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HUB Network (formerly Discovery Kids and currently branded as Discovery Family) carries a wide variety of programming aimed at educating and enriching the lives of families, especially those with small to mid-grade school age children. The mix of programming includes both science and nature themed non-fiction shows and an assortment or original and acquired children's shows spanning a broad interest and age range. The networks ownership was originally split 50-50 between discovery networks and the Hasbro Toy Co. Discovery has since acquired a majority share of the ownership (hence the name change). Hasbro programs the daytime lineup of the network's programming while Discovery programs the evening and overnight time blocks.

The Hasbro affiliation allows for such programs as all incarnations of the popular G.I. JOE carton franchise, all incarnations of the powerhouse cartoon franchise The Transformers, and classic cartoons such as My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake and more to appear on the network. Some of these shows appearing for the first time in decades on a regular network schedule. In addition to this animation offering, the network features live action game shows based on its popular line of classic family board games. The network also via agreements shows reruns of the popular Fraggle Rock series as well as the original Mr. Wizard and Bill Bye the Science Guy Shows.