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Rick and A.J. Simon were the odd couple of private detectives in their TV show, Simon and Simon, which was also the name of their San Diego detective agency. Rick, played by Gerald McRaney, was a former Marine and Vietnam veteran who liked pickup trucks and cowboy garb, while his younger brother, A.J., played by Jameson Parker, was a college graduate who dressed in suits and drove classic cars. The contrasting ways the brothers lived their lives carried over to the way they went about solving a case. Their different backgrounds caused them to be at odds in most of the shows, but family loyalty and brotherly love always won out when trouble came calling and one or both of them got into hot water.

Rick was an independent non-conformist, making his own rules to fit whatever he needed to do while he was working on a case, while A.J. was a typical preppie, following society's rules about almost everything to the letter. He also followed the fashion code for men in the 1980s when the show aired in prime time on CBS from 1981 through 1989.

The show's plots frequently focused on the brothers' different approaches to working on a case and their frequent arguments over whose ideas were better. Often, their mother, played by Mary Carver, would intervene and soothe ruffled feathers while getting them to see each other's viewpoint and work together better.

Rick's street wise, down to earth, common sense approach often worked out better, particularly when his instincts on criminal types came into play. He often had to rescue his younger brother from scrapes he would get himself into while naively following all the rules according to the book. But once in awhile, A.J.'s education and knowledge of the wealthier side of society gave him the edge to seeing a solution in a case, which would deepen the respect Rick had for his baby brother.

The show also featured Tim Reid in the role of Downtown Brown, who was the brothers' friend in the San Diego police department from whom they often got information.

8 Seasons, 157 Episodes
November 24, 1981
Drama Action & Adventure Crime
Cast: Gerald McRaney, Jameson Parker, Eddie Barth, Tim Reid
Simon & Simon

Simon & Simon Full Episode Guide

  • In this series finale: Abby's friend hires Rick and A.J. to find an old flame, while the Simon's continue to be unlucky in love. Sadly (but with class), the series ends.

  • Rick and AJ are asked by Tom Huntley, a State Senatorial candidate, to find out whether his wife Colleen is having an affair. Despite their rule against working on cases involving marital difficulties, they agree.Naturally, it's all a setup. The Simons are put in place as witnesses to the apparent murder of Mrs. Huntley. They report the murder and turn over the pictures they've taken to the police. After her body turns up, they realize that what they saw was a scripted scene played out between two hired actors.

  • Woody Grant, John Channing, and Mark Fordham are all involved in an insider trading scheme using information gained from Woody's father's company. When Woody tells John he wants out, he ends up dead. His grieving father hires Rick and A.J. to investigate, and the two manage to finger John as the killer, but their mother's new beau Doug McKenna is an old Channing family friend, and ends up defending him in court, and in his attempt to defend a client he believes is innocent, he has to rip both A.J. and Rick apart on the stand.John is acquited of the crime, and the Simon brothers come under investigation. They manage to convince Lloyd Grant to keep them on the case, but they're going nowhere until Mark also tells John he wants out, and ends up being thrown off a walkway at the university library. They go to Doug with what they know, and the three hatch a plan to catch Channing at his own game.

  • There's a 40 year old "LOST" manuscript to be found and A.J. is excited about the idea of one more story from his favorite detective novelist, even if it means going to L.A., where he finds everything strange, while Rick never wanted the job to begin with.

  • The Simon brothers join the Van Alder family at their elaborate estate for the first wedding anniversary of AJ's best friend Tommy Van Alder and his beautiful wife Trish, but as they repeat their vows, Tommy is stricken with an apparent heart attack and dies.

  • AJ writes a play based on a long-unsolved murder case, then suddenly it flushes out the real culprit.

  • An old girlfriend tells Rick he has a teen-aged son and asks to protect the boy from a murderer who knows he witnessed the crime.

  • Abby is attracted to a client of the Simons, but they are concerned the relationship will be a disaster when they insist he tell her of his troubled past.

  • A loud-mouth acid-tongued talk show host invites the Simons on his show and then hires them to find out who is sending threatening letters to him.

  • AJ is horrified to find almost $9,000 charged to his credit card without his knowledge. Rick is innocent this time and AJ goes to the bank to demand it be taken off his card. To his surprise, the person he starts complaining to bursts into tears. Instantly repentant, AJ takes the lady out to lunch when her stern boss tells her she's holding up the other employee lunches. While eating, the lady, Marion, tells AJ that this is the ninth time someone's credit card has been charged fraudulently and that her boss had threatened to fire her if it happened again. She loses track of time and returns to work late. When her boss comes to yell at her for being late, he surmises the fraud has happened again and proclaims tomorrow will be her last day working there.AJ is smitten by Marion and decides to investigate what's going on with Rick. They get a lead that takes them to a warehouse that is full of goods bought with stolen credit card money. The brothers see someone and split up to investigat

  • The Simons are hired to protect a Japanese businessman while he is at a fantasy baseball camp.

  • When Rick's truck is stolen, the publicity about the Simons' much talked about capture of the thief attracts more trouble with business they can hardly handle, bringing associates into the firm seems to make Rick bossy while it makes A.J. uncomfortable.

  • Both of the Simon brothers are amazed of the architect they are protecting, when she hires them.

  • After returning home from a date and spurning his advances, Cecilia's power is knocked out and she is beaten and raped by a man she can't see. AJ, who'd been on the phone with her when she was was attacked, rushed to her aid, but got there too late. Rick joined AJ and Abby in the waiting room, horrified to discover his mother has been so brutally attack. He vows vengeance while AJ withdraws into himself, unable to speak about it. They go in to visit Cecilia and find a deeply hurt and defensive woman. The brothers are both enflamed by her pain, and both start to look for the monster who did this. Rick is sure it is the man Cecilia had been out with, and goes about trying to prove it. AJ, meanwhile, is equally sure it is the gardener, who'd been seen skulking around Cecilia's house. They are both sure the other is completely wrong. Things become strained between all of the Simons - Cecilia doesn't want her boys hovering over her, and the brothers are angry with each other. After Rick b

  • Officer Nixon goes to the Simons to ask them to investigate the activities of a fellow officer and close friend, when the officer borrows a large sum from a loan shark shortly after his brother returns to town.

  • A woman, a biochemist, on the verge of a multi-million dollar discovery, goes into a mental hospital when no one will believe she's being followed and harrassed, everyone thinks she's making it up, which leads to her having a relapse of her mental disorder. The Simons go undercover to protect her.

  • After the Simons have a case go downhill on them, Rick inherits a charter boat in Mexico and decides to take over the charter business. He tries different ways to talk AJ into going along with his idea and only wins when he reminds AJ of the novel he always wanted to write and now he could.

  • The Simons race to capture a thief called the Weazel before a bounty hunter called "Bad Betty" catches him.

  • Rick and AJ are protecting a relief worker from a Salvadoran death squad.

  • When the Simons are hired to discover a saboteur on a fishing boat, Rick decides to spend some time at sea with the crew. When he returns, one of his shipmates, a Vietnamese man, is severely beaten before Rick and AJ can put a stop to it. While in the hospital, he is killed by poison injected into his IV. At the funeral, AJ is attracted to the man's sister, Ho Xuan, and offers his sympathies. Rick, meanwhile, sees a beloved war buddy there that he hasn't seen in years - Chen. Unbeknownst to Rick, Chen and Ho Xuan have had a love affair gone very sour. Rick and Chen go out to dinner to celebrate their reunion. AJ starts investigating the sabotage on his own and runs into Ho Xuan. She tells him that her brother was killed by a man known as 'the Tiger', who is the leader of organized crime in the area. She's afraid for her life, so AJ goes to Abigail for more information. She tells him that 'the Tiger' is Chen. AJ goes to Rick's boat to tell him what he's discovered, only to find Rick a

  • AJ's past comes back to haunt him when a routine serving of a summons goes terribly wrong. Bracken, a murderer convicted by AJ's testimony 17 years ago, has returned and wants revenge on both him and his ex-girlfriend, Kristen. The beating he gives AJ leaves the young Simon in the hospital. AJ doesn't tell anyone who attacked him, and as soon as he can stand, he leaves the hospital and goes in search of the girl he used to love. Once he finds her, he convinces her to let him stay while her husband's gone to protect her from Bracken. Meanwhile, Rick is beside himself with worry. AJ has gone off without telling him where he was going, and Rick knew it had something to do with the attack. Many hours of research later, he finds out about the old murder case AJ was involved in that happened while Rick was in Vietnam. Convinced more than ever that AJ's in real trouble, he starts tracking Kristen down. AJ and Kristen find themselves attracted to each other after all these years, but AJ refu

  • Rick gets a telephone call from a girl who is inspired by his book and does some detective work herself, only to be arrested. Her eagerness equals trouble to have around, but it turns out she's right, and the Simons wish they'd taken her hunch more serious a lot earlier.

  • A former girl friend of Rick, a zealous reporter becomes a problem when she hires them to prove a man innocent.

  • Arrested for wiretapping, the Simons seek help from Downtown Brown and find he has been replaced by a tough new chief detective.