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Tantei Gakuen Q is about the story of a boy named Kyu, who wants to become a detective one day. Kyu decides to attend the Dan Detective School, which is a Japanese detective school that has been approved by the Japanese government. Kyu becomes a member of the Q Class, as well as his best friend, Megu, who has an amazing photographic memory. His other friends, Kazuma, who is a computer genius, Kinta, who has the ability of super strength, as well as Ryu, who is a very mysterious young boy, decide to take on several different cases which eventually puts them face to face against a crime organization known as "Pluto."

1 Season, 45 Episodes
April 15, 2003
Anime, Action & Adventure
Cast: Hikaru Midorikawa, Megumi Ogata, Houko Kuwashima, Shinichiro Miki, Hideyuki Tanaka
Tantei Gakuen Q

Tantei Gakuen Q Full Episode Guide

  • The battle of DDS and Pluto have finally come, will Ryu escape his destined fate and will Kyu find out his past? The final battle had come to an end. There's only ONE answer!!

  • Dan-sensei visits his best friend and comrade, Satoru Renjo, Kyuu's father. On their way back guys with rifles came and get him. The culprits called a ransom on the appointed time or else the bomb will go out. Will the detectives be able to rescue Dan-sensei or give into the culprits' demands?

  • Ryu, Kyuu, and Kyuu's mother go to the third street where The Headless Woman wanders, can they find the truth or face their death...

  • Kinta takes Ryu to the hospital after the failed murder attempt on Kyuu by a PLUTO agent.

  • The murderer has been revealed and the secrets come to the light. However, even after the truth has been said, there will be one more tragedy of the night...

  • A second murder has Ryu looking like a suspect. Will the serial killer ever be found?

  • Class Q are sent to investigate the threat sent to a violin teacher. But as soon as they arrive, a murder takes place.

  • A madman has been planting bombs in three buildings. He claims that he can talk to the God of gems. DDS set out their move and manages to find the man, but he has already planted the fourth bomb. Kyuu and his friends figure out where the bomb was planted, but they were unable to find it. With only 5 minutes remaining until the bomb explodes, will Classs Q find the bomb in time before it explodes?

  • With everyone's help, Kazuma discovers the perpetrator's identity and decides to confront the latter...

  • Kazuma's elementary school is missing a 'cursed' blow dart and a sample of curare. A teacher is shot by a blowdart from a sealed room

  • The mystery is solved and the secrets are understood.

  • Meg is kidnapped, a student is killed, and the recording of the video is on the net.

  • Meg and Ryu are sent to an elite school to find out about the mysterious disappearances and also about the one who calls himself "the Collector", who puts videos of the murders of students on the net.

  • Kinta, Ryuu and Kazuma realize that Megu and Kyuu have gone missing, and start a desperate search in DDS for them.

  • A new teacher, Tatsumi Hongōu, is assigned to teach class Q. While cleaning their building in place of Kinta, Megu and Kyuu discover a hidden door, and go exploring.

  • Megu, prompted by her sister, invites her classmates to her house for dinner though she actually wants to see her 'two princes.' However, it seems like someone has broken into her house-- but is it more than a simple break-in?

  • Yukihara is kidnapped by an unknown assailant forcing Kyuu to find her. With the appearance of the rest of Class Q, they save Yukihara and help to solve the case of the idol's curse. In the end, there are hints of a sinister organization that begins to surface from the shadows....

  • Kyuu gets interested in one of the cases sent to DDS, about a mysterious death of an idol, and uses his vacation time to investigate. Once there, he unexpectedly stumble upon Sakurako Yukihira of the A-class, who challenges him to deductive duel in this case.

  • The murders of Kamikakushi village are solved. However, the murderer isn't going to give up easily as the former has one more trick in case of emergency...

  • Kyuu eventually deduces the murderer's identity and uncover the dark past of the village.

  • A murder has taken place and they believe that the gods of their village are responsible.

  • Class Q is sent to solve the mysterious murder of the student and other murders that have taken place in Kamikakushi Village

  • Class A promises to defeat Class Q in the upcoming exams and replace the members of class Q and so Dan-sensei tells them to have the test at that moment. They are given the diorama of the murder and are supposed to solve it.

  • Class Q is on Vacation and a person is found missing, so Class Q decides to help them find the missing person

  • The case is finally solved, but the bitter truth about the fortune teller is revealed.

  • The fortune teller's mystery stays unsolved and murders take place.

  • Kyuu's friend, Kaoru Ichinose, comes to seek help when a fortune teller mysteriously appears with a letter from her mother who died in a plane crash.

  • Kyuu and Ryu solve the case and find the victim. But some secret lies in the name class Q that nobody knows.

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  • Kyuu is accepted to the DDS for solving the "Suicide" case (see ep 1). So he is tested to see if he can make it into any group(Q, A, B, C, D). The test is: On an island, the Legendary Jack the Ripper strikes. There are suspects, but is it the REAL Jack the Ripper, or a mere imitation?

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