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In this Russian horror/action series, a drug company's experimental serum turns out to have fatal side effects. The human population is on the verge of being wiped out when 11 strangers find themselves in a bunker. They don't remember how they got there, but they soon realize that the fate of humankind rests in their hands. The series debuted in Russia in 2013.

3 Seasons, 36 Episodes
December 3, 2013
Horror & Suspense, Science Fiction
Cast: Philippe Reinhardt, Ivan Makarevich, Dmitriy Endaltsev, Evgeniya Rozanova
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The Day After Full Episode Guide

  • The events of the last days change the lives of many members of the group. Do they have a chance to start everything from scratch? Some have specific plans, but no one even suspects that a new experiment threatens the surviving and still peacefully sleeping city.

  • Blinded by a thirst for revenge, one of the group members breaks into the laboratory building to make their judgment over the leaders of human destinies. In the meantime, recording live television turns into a tragedy.

  • One of the members of the group, once caught in an infected Moscow, decides to turn the unfolding tragedy into a theater. People's hatred reaches its climax. Meanwhile, a change of power is taking place in the laboratory and a new experiment is being prepared.

  • The guys risk their lives, but as a result, they discover a terrible find. Under the pretext of disinterested help, someone sees in the virus the salvation of one's own life.

  • The fugitives find themselves in a difficult situation... A new experimental person appears at the laboratory. Now inhumane experiments will be conducted over it. The guys have a new plan of action.

  • In the laboratory, it is possible to reveal the secret formula of the antidote. But this discovery becomes a real sensation ... One of the group members announced a hunt. His life is under threat. Will he have time to complete his mission ?!

  • One of the guys manages to get secret information about the experiments that were conducted in the laboratory. He is ready to publish them in exchange for valuable information.

  • One of the group's members is approached by a girl with a request to find her brother. But is this goal only hers? Civilians are frightened and afraid of those who once were in the contaminated zone - now they are in danger.

  • Inga Belova understands that Mr. Haushofer expects results from her, she has no choice but to go to negotiations with Nadia and Mitya. Inga informs them that soon regular troops will enter the city to clean up the territory, all infected will be killed. Nadia is the only chance to save mutated girls. Mitya and Nadia agree to take part in the development of a vaccine against the virus.

  • Nadia decides to conduct an experiment, she calls the murders into the mansion to check how much they obey her, and whether she can control them. A large accumulation of mutants alarms Dr. Bryl, he guesses the causes of the congestion and sends patrols for the alpha female. Valera fell in love with Katya, but as soon as she approaches the shelter, Aizhan screams.

  • Nadya and Mitya are walking along the empty city. Katya watches over them. Feeling the girl, Nadia turns into a mutant. Valera refuses to take part in the studies of the "Summit", he is against the experiments on Aizhan.

  • Mitya is shocked that Nadia understands him and even tries to communicate. Katya offers Valera mutual cooperation, the girl is interested in any information about the "Top", and in return she offers compromising information to one of the survivors.

  • Nadia in search of her lover leads to a base of survivors a whole flock of individuals, both laboratory and wild. The survivors discover that they were left without weapons, someone betrayed them. Taking a blow at himself, Mitya takes the mutants from the base.

  • Valera brings Katya to the base of the survivors, who is looking for evidence of the involvement of Vershina in the creation and spread of the virus. Valera and Katya go on scouting to find a spare base. During the raids, they capture a mercenary who collects capsules from the ear shells of the mutants.

  • A month ago in Moscow, there was an outbreak of an unknown disease with a 100% fatal outcome for the men, the girls turned into mysterious and bloodthirsty creatures, murders. Survivors wake up in the morning from the unexpected screams of the mutants that penetrated the base. It turns out that someone opened the door to the mutants from the inside. But who opened the door and why?

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