spin. Stunt man Spanky Spangler attempts a car jump of 220 feet, but comes crashing down in Firebird Lake, Arizona. Next, a military helicopter carrying reporters explodes while the cameras roll. An out of control speed boat goes airborne at 140 miles an hour, and a gas tanker explodes into an inferno and a firefighter falls into the scalding cauldron of gasoline.
Shockwave #15
15. Shockwave #15
May 9, 2008
Clips include a speedboat crashing; Garrett Bartlett free falling in an extreme skiing incident, a teen needing a rescue after being hit by an ultralight, and an injury from a skateboard accident.
Shockwave #14
14. Shockwave #14
May 2, 2008
Watch as the most powerful stunt plane in history goes down while the pilot's wife and daughter watch in horror from the grand stands. Then a snowmobile hits a mogul, becomes a flying buzz saw and the speeding spikes on the tread hit another racer. A camera mounted on his handle bars tapes the collision. View one of the most horrific race track wrecks ever as a driver is clipped in the rear and slams into the rail. The car then flips and is torn in half by another car. Next, a beautiful Mexican soap star working as an escape artist is chained in a box with powerful explosives. What she doesn't know is that the clock is set for 45 seconds and she thinks she has 60! Her fianc watches helplessly as she is caught in the explosion. Finally a Sunday boat ride turns tragic when the boat is crushed under a huge barge. Can the coast guard rescue 11 people from the resulting whirlpool?
Shockwave #13
13. Shockwave #13
March 14, 2008
Vea como un valiente técnico del escuadron de bombas se ve obligado a recoger una bomba cuando explota en su cara. Luego, el pantalón de un paracaidista se atasca en el tren de aterrizaje del avión y el queda colgando a 10 mil pies de altura.
Shockwave #12
12. Shockwave #12
February 29, 2008
Un piloto enano de autos choca, se vuelca y queda atrapado en el auto en llamas. Una mansión de 8 mil pies cuadrados desaparece en un hoyo en la tierra en San Francisco. Un instructor de vuelo cae sin control y el sistema de eyeccion no funciona.
Shockwave #11
11. Shockwave #11
February 22, 2008
What begins as a peaceful air show ends in disaster when three planes collide above Ramstein Germany then slam into the runway. Australian stunt driver Ray Bauman attempts a world record by launching a car off a ramp over 229 feet. He nearly goes the distance, but the car nose dives straight into the track from a height of sixty feet. Two years later he tries again. Next, a huge tanker loaded with 80 tons of crude oil breaks in half and erupts into a massive fireball in the Indian Ocean forcing crew members to scramble for the lives. A daredevil parachutist tries a death-defying stunt and takes a terrifying fall. Two window washers hang-on for dear life when their platform breaks loose from a building in downtown Denver. And, firefighters battle a wind-whipped blaze in an Oklahoma City hotel when suddenly a huge hunk of a burning roof collapses and a fireman is swallowed by 500-degree flames.
Shockwave #10
10. Shockwave #10
February 15, 2008
Una muchedumbre sorprendida observa a un auto chocar contra un riel a m'ás de 100 millas por hora, dejando inconsciente al conductor. Un motociclista de montaña trata de romper su propio récord descendiendo por un volc'án en Nicaragua.
Shockwave #9
9. Shockwave #9
February 8, 2008
A racer is trapped inside his burning car when he crashes and flips his midget car several times. Then, San Fransisco's hills sees an 8,000 square foot mansion sucked inside a sinkhole. An ejection seat fails when a flight instructor tries to teach a trainee how to recover from a violent spin. Plus, a 200 mph crash of a speedboat, a pregnant skydiver crashes in a parking lot, and a helicopter rescue team crashes, trapping it's six members underneath the wreckage.
Shockwave #8
8. Shockwave #8
February 1, 2008
Clips include an air show accident in Germany between three planes, a crash during a stunt driver's car jump, an explosion aboard an oil tanker, a parachutist falls to the ground, the collapse of a hotel's roof, and a rescue of a trapped window washer.
Shockwave #7
7. Shockwave #7
January 18, 2008
An exploding funny car stuns the crowd as the driver is knocked unconscious after hitting the rail at 100 mph while still careening down the track. A bike falls to pieces as a biker tries to break his record by riding down a volcano in Nicaragua. Also, a jet fighter slams into the Mediterranean, and a bridge operator mistakenly lowers a bridge onto a 15,000 ton freighter, ripping the top completely off. And, a monster wave unexpectedly knocks a couple into the ocean in Oahu.
Shockwave #6
6. Shockwave #6
January 4, 2008
Clips include a train filled with flammable, toxic chemicals burning in a crash, a paramedic hit by a speeding car during a crash at racing speedway. Also, a deep sea rescue, and a rocket explosion.
Shockwave #5
5. Shockwave #5
December 28, 2007
Finally, as the U.S.S. Kittyhawk takes part in war games off the coast of Japan, one fighter comes in to low and clips the ship's stern--the plane explodes and the pilot parachutes directly into the fire.
Shockwave #4
4. Shockwave #4
December 21, 2007
Listen to the incredible story of a crewman on an aircraft carrier who was sucked into a jet engine as it was getting ready to take off. Then will more than 500 passengers and crew of the aging cruise ship Oceanos fall victim to a vicious storm and 30-foot seas in the Indian Ocean? Watch as motorcycle Daredevil Ron Brown attempts to break the 200 mile an hour motorcycle land speed record, but a high speed wobble throws his bike off balance.
Shockwave #3
3. Shockwave #3
December 14, 2007
A television news helicopter loses control over Brooklyn, New York, breaks into pieces and crash lands onto a rooftop. Everything is caught on tape. Watch as an Iowa cameraman and his brother find themselves rescuing their neighbors as a twister rips apart 40 homes. Next, disaster strikes as a Navy bomb is fired from a fighter...and hits another Navy plane. Then, as his family watches, a farmer bulldozes a 50-foot-tall silo down on top of himself.
Shockwave #2
2. Shockwave #2
December 7, 2007
Witness one of the best stunt pilots in the world slam into the ground at 300 miles an hour and a massive oil tank explosion puts a firefighter on the frontline facedown in the flames. Next, residents of St. George Utah watch as a 3-foot-wide stream turns into a 300-foot-wide raging river that claims dozens of homes. Watch as the installation of a water tower in New Providence Iowa turns into the tower of terror as the crane collapses sending hundreds running for their lives.
Shockwave #1
1. Shockwave #1
November 30, 2007
Nothing makes for more exciting television than seeing history captured as it happened, whether by home video, cell phones, surveillance systems, or the occasional lucky news cameraman. Witness the best raw footage of catastrophic, headline-making events from all over the world. Watch as a firefighter takes the full force of a massive explosion, and then be a spectator as China Airline Flight 120 erupts into a fireball on the runway in Okinawa, Japan.

Shockwave was a documentary series that recalled and explained some of the most horrific and deadly accidents and natural disasters that were captured on camera. Shockwave gives an inside account of catastrophes and shows footage from horrific events such as the PEPCON chemical plant explosion, the Ramstein Air Disaster and many more accidents. Survivors of airplane crashes, tornadoes, earthquakes and deadly fires give interviews and describe the fear and panic that they experienced. Viewers see footage, photographs and hear first hand accounts in Shockwave.

Shockwave is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (33 episodes). The series first aired on November 30, 2007.

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Shockwave is available for streaming on the History website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Shockwave on demand at .

  • Premiere Date
    November 30, 2007
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (38)