The Booth at the End

The Booth at the End is a drama which includes some mystical or paranormal elements. This show is formatted differently than other continuing series in that it contains multiple stories which are spread out over many episodes. The setting takes place inside a diner where a mysterious man sits in a booth at the end. Throughout the day, various people come to the diner specifically to see the man in the booth. These people have heard through word of mouth that the man can help them attain whatever it is they wish to have. Each character has a beginning conversation with the man, where they discuss what it is they would like to obtain.

During the course of the conversation the man usually asks a question or two about the purpose of the desire or the intent of the person who wants to obtain it. Once the character reveals what they want and their intent to follow through the man gives them a task to complete. In most cases, the task has some type of moral or ethical consequences. An elderly woman seeking to help her husband who is stricken with a severe case of Alzheimer's is given the task of building a bomb. The man never offers help or instruction for the tasks he gives out. He consults a notebook he has and then tells the person which task they need to perform.

The characters who receive tasks need to check in with the man periodically to keep him informed as to their progress. As the different stories unfold viewers will see how several of them begin to interconnect in the tasks the people are given. In one case a man is told to abduct a child, while another is given the task of continually keeping watch over the child. The mental conflicts people have with their own sense of right and wrong is clearly shown within the stories. Ultimately, the choice to proceed or quit is left up to each individual making a request.

2 Seasons, 10 Episodes
July 11, 2011
Drama, Crime, Science Fiction
Cast: Xander Berkeley, Jennifer Del Rosario, Jenni Blong, Michelle Dunker
The Booth at the End

The Booth at the End Full Episode Guide

  • The fates of the clients collide. The Man learns that his actions may have made a difference...and also may have opened a door.

  • The Man's clients strive to continue on, even if consequences might be dire. The Man decides to get involved.

  • Clients grow restless as they try to perform their tasks and The Man himself starts to wonder about human nature.

  • The Man's clients contemplate the implications of their desires and the Man comes face to face with a person from his past.

  • The Man who sits at the booth at the end returns, but this time it's a new diner in a new city with new and unexpected clients.

  • A mysterious man in an every day diner grants wishesfor a price.

  • A mysterious man in an every day diner grants wishes for a price

  • A mysterious man in an everyday diner grants wishes for a price.

  • The Man's visitors start to see proof that their wishes will be granted.

  • People come to The Man in the booth with a wish, and he makes a mysterious deal requiring them to complete a task that challenges their sense of right and wrong.

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