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  • TV-Y
  • 2009
  • 1 Season
  • 7.3  (54)

Soulmate is a South Korean television drama series that aired on MBC from March to May 2006. The show is a romantic comedy that explores the themes of love, friendship, and personal growth in the context of modern Korean society. The series follows the lives of four male and female friends in their mid-twenties, who are all searching for their soulmates. Gong Soo-kyung (played by Shim Yi-Young) is a successful gallery administrator who is looking for a partner who can complement her career and social status. Cha Hee-joong (played by Lee Jae-Hwang) is a talented musician who is struggling to find his place in the world and hopes to find someone who can understand and support him. Lee Shin-young (played by Shin Dong-Wook) is a shy and introverted novelist who is searching for the inspiration for his next novel and the love of his life. Finally, there is Choi Jin-jin (played by Han Ji-Hye), a cheerful and optimistic girl who hopes to find a soulmate who can share her joy and optimism.

The show's plot revolves around the individual struggles of these four characters as they try to balance their personal goals with their desire for love and companionship. Along the way, they encounter various misadventures and romantic entanglements, as well as obstacles from their own pasts and societal expectations.

One major theme of the show is the role of technology in modern dating and relationships. The characters frequently use online dating services and social media to find potential partners, but they also struggle with the risks and limitations of these platforms. For example, Cha Hee-joong uses a fake persona to enhance his online profile, which ultimately causes problems when he meets someone who fell in love with his false image. Similarly, Gong Soo-kyung's obsession with maintaining her social image and reputation causes her to worry about being seen in public with her less affluent dates. These issues highlight the challenges of finding genuine connection and compatibility in a world where appearances can be deceiving.

Another important theme of Soulmate is the importance of communication, honesty, and vulnerability in relationships. The characters frequently struggle with expressing their true feelings and intentions to one another, which leads to misunderstandings and hurt. For example, Lee Shin-young has a crush on Gong Soo-kyung but is too afraid to confess his feelings, causing him to miss out on a chance for happiness. Similarly, Choi Jin-jin struggles to open up to her boyfriend about her own fears and insecurities, leading to a breakdown in their relationship. These challenges emphasize the importance of honest and open communication in building strong and lasting relationships.

Overall, Soulmate is a thoughtful and entertaining exploration of the complexities of modern love and relationships. Through its charming and relatable characters, the show offers insights into the joys and struggles of finding a soulmate in the digital age.

Soulmate is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on March 17, 2009.

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Soulmate 22
22. Soulmate 22
March 17, 2009
This conclusion will tug at viewers' heartstrings as Dong Wook, Yu Jin, Soo Kyung, Joo Ho, and friends declare their true feelings.
Soulmate 21
21. Soulmate 21
March 17, 2009
Dong Wook breaks off his wedding plans with Yu-Jin. Lee Soo Kyung and Dong Wook get back together.
Soulmate 20
20. Soulmate 20
March 17, 2009
Dong Wook and Yu Jin begin to discover who their true soul mate is. Their friends try to help them out of their love entanglements without giving away too much of their own hearts.
Soulmate 19
19. Soulmate 19
March 17, 2009
Dong Wook is engaged to Hong Yu Jin. Yu Jin thinks her and Dong Wook are a perfect match together. But, much to Yu Jin's dismay, he is secretly in love with Lee Soo Kyung.
Soulmate 18
18. Soulmate 18
March 17, 2009
It is the day of Yu-jin's birthday party. When she and her mother bump into Soo-kyung shopping with Yu-jin's boyfriend, they both doubt the explanation they are given. Dong-wook and Soo-kyung swear that they are just shopping together for Yu-Jin's birthday gift.
Soulmate 17
17. Soulmate 17
March 17, 2009
Yu-jin is suddenly motivated to give Dong-wook a second chance at making the relationship work. He invites her out to shop for groceries, which is an almost-certain precursor to a marriage proposal. Yu-jin proclaims to everyone, including her mother, that she is ready to accept that proposal.
Soulmate 16
16. Soulmate 16
March 17, 2009
A drunken Philip telephones Soo-kyung, pumping her with false hopes. Those fade as soon as she sees him out with his new girlfriend. Ju-hui surprises Ryohei with a trusted love technique at the gym. When it fails, she resorts to using more techniques, including the most desperate one of all.
Soulmate 15
15. Soulmate 15
March 17, 2009
Joo-ho follows Yu-jin from a shop to a restaurant to her home while she is out with Dong-wook. All the while, he professes his undying love for her. Frustrated with Dong-wook’s lack of commitment and Joo-ho’s persistence, Yu-jin enlists Soo-kyung to help her break up with Dong-wook.
Soulmate 14
14. Soulmate 14
March 17, 2009
Lee Soo-kyung's brother, an aspiring actor, arrives on the scene convinced he is Yu-jin's soul mate. Meanwhile, Lee Soo-kyung continues using a dating service to get over her break up. She tells her girlfriends that she has become jaded with the idea of soul mates and vows to marry only for money.
Soulmate 13
13. Soulmate 13
March 17, 2009
Playboy Shin Dong Wook discovers his dating prowess is useless around Lee Soo Kyung. She discovers she can forget about her former boyfriend, the one she worshipped, whenever around Dong Wook. After realizing they can read each other's minds, they must face the fact that they are soul mates.
Soulmate 12
12. Soulmate 12
March 17, 2009
Phillip makes up his mind to break up with Soo Kyung. Min Ae begins to explore her options with Ryo Hei.
Soulmate 11
11. Soulmate 11
March 17, 2009
During a night out friends, Dong Wook is interrupted by a call from Yu Jin. Determined to make sure he's not lying, Yu Jin devises a plan to track his whereabouts.
Soulmate 10
10. Soulmate 10
March 17, 2009
Soo Kyung grows increasingly suspicious of Phillip's fidelity. Phillip is caught in a dilemma when he must choose between responding to Soo Kyung and his mistress' call for help.
Soulmate 9
9. Soulmate 9
March 17, 2009
Yu Jin attempts to mend her relationship with Dong Wook. Mi Jin and Jung Hwan discover they make an oddly suitable couple.
Soulmate 8
8. Soulmate 8
March 17, 2009
As Dong Wook and Yu Jin continue to explore their relationship, their differences become more apparent.
Soulmate 7
7. Soulmate 7
March 17, 2009
In a spur of the moment, Soo Kyung suggests that she and Phillip break up. When Phillip agrees, the two must test the strength of their relationship.
Soulmate 6
6. Soulmate 6
March 17, 2009
Philip gets sick and continues to meddle in his affair behind Soo Kyung's back. Soo Kyung becomes increasingly suspicious of Phillip's behavior.
Soulmate 5
5. Soulmate 5
March 17, 2009
Yu Jin doesn't contact Dong Wook for three days. The two reflect on the date with varying interpretations.
Soulmate 4
4. Soulmate 4
March 17, 2009
Phillip falls deeper into his affair while an oblivious Soo Kyung continues to believe in the integrity of her relationship.
Soulmate 3
3. Soulmate 3
March 17, 2009
Dong Wook continues his game of courting Yu Jin by mysteriously handing her a bottle of shampoo. Yu Jin deeply contemplates Dong Wook's mixed signals.
Soulmate 2
2. Soulmate 2
March 17, 2009
Soo Kyung joins Yu Jin at a speed-dating event where she is swept away by an enthusiastic stranger. Meanwhile, Phillip finds himself tempted by another woman.
Soulmate 1
1. Soulmate 1
March 17, 2009
We meet six Seoulites at different points in their love lives. Soo Kyung is ambushed by a marriage proposal while Yu Jin and Dong Wook meet at a blind date.
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Soulmate is available for streaming on the MBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Soulmate on demand at and Viki.
  • Premiere Date
    March 17, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (54)