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Soul Eater NOT!, is a side-story to the main Soul Eater anime series, and focuses on a freshman named Tsugumi Harudori, who recently enrolled at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. The school is a place where humans born with the ability to transform into powerful weapons go to train their abilities. Also attending this school are humans that have the special ability to draw out the full power of these human weapons, who are called meisters.

The school divides its students into two classes based on aptitude. The EAT (Especially Advantaged Talent) class consists of students that demonstrate vast potential for combat. The NOT (Normally Overcome Target) class consists of students that show little aptitude for combat and simply want to learn to control their powers so that they don

1 Season, 12 Episodes
April 8, 2014
Cast: Narumi Takahira, Takashi Inagaki, Chieko Honda, Masafumi Kimura, Akeno Watanabe
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Soul Eater Not! Full Episode Guide

  • With the antidote in hand, Tsugumi and Anya fight desperately to release Meme from Shaula's mind control. The fighting spreads throughout town, until it even reaches the girls' dorm. Tsugumi comes to a decision that will affect all three of their lives.

  • Anya, under escort by Clay and Akane, passes the Battle Festival grounds, where Shaula's followers attack! Tsugumi also flees house arrest to try to meet up with Anya, so together they can save Meme. Dr. Stein works on an antidote to Shaula's poison.

  • Tsugumi is devastated by news of her pet dog's death. She lashes out at Meme, who later that night sleepwalks to DWMA. Meme is suspected of being controlled by Shaula, and placed in DWMA custody. When Anya and Tsugumi visit, things soon get out of hand!

  • A collection of four short stories chronicles the passing of summer, as the girls grow pumpkins for Halloween. A hot night spells trouble sleeping. Meme has a short-term memory misadventure. Tsugumi teaches Anya about baseball. The girls each write home.

  • Liz and Patty Thompson take jobs as waitresses at Deathbucks, and manage to scare off much of the clientele, including Meme and Anya. However, Tsugumi sees something in them, and fights to keep going to the caf©, determined to become more like them.

  • After dreaming about Kim, Jacqueline is bothered by feelings of attraction for her. Kim leads the girls in a pool-cleaning job, and after she takes most of the pay, they help Jacqueline try to win Kim over, while learning about her mysterious background.

  • After a nightmare, Tsugumi wonders why the meisters choose to come to DWMA. She spends some time talking to Akane, who asks her to be his girlfriend, only to say he was joking. The class takes their physical fitness exams, where both Meme and Anya excel.

  • Eternal Feather reveals more about Kim's history, as well as the origin of her name. A new threat, known as "Traitor," menaces the students of DWMA, and Sid sends Clay and Akane to scare them off. Anya feels left out when she misses her turn with Tsugumi.

  • Fellow student Eternal Feather shows Tsugumi, Meme and Anya around the girls' dorm, and they meet some of the residents there. By the next morning, all three had lost their allowance, and thus had to take part-time jobs at a caf© named "Deathbucks."

  • 14-year-old middle-schooler Tsugumi Harudori finds out that she is a weapon, she flies to America to enroll at DWMA. There, she meets the absent-minded Meme Tatane and the patrician Anya Hepburn, both of whom are meisters that are also new enrollees.

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