Sushi Pack

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Sushi Pack-Ikura Maki (Orange Salmon), Kani Maki (Pink Crab), Maguro Maki (Purple Tuna), Tako Maki, and Wasabi Pow-are here to save the day and put the evil Titanium Chef and his Legion of Low Tide on ice (or at least in the fridge). This is how we roll!

Comic-Con HQ
1 Season, 26 Episodes
September 15, 2007
Cast: Lee Tockar
Sushi Pack

Sushi Pack Full Episode Guide

  • Oleander fries up a big batch of evil in an effort to beat the Sushi Pack once and for all. The Sushi Pack must come to an understanding with her team of fighting fried foods or else both teams may very well perish!

  • After Ikura is bated by a reporter to lose his temper, a video surfaces that makes the Sushi Pack look like they hate everyone. The team must outwit this hate mongering media manipulator and restore their good name.

  • In a desperate bid to save Satel-Lightening from impending underwater doom, the Sushi Pack squeeze into a new submarine and race to save him, but when tempers flare they may just need someone to save them from each other before it is too late.

  • The ambitious Apex gathers together a hodge-podge of super-villains in order to construct a plan to get rid of the Sushi Pack, but he's foiled by both the villlains' inability to work together, and the Sushi Pack!

  • Unagi lets loose a new power on the city that mutates everyday objects into minions, but it also accidentally endows the Sushi Pack with special powers, minus Ikura who lies to hide this fact.

  • Titanium Chef's plan to publicly embarrass the Sushi Pack is rendered unnecessary after the Sushis fail to prepare for a meeting with an alien delegation and offend the visiting leaders.

  • The Sushi Pack discover that Jimmy Sweet Tooth is behind a rash of recent robberies to garner money for a comeback. Kani drives herself so hard she lacks rest and gets sloppy.

  • Each sushi must contribute what he or she knows to solve the problem of a missing Ben and stop the bad guys holding him.

  • Excited by the release of new Aquabot Boy toys, the sushis cut in line at the toy store and fall into the trap of The Collector who offers to allow them to race in toy cars for their lives.

  • Jealous of Tako's celebrity, hot-headed Maguro must save Wharf City and the Sushi Pack from the Paradoxter's latest plans to turn everyone into mutant hybrids a la THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU.

  • When Ikura can't find his rare action figure, he jumps to conclusions, eventually accusing every super-villain & getting the Pack into a heap of danger until he realizes that he misplaced it himself

  • While out for a cruise on their new super-skiff, a bout of bad weather spells danger for the craft because Ikura wasn't paying attention on how to perform his ship duties.

  • Trapped in an asteroid that is about to crash, Maguro and Tako waste time arguing in flashbacks about their very different perspectives on how they got into their predicament.

  • Stressed by a huge donut order, Ben unloads on Wasabi, hurting the little guy's feelings and the putting the Sushi Pack in danger as a hurt Wasabi doesn't want to defend Wharf City from a egomaniacal frozen pea.

  • There's an invisible bad guy afoot and only Maguro's powers allow her to see it. The rest of the pack must learn to trust Maguro based on her track record.

  • When Tako's octopi family from the sea comes to take him home for a visit, the rest of the pack gets suspicious, thinking that this is a plot to break up the Sushi Pack.

  • Wasabi & Ikura have to choose between helping their fellow sushi defeat the Yam Yakkers or attending a much anticipated action movie.

  • Ikura refuses to skip a planned vacation making Tako angry when a crisis arises in the form of PIPING HOT a mutated donut/kitchen utensil bad guy accidentally created by Ben

  • Ready to give up when his shop is condemned, the Sushi Pack teach Ben that one doesn't need powers to be a hero and save the day.

  • Obsessed with playing a new video game, Tako finds himself out of shape just when his powers are needed to save his friends.

  • The sushis like their environment cold except for Wasabi who likes it hot. When heat-loving aliens invade, they want the rebuffed Wasabi to join them.

  • Kani feels threatened when a Legion of Low Tide member suddenly becomes close friends with her best pal Maguro.

  • Ikura's impulsiveness causes the Sushi Pack to get caught in a trap set by the evil gourmet, Oleander.

  • In order to foil the plot of Sir Darkly, the Sushi Pack must learn to properly operate a giant-robot- like vehicle in which everyone must work in tandem.

  • When only Tako's art is left behind during a museum robbery, Tako's more concerned with his bruised ego rather than working with his team members to properly solve the crime.