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  • TV-MA
  • 1999
  • 1 Season
  • 6.8  (193)

Steel Angel Kurumi is a popular anime series that aired on WOWOW from 1999 to 2000. The show follows the adventures of a young boy named Nakahito Kagura, who unexpectedly awakens a Steel Angel, a powerful and fully articulated robot girl named Kurumi. The two become fast friends and embark on a series of adventures filled with danger, intrigue, and romance.

The show features an all-star cast of voice actors, including Toshiyuki Morikawa as Nakahito Kagura, Tomomichi Nishimura as Dr. Ayanokoji, Hirotaka Suzuoki as Saki, Yasunori Matsumoto as Ohtaki, Masayo Kurata as Karinka, Rie Tanaka as Kurumi, Houko Kuwashima as Nadeshiko, Atsuko Enomoto as Uruka, Ai Orikasa as Kamihito, Michiko Neya as Excelia, Tamio Oki as Chief Toyoshima, Tomoko Kawakami as Himiko, Mie Sonozaki as Hikozaemon, Rikako Aikawa as Lime, Akemi Okamura as Mitsuka Satoru, Chiharu Tezuka as Maruma, and Chinami Nishimura as Tamayo.

The show is set in a fictional version of Japan in the early 20th century, where steam-powered technology has been advanced to the point where it is possible to create Steel Angels. These angels are robots designed to protect their masters, but they are also incredibly powerful and dangerous.

Nakahito discovers Kurumi in a hidden underground laboratory and awakens her with an accidental kiss. From that moment on, Kurumi becomes his loyal and devoted protector, willing to do anything to keep him safe. Together, they must fight against other Steel Angels who are controlled by evil and malevolent forces, as well as the many other dangers that threaten the safety of their world.

One of the unique features of Steel Angel Kurumi is its blending of different genres. The show has elements of science fiction, romance, action, and comedy, all wrapped up in a beautifully animated package. The action scenes are intense and exciting, with Kurumi displaying incredible feats of strength and agility. The romantic subplots are handled with a light touch, and the comedy adds some much-needed levity to the show.

Another standout feature of Steel Angel Kurumi is its gorgeous animation. The character designs are beautifully rendered, with each Steel Angel having a unique look and personality. The backgrounds are also stunning, with the show's version of early 20th century Japan brought to life in vivid detail.

Despite its many strengths, Steel Angel Kurumi does have a few shortcomings. The show can be a bit predictable in places, and it can sometimes feel like it's spinning its wheels with filler episodes. Additionally, some viewers may find the romantic subplots to be a bit too cutesy for their tastes.

Overall, however, Steel Angel Kurumi is a must-watch for anime fans. It's a visually stunning series with engaging characters, thrilling action, and just the right amount of romance and comedy. With its talented voice cast and memorable storylines, it's easy to see why this show has remained popular with audiences for over two decades.

Steel Angel Kurumi
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Steel Angel Kurumi 28
28. Steel Angel Kurumi 28
December 13, 2008
Summary is not available.
Steel Angel Kurumi 27
27. Steel Angel Kurumi 27
December 13, 2008
Summary is not available.
Steel Angel Kurumi 26
26. Steel Angel Kurumi 26
December 13, 2008
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Steel Angel Kurumi 25
25. Steel Angel Kurumi 25
December 13, 2008
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A Miracle that Starts with a Kiss
24. A Miracle that Starts with a Kiss
April 4, 2000
Nakahito makes one final attempt to stop Kurumi from destroying everything.
Crime and Punishment
23. Crime and Punishment
March 28, 2000
After Kurumi (in demon possesion) attacks the academy base, the damage is fatal. So in order to stop Kurumi, all the steel angels drain themselves to the point of de-activation to power the ultimate weapon to stop Kurumi's destructive powers.
Chaos Angel
22. Chaos Angel
March 21, 2000
After Kurumi (in demon possesion) attacks the academy base, the damage is fatal. So in order to stop Kurumi, all the steel angels drain themselves to the point of de-activation to power the ultimate weapon to stop Kurumi's destructive powers.
The Day an Angel Disappeared
21. The Day an Angel Disappeared
March 14, 2000
The battle between Kurumi and Mikhail continues. However, Kurumi is being consumed by demonic energy to the point that she grows black wings.
The Ultimate Super Steel Angel
20. The Ultimate Super Steel Angel
March 7, 2000
An angered Kurumi continues her search for Nakahito, but she runs into and fights Steel Angel Mikhail.
Charge! Academy Base
19. Charge! Academy Base
February 29, 2000
Summary is not available.
That Can't Be True!
18. That Can't Be True!
February 22, 2000
Summary is not available.
We've Arrived in Izumo!
17. We've Arrived in Izumo!
February 15, 2000
Kurumi and the gang finally arrives in Izumo, where they learn many secrets about Dr. Ayanokoji. Also, Nakahito meets a young boy...
Nakahito's Greatest Danger?!
16. Nakahito's Greatest Danger?!
February 8, 2000
Karinka's new goal is to get a kiss from Nakahito so that she can become more powerful than Kurumi.
I Got It, Sis
15. I Got It, Sis
February 1, 2000
Karinka finds herself working as a waitress with Kurumi and Nakahito in an effort to find out the secret to Kurumi's power.
I Won't Give Up!
14. I Won't Give Up!
January 25, 2000
Karinka disguises herself and tries to find out Kurumi's secret.
I Got Another Kid Sister
13. I Got Another Kid Sister
January 18, 2000
Kurumi fights Steel Angel Karinka. Can Kurumi's Mark II Angel Heart prevail over Karinka's two hearts?
It's Karinka!
12. It's Karinka!
January 11, 2000
Kurumi, Nakahito, and Dr. Amagi go to Kyoto to find Saki, who is beaten badly by another new Steel Angel, Karinka.
I Know! Cinnamon Cookies...
11. I Know! Cinnamon Cookies...
January 4, 2000
A couple of incidents get Kurumi thinking that there is something going on between Nakahito and Saki.
We Came for You
10. We Came for You
December 14, 1999
Kurumi finds herself fighting Nakahito's kidnappers, the Steel Angels Kaga, Tsunami, and Kaori.
Fireworks Just for the Two of Us!
9. Fireworks Just for the Two of Us!
December 7, 1999
The group spends a night at a fireworks festival, but the sparks really fly when Nakahito is kidnapped and Kurumi sets off to find him.
Reiko Amagi, 23 Years Old?
8. Reiko Amagi, 23 Years Old?
November 30, 1999
A large boulder is blocking the path of the train to our comrade's destination. With two days of travel lost, Dr. Amagi searches for other transportation with little success. While the army tries to remove the boulder, Nakahito learns more about Dr. Ayanakoji's past from Dr. Amagi. As everyone grows impatient with the army's attempts to remove the boulder, Kurumi suggests that she and Saki remove the boulder. Dr. Amagi immediately rejects the idea at the risk of the villagers seeing them do what an entire army could not. However Kurumi and Saki have a plan of their own. Meanwhile it appears that yet another person is monitoring the Steel Angels.
No, Not There!
7. No, Not There!
November 16, 1999
The group''s trip to Izumo comes to a halt when Nakahito gets a stomachache. So, Kurumi, Nakahito, and Amagi go see a doctor, but this doctor isn't your normal kind of doctor.
Sisterly Love
6. Sisterly Love
November 9, 1999
With the kidnapping of Dr. Ayanokoji it seems that in return a new (and unexpected) member has joined in his place. Saki quickly redeems herself as she helps to rebuild what she had at one point destroyed. It also appears that Dr. Brandow has disappeared with everything pertaining to the Steel Angel Project. Even more interesting is that Brandow doesn't seem to officially exist. This leads to the assumption that there may be an unknown party in all of this. Meanwhile, it appears that Nakahito, Kurumi, Saki, and their new partner are on their way to Izumo to discover the whereabouts of their missing comrade.
I Have a Kid Sister Now!
5. I Have a Kid Sister Now!
November 2, 1999
As Kurumi finds herself forced into battle with Saki, she hesitates, giving Saki the upper hand. In an effort to help, Nakahito seems to just make things worse and discovers that his words put Kurumi in this dilemma. As the fight continues it seems as though no one can help against the wrath of Saki. What will be the final outcome?
Don't Hate Me!
4. Don't Hate Me!
October 26, 1999
The Imperial Army's preparation for the second Steel Angel's completion draws closer, during which Nakahito finds himself haunted by the words of Dr.Ayanakoji stating that only Nakahito has control over Kurumi. To make matters worse Nakahito is visited by some familiar characters,the end result leaving Nakahito even more confused and Kurumi afraid that her beloved master hates her. As though we thought things could not get much worse it seems the newly activated Saki is well on her way to causing trouble for Kurumi.
New Angel, Saki!
3. New Angel, Saki!
October 19, 1999
A new character by the name of Dr. Brandow joins the Imperial Army, and even more interesting it seems as though he has been previously part of the Steel Angel Project. Meanwhile, Nakahito must now become accustom to rude awakenings,while Dr. Ayanokoji is convinced the Imperial Army will not be able to awaken the second Steel Angel prototype, but he is unaware of Dr. Brandow's contribution. All of this, of course, means nothing to Kurumi, who is agitated with boredom as Nakahito refuses to give her an order. When he finally does, however, it leads both himself and Kurumi to trouble.
Only One Master For Me!
2. Only One Master For Me!
October 12, 1999
Dr. Amagi attempts to coerce Dr. Ayanokoji into working with the Japanese military. When Amagi mistakenly grabs Nakahito, Kurumi rescues him. Nakahito and Dr. Ayanokoji discover they have another mutual associate. Kurumi displays jealousy when Nakahito hugs Kamahito. Dr. Ayanokoji and Kamahito misunderstand Nakahito's explanation of Kurumi's activation. Kurumi continues to question why she should proffer any significance to Dr. Ayanokoji. Dr. Amagi discovers another secret within the mansion.
Kurumi Stands on Solid Ground!
1. Kurumi Stands on Solid Ground!
October 5, 1999
Dr. Ayanokoji admires his creation - An Angel Heart Prototype Code Mark II named Kurumi. This experiment of his is the result of his efforts to save the world. Meanwhile, Nakahito is coerced into entering a mad doctor's mansion that supposedly has the detached living head of a dissected woman in the basement. The eleven-year-old Nakahito is drafted by his peers because he comes from a family of mystics, those who practice the Onmyou way. Dr. Ayanokoji, Kurumi and Nakahito are about to cross paths for the first time in a dramatic way.
  • Premiere Date
    October 5, 1999
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (193)