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Taking on Tyson is a television series featuring the former boxing champion Mike Tyson. In the show Tyson shares with us his love for birds, pigeons to be exact. The show gives us insight into Tyson's development into the man he is today. Tyson's genuine love for the birds is what makes the show truly interesting as he attributes the peace he feels in life to the interactions with his birds. Throughout the series we follow Tyson on his journey to find balance in his own life by caring for his pigeons.

These aren't just any old birds. The show gives you an inside look into pigeon handling and competitive racing. In the show there are many teams and clubs from various locations that participate in pigeon racing, the focal point being Tyson and his corner. We run into the ups and downs of the operations as well as friends and rivals. Follow Mike Tyson on his Journey to find peace on his way to the Tyson Cup.

Animal Planet
1 Season, 6 Episodes
March 6, 2011
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Mike Tyson, Junie Roman, Rickie Roman, Mario Costa
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Taking on Tyson Full Episode Guide

  • Mike issues a challenge to the New York bird world and the "Tyson Challenge Cup" is born. Mike's extraordinary personal journey into the bird world has helped him deal with his past, present, and future. Has he changed for the better?

  • Team Tyson faces their biggest challenge yet, but the coop caretakers, Junie and Ricky Roman, are facing a family emergency and Mike has to choose between racing his birds and financially supporting his own family.

  • Team Tyson participates in a charity race that will benefit children from rough areas of the city. It's a week full of dodgeball, bragging and tattoos that changes them all.

  • Mike Tyson challenges three of the most prestigious pigeon clubs in New York for a charity race to benefit kids from deprived neighborhoods.

  • Mike Tyson and his team enter their first race competing against two big characters from the New York scene, young hot shot Helder Rodrigues and established champion Joe Green. Will their enthusiasm make up for experience?

  • Still coming to terms with his past and looking forward to the future, Mike Tyson immerses himself in competitive pigeon racing!

Taking on Tyson News

'Taking on Tyson': PETA Peeved at Pugilist's Pigeons

Just as Mike Tyson seems to be turning over a new leaf, starring in a new Animal Planet series called “Taking on Tyson” about his love for pigeon racing, the critics come caterwauling.

Over 20 animal rights activists reportedly gathered in front of Tyson’s home in Henderson, Nevada on Monday to protest the new reality series. Protestors waved signs like “A Featherweight is No Match for a Heavyweight” and "Mike doesn't give pigeons a fighting chance.

Mike Tyson Has a New Baby Boy, Set to Launch New Series on Pigeon Racing

Just weeks from the premiere of his new Animal Planet series on pigeon racing called “Taking on Tyson,” former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson announced the birth of a new baby boy. So far, the couple has not released the name. reported that the boxer and wife Lahika Spicer Tyson brought a baby boy into the world Tuesday at a Las Vegas hospital. This is Tyson’s eighth child, and the second with his current wife Lahika.

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