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Black Beauty is a pure black, thoroughbred horse in the late 19th century in a rural town of England. The horse was adopted by a man named James Gordon, a doctor and widower. His daughters and son and their friends take to liking Black Beauty in this television series. Every episode is a new adventure they all embark on. Coming across all sorts of lovely characters and sometimes getting into trouble with rough antagonistic people. Black Beauty looks after the children helping and getting them out of trouble and saving the day.

The Adventures of Black Beauty is a Action & Adventure, Kids & Family, Drama series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (102 episodes). The series first aired on September 23, 1972. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.7.

The Adventures of Black Beauty is available for streaming on the PRO website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Adventures of Black Beauty on demand at Amazon Prime online.

4 Seasons, 102 Episodes
September 23, 1972
Action & Adventure, Kids & Family, Drama
Cast: Michael Culver, Stacy Dorning, Judi Bowker, William Lucas, Charlotte Mitchell
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The Adventures of Black Beauty Full Episode Guide

  • Bella and Caroline return from six weeks holiday in preparation for Caroline's wedding to Dr. Austin. Bella expects that everything is now going to be perfect, but soon realizes that things have changed.

  • Sgt. Pickles intimates that the children may face charges for dealing with stolen property and it may mean the reformatory for Bella.

  • The children are in conflict over Bella's decision to give Weeks the gold.

  • The children are in possession of four large gold nuggets and don't know what to do with them.

  • Bella decides that she doesn't want to go to England.

  • Walter and Bella try once more to open the tin box, realizing that it'll have to be cut open when Walter has more time.

  • Ted narrows down the area where he thinks the gold is, but the children realize they'll need a boat to continue their search.

  • Aunt Caroline's arrival has thrown the household into confusion.

  • The Doctor is close to signing Bella's custody papers, and when Walter tells him that something is getting through the fences at the farm, he believes it a good opportunity for Bella, Connie and Ted to stay at the farm.

  • Bella comes down with the chicken pox and is confined to bed with no visitors.

  • Bella is under strict orders to behave herself, but talks the Doctor into letting her go for a ride on Beauty.

  • The Doctor asks Mrs. Mac to spend the night with an ailing Mrs. Crutchfield, but Mrs. Mac is reluctant to go because she believes the house is haunted.

  • Bella receives a parcel from the orphanage containing her possessions: family photos, a cameo and her father's death certificate.

  • Bella, Connie and Ted have news for Frank about the Astoria.

  • When Frank is inexplicably late to the first meeting of detectives, Ted suspects he may have been caught up in a local trap - the Bog.

  • Dr. Austin reads Bella a letter which demands that she return to the orphanage ASAP.

  • Bella convinces Dr. Austin to allow her to sit for the Entrance Tests to the Willstown Grammer School with Ted.

  • When Ted hears from a visiting horse dealer that his champion black horse has been stolen, he thinks that this provides him with an opportunity to get rid of Bella.

  • Ted discovers that Bella has run away.

  • Ted has been practicing for the local Gymkhana, where he's determined to win the Flag and Barrel Race.

  • The gypsies, Mick and his sister, Yasmine, set up camp in the settlement.

  • A Scottish settler and his daughter have moved into the valley and come to town to an auction to stock their farm with sheep.

  • Vicky accidentally shatters Dr. Gordon's glasses. He can't do without, so he and Jenny go to the city.

  • Jenny goes away from the farm overnight on a call.

  • Constable Carmody warns the Denning Farm that there are two escaped convicts on the loose in the valley.

  • Dr. Gordon overhears a conversation between a traveling maestro and his grandson.

  • Vicky comes across some suspicious strangers offloading barrels from a horse to a boat on the river.

  • Vicky is reading and bathing her bare feet in a tranquil pool when she's rudely disturbed.

  • Jenny visits a neighbor's mare which is due to foal.

  • Vicky and Beauty confront children trying to drown puppies in the river.

  • Claire Pentland and her daughter, Serena, move into the valley to take over their inheritance, a rundown property by the sea.

  • Jenny arrives home from her veterinary rounds carrying a large parcel, which has been delivered to the general store for Vicky.

  • A young boy arrives at the farm and drags the "lady animal doctor" to attend to his family's cow.

  • Manfred agrees to take over Vicky's mail route for a couple of days when she goes to the city to take an exam at the correspondence school.

  • Vicky comes across some overworked and ill-tended horses working a mine.

  • A young boy on the run for stealing food from Frank Coates' farm gets his foot caught in a gin-trap.

  • Vicky is out riding when she runs into Phoebe Trent, an aristocratic girl, on a beautifully-groomed horse.

  • Manfred prepares his man-powered plane for its first flight.

  • On her way home from her mail route, Vicky meets Manfred, who's very secretive about a parcel he picked up from Burton's store.

  • Vicky and Beauty find a hurt seaman and a dog on the beach.

  • While on her regular post round, Vicky sees two mysterious men.

  • Coates returns to the farm with the local police and takes Black Beauty away, claiming to have rights to all wild horses in the area.

  • Vicky decides to go with Jenny and her dad to New Zealand. Nigel goes missing after his ship sinks near Singapore.

  • Vicky decides to return to the colonies with her father and Jenny. Nigel leaves to return to New Zealand. Dr. Gordon brings them bad news.

  • Nigel Denning returns to his father's house in England, bringing his new wife, Jenny, with him.