The Natural History of the Chicken

This documentary juxtaposes the different lives led by chickens in the US, from the commercial mechanized battery farm to pampered pet chickens the lives of the chicken is explored by director Mark Lewis. The biological details of how chickens eat, breed and reproduce are presented, but the highlights of the documentary lie in the stories of amazing chickens and those who keep them as pets. From the 1940s chicken who survived decapitation and became a household name to Valerie, who survived frostbite, this documentary reveals much more about the chicken than many thought possible.

1 Season, 1 Episode
July 11, 2001
Documentary & Biography, Nature, Science & Technology
Cast: Janet Bonney, Joseph Martinez, Joel Vavra, David Forrester
The Natural History of the Chicken

The Natural History of the Chicken Full Episode Guide

  • Chicken is a staple in the diet of most Americans, but the history of the flavorful fowl hasn't been explored until now. Included are funny and surprisingly touching stories that will forever change your view of the tasty bird.

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