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Viewers of the television show, The Doctors, can learn about solutions for "Turkey" necks, thinning lips, fine lines and body functions they can't control. The safest foods for babies might be discussed, treatments for hemorrhoids, and how to read your pet's embarrassing behavior. They might also see a woman reveal herself to the word after a 15-hour face-transplant, following a brutal attack.

The American syndicated talk show airs in the United States, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, Ireland and Finland. The show was originally a spinoff of the Dr. Phil television show, which itself originally came from the Oprah Winfrey Show. It focuses on medical and health issues. Many of the questions audience members ask doctors are medical questions they say they would be too embarrassed to ask their personal physicians. Travis Stork, a doctor who was educated at Vanderbilt University, hosts the show. Other medical experts on the show are obstetrician/gynecologist Lisa Masterson, pediatrician Jim Sears and plastic surgeon Andrew Ordon. Jillian Michaels, whom viewers may know better as a trainer on the Biggest Loser, has appeared on The Doctors, as well as on Dr. Phil's show. Dr. Phil and his son, Jay McGraw, produce The Doctors.

Jay McGraw said Michaels was the "perfect addition" to the team already on the show because she is also concerned about viewers making intelligent decisions about their health. He also said she had been one of the show's most popular guests.

Michaels said her "greatest passion" was to give support and information to people, so they can live healthy and happy lives.

Other subjects on the show include the Doctors' hot tub-healing machine, arthritis and how hydrotherapy can help heal the disease, restless leg syndrome and menstrual cramps. Natural treatments for erectile dysfunction, morning sickness and other subjects not seen on typical shows are also discussed.

Starting in its second season, the show began to gain in viewership. There are also versions of the show in Vietnam, Lebanon and Portugal.

The Doctors is a series that is currently running and has 10 seasons (157 episodes). The series first aired on April 3, 2009.

The Doctors is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Doctors on demand atAmazon Prime online.

Daily (Check Local Listings) on Syndicated
10 Seasons, 157 Episodes
April 3, 2009
Talk & Interview
Cast: Travis Lane Stork, Andrew P. Ordon, Jillian Michaels, Wendy Walsh
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The Doctors Full Episode Guide

  • TV Journalist Undergoes Career Saving Vocal Surgery; Taylor Swift Opening Act Rebounds after Rehab! The Truth about Organic Foods!

  • The Doctors are joined by Thomas Roberts of DailyMailTV, who shares an update on the health and wellbeing of music superstar Britney Spears.

  • Leeza Gibbons discusses ways to care for kids and aging parents; a salt and sizzle facial promises an immediate glow; what parents need to know about teen depression; hand injuries on the rise from avocados.

  • An audience member gets a makeover; candle explosion; lawsuits against cereal companies; new study claims going vegan leads to depression; tooth whitener test; water bottle danger.

  • Spider bite warning signs; woman loses 100 pounds through sleep hypnosis; anti-aging treatment that uses teenage blood; woman catches fire while tweezing her eyebrows; a new cycle workout in a sauna; foods to stockpile in case of a natural disaster.

  • A company is accused of pushing opioids on patients; an actress gets a procedure to reverse her scarred eyes; kid taste testers taste favorite foods made healthy; doctors treating patients with hydrogen peroxide injections.

  • Woman's skin rash leads to a shocking diagnosis; saving money at the supermarket; body brokering; food to boost metabolism.

  • Testing lipstick that won't budge; a beauty blogger's secret disorder; putting menopause on pause; whether laser hair removal could cause body odor; three secret words to help reduce stress; reviewing doctors online could put patient privacy at risk.

  • Joanna Kerns (``Growing Pains'') discusses breast cancer; parents sue after a Boy Scout's tragic hiking death; a surprising weight-loss tip; artificial disc replacement surgery; Jon Taffer (``Bar Rescue'') tells dirty bar and restaurant secrets.

  • Children learning about gender identity in kindergarten; whether allowing a child to play youth football is abuse; a woman's weight-loss surgery nightmare; how marijuana affects the heart; constipation.

  • The doctors confront a ``Love and Hip Hop'' star about her troubled past and damaged relationship with her mother; a new diet enemy; press-on nails that may last up to 18 days; a beauty blogger cups her face; making sunglasses look new again.

  • Medical staff under fire for sharing pictures of a patient's private parts; the truth behind Sarah Paulson's (``American Horror Story'') fear of holes; a man loses 320 pounds without surgery; a woman stashes a loaded gun.

  • Kmart re-labels plus-sized clothing; Kate Hudson is slammed for saying having a C-section is the laziest thing she has ever done; a pregnant mother is denied restaurant service; getting a skinnier nose with a dinner fork.

  • Surveillance footage appears to catch an elementary school teacher abusing a student; new sex trend ``stealthing'' could mean jail time; ``RuPaul's Drag Race'' star talks about a controversial fast; a young alcoholic pleads for his life.

  • A model's back pain because of her large breasts; a new idea for preventing cheating in a relationship; pet owners refuse to vaccinate because they fear it causes autism; snake attack 911 call; smoking lawsuit; healthy microwave meals in a mug.

  • A dangerous treatment parents are giving children to ``cure'' autism; a new workout technique could build muscle in record time; the one food to help curb appetite and improve gut health.

  • The national opioid crisis; a finance firm sued for extreme office parties with strippers and nudity; a school district approves paddling as punishment for students; a shocking video of an armpit abscess exploding; a sneak peek at ``DailyMailTV.''

  • The latest headlines; parents deliver a ``sac baby'' in rush-hour traffic; bulimic ``Bachelorette'' Britt Nilsson; whether ``glitter bombing'' one's nether regions is safe; taking toxins out of a commute; powering up a smoothie.

  • The doctors deliver the news to pop star Aaron Carter about his blood tests for HIV and meth use.

  • Plagued by rumors of crack use, meth use, cancer and HIV, pop star Aaron Carter comes to ``The Doctors'' in a world exclusive to tell what's really going on.

  • Doctors being bribed to prescribe highly addictive opiates; judge Scary Mary administers swift justice; an alcoholic mom returns to the show; fecal matter in iced coffee; a young man's facial tumor takes over his life; social media backlash.

  • Some of the show's most disgusting moments; keloids; the ``wiener cleaner''; backstage prostate exams; a laser treatment for menopause symptoms; a man's 315-pound transformation; birthmarks; Dr. Pimple Popper; a simple fix for dry, chalky elbows.

  • The show's most memorable moments from the past 10 years; a woman regains her hearing; a 685-pound teen with the voice of an angel; the booty that broke the Internet; the show's most-watched clip of all time; how to stop bleeding gums in 30 seconds.

  • A dating website matches miserable singles; a birth control shot for men; duckweed; a teen suffers mysterious pain; Kim Kardashian's latest plastic surgery procedure.

  • Wild retirement community; sex and job performance; new cancer test; a brutal attack on a teen is broadcast on social media; Gwyneth Paltrow's diet plan.

  • An Adult film star says he's a two-minute man in real life; exotic mushrooms; actress Molly Sims; ugly produce; new procedure to remove bra bulge.

  • Carrying cash; depression, and why some people don't find relief with anti-depressants; boosting the mood; yoga pants; a plate intended to cut calories; eating to improve the brain; smoother skin after 40; a doctor's prescription for happiness.

  • Restaurant fish fraud; marijuana; a military mom wants to rebuild her life; one of the show's producers has genetic testing done for answers regarding her health; technology to wipe out genetic mutations causing disease; getting shiny hair.

  • imple, light recipes; pineapple; French Polynesia; supermodel Miranda Kerr; the show's biggest blooper; sex toy insurance; wolf pack therapy; an elementary school student makes a kill list.

  • A young man falls more than 2,000 feet and survives days in a blizzard; medication prices; physical therapy for the vagina; loneliness; a married couple get facelifts; magnetic eyelashes; what happens when bullfighting goes wrong.

  • The couple whose ER proposal went viral; a woman endures years of teasing for her tiny teeth; a runner fights off a brutal attack; hot-pink drinking water; urine in swimming pools; how to be a ``fab mom''; fridge mistakes spoiling food fast.

  • Strep throat takes a man's hands and feet; reality star Courtney Stodden asks for help with depression, drugs and family issues; a doctor fights to save his brother's life; a former guest addicted to eating clay pots returns; dentistry.

  • Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker; Instagram celebrity Doug the Pug; packaged meat; a rehab clinic treats addicts with marijuana; growing one's own medicine; the real cost of children.

  • A woman with six feet of excess skin; a man tormented by large keloids; a child born with an extra set of limbs; rapper Siya reveals her new smile; a mother covered in tiny tumors; Rosie Mercado; saving baby teeth; new medical guidelines.

  • An interview with the man who tried to stop the gunman in the Kansas bar shooting; America's most amazing nurse; a 365-day sex challenge; a common mistake couples should never make; omega-3 and fish-oil supplements; a shocking workout video.

  • A university bans scales in the campus gym; a nail salon is accused of charging overweight clients more; a pill for alcoholics; a woman afraid to leave her house gets life-changing surgery; love contracts; an app for the bedroom; co-host NeNe Leakes.

  • A woman desperate to have a baby has a debilitating fear of needles; a woman tries to sell her used breast-implants online; a couple are arrested for staging a murder hoax and texting pictures to their families; a paralyzed woman's IVF baby.

  • A groundbreaking facial transplant; the pressure to breast-feed leads a mother to starve her baby, accidentally; reality star Laura Govan; teen health; a tweet triggers a seizure; a massage by snakes; Marnie the dog.

  • Sex-ed methods; a woman goes from a drug addict to a neuroscientist; the Snapple Lady confronts past demons and a life-threatening struggle; an interview with Mary Jo Eustace on her legal battle with Dean McDermott; effects of color; stopping stress.

  • Model Hunter McGrady and Rosie Mercado launch a movement to change the way people see their bodies; breast-removal parties; the new TSA pat-down policy; turning a cell phone into a personal trainer; a gym bans news channels to prevent brawls.

  • The Doctors Investigate: Shady Supplements; Exclusive: Birth Behind Bars; I Survived a Plastic Surgery Nightmare

  • The Doctors Exclusive: Comedian and Actor Ant's Secret Addictions; Interactive, Touchable Sex Ed; Children's Book or Clown Porn

  • Maria Shriver; My Daughter Needs a $500,000 Surgery to Walk; Revenge Body Results Revealed; Dramatic Kidnapping Escape

  • A woman with PCOS gets a makeover; Dr. Mike Dow discusses his brother's stroke; woman's urinary incontinence procedure is put to the test at a comedy show; whether drug dealers should get manslaughter charges; nude lipstick; lower-calorie guacamole.

  • Nursing Home Snapchats Senior Sex; Substitute Teacher Drunk on the Job; the Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony

  • The Doctors: Bonus Features; The Great Food Debate; Naked Hugging to De-Stress; Vanderpump Rules' Stassi Schroeder

  • Health, medicine and pop-culture news; a woman covered in tumors; people bid thousands of dollars for a drinking glass touched by Justin Bieber; supermodel Adriana Lima's hair secret; a man stung by wasps for Kylie Jenner lips.

  • Healing Crystal Sex Toys; New Scam Uses Your Voice; The Lipo Breast Lift; Alarming Livestream Suicide Trend; Fifty Shades of Medicine

  • The Doctors 911: Exercise Addict Intervention; 64-Year-Old Births Twins After Controversial IVF Procedure

  • I Won't Leave My House Because of My Smile; Billed for First Date Fail; Drones Spy on Neighbors; An Enema as Performance Art

  • The Truth Behind Insta-Famous Peach Booty; My Nail Biting Habit Is Out of Control; Apple Cider Vinegar Tightens Vagina

  • Snakes Found in Home; Clinic Accused of Falsely Diagnosing Patients With Alzheimer's; Implant for Obesity

  • Self-Pleasuring Fights Depression; Injection to Boost Girth Down There; Day Care Worker Breast-Feeds Stranger's Baby

  • The Doctors' Friday News Feed; I Was Shot At More Than 5 Times; From Hoops to Health: John Salley; Extermination 101

  • People Are Leaving What in Screenings of Fifty Shades Darker?; Man Sues Uber for His Divorce; A Midwife Goes to Jail

  • The Doctors Exclusive: Lead Singer of Imagine Dragons Reveals Health Struggle; Jewelry Doubles as Sex Toy; Neurosurgeon Gets Life in Prison

  • I Survived Being Shot in the Face; Teacher Gives Students Meth Assignment; Politician Publishes His Sexual Exploits; $25,000 Medical Exam

  • The Doctors Exclusive: The Doctors Saved My Vision; Flip or Flop Star Tarek El Moussa; Virtual Boyfriends Better Than Real Men

  • Domestic Abuse Survivor Gets the Ultimate Makeover; the Dahm Triplets Put At-Home Ancestry Kits to the Test; Modern Day Bruce Lee

  • Scorned Wife Gets Tinder Revenge; Math Teacher's Snapchat Affair With Student; I Have Slipping Rib

  • Island Health Secrets Discovered; Win the Trip of a Lifetime; Snapchatting Surgeries; Hair Transplant Down There; I'm Terrified of Dogs

  • The Doctors Investigate: Lunchbox Dangers; Toxic Fast Food Wrappers; Erotic Websites for Sex-Ed; Celibacy as Punishment

  • Too Hot for TV; Freeze Your Private Parts for Better Sex; How Hate Can Help You Find Love; Dating Profile

  • Friday Newsfeed! Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer; Cutting-Edge Breast Scan; Playground Hazards; Finding a Therapist Is Like Dating

  • Preparing for the End of the World; Protect Yourself Against Unnecessary and Harmful Medical Procedures

  • Mom Uses Breastmilk as Weapon; DMV Denies Deadbeat Parents; Life as a Mermaid; Happy Hour for Alcoholics; Youngest Yoga Teacher

  • Live Procedure of New Natural Filler; My House Is a Beehive; The Doctors Exclusive: Toddler's Rare Disease Turns Her Into Hulk Baby

  • The Doctors Investigates: Gluten-Free Restaurant Dishes; The Doctors Investigates: Kambo -- What Is It and Can It Treat Depression?

  • The Doctors Friday News Feed; I'm Addicted to Eating Clay Pots; Girl Calls 9-1-1 on Drunk-Driving Dad From Inside Car

  • Dumpster Diving for Beauty; Exercise Tracker For Your Lady Parts; Parenting Trend: Hypnosis; 20-Year-Old Stroke Survivor; Giant Rat Invasion NEW

  • Exclusive: Reality Star's Miracle Baby; Mom Throws Daughter Period Party? Bogus Doc Performs Physicals on Kids

  • Shocking Viral Videos; Marijuana Massage Trend; Biological Dad Banned From Seeing Son; Self-Pleasuring at Work to De-Stress

  • My Nose Was Destroying My Life ... Until I Came on The Doctors; Are Candy-Flavored ADHD Meds Problematic?; Is Botox Addictive?

  • An invisible killer; hair loss; probiotic pills and natural probiotics; Dr. Travis' dog gets acupuncture; a shocking viral trend; an essential nutrient.

  • Separating fact from fiction; a billboard that may promote reckless sex; a teen is brutally attacked on social media; artificial sugars; a virtual attendant gives medical diagnoses; post-workout myths debunked.

  • The Doctors' Makeover Spectacular; Dr. Travis Reveals His New Look; Doctors Remove a Girl's 5-Pound Facial Tumor

  • Parents Desperate for a Cure; A Miracle for Tree Man; Get Your Revenge Body; Hope or Hype: OB/GYN Edition

  • The Doctors Exclusive: Jenni Pulos: Pregnant With Baby No. 2; Blood Transfusions: The Fountain of Youth; Orgasm During Childbirth

  • Actress Molly Sims Co-Hosts and Shares Her Unexpected Road to Motherhood; A New Lip Filler Is Put to the Test Live

  • The Doctors' Friday News Feed; Gastric Bypass in a Pill; 70 Percent Fat Diet; Dramatic Breast Reduction From Double K to Size D

  • Protein Powder for Kids; Syphilis Resurgence; I Survived a Mass Shooting; Revenge Porn; Remove Stretch Marks in 30 Minutes

  • Girl Frames Ex on Facebook; Mom Injects Son With Feces; Rat in a Dress; Hollywood Hope or Hype; Heroes and Star Wars Star: Greg Grunberg

  • Fitness Tracker for the Bedroom; Schoolkids Cook Up a $2 Dose of $750 Pill; Poppy Tea Overdose; Surgery for Dimples

  • Too Hot for TV; Mistress Hunters; Dating for the Well-Endowed; World's Hottest Doc; Duel of the Dating Experts

  • Shocking Headlines; Heaviest Woman in World Gets Weight Loss Surgery; Wrestler Sues After Catching Herpes; Drug Tests for Rich People

  • David Cassidy; Experts Sleep Train Your Baby While You Vacation; School for Adulting; Dog Puts Owner in a Coma

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