The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep

The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep is a famous tv show on the CW that takes you into the lives of several performers who have always wanted to become successful musicians. The music industry usually begins being the opening act of a singer or performer. This show takes some of the best opening and intermission acts of several singers, and they actually make them into aspiring artists with their own concerts. The winner of the show earns a recording contract with Atlantic Records.

The show does not find talent through usage of auditions or anything of the like. They find artists that have pure experience with performing and have big social media fan bases but have never made big changes in their life to become big musicians.

The show begins by having the four main mentors; Joe Jonas, Nelly, John Rich, and Gloria Estefan actually going to the homes of several musicians. They spend 72 hours with their one singer in a single city who is in the same music genre as themselves, and then they perform at a local venue. The mentors then go onto another city until they get 6 winners from 6 different places. You will find that this show really does take you to a wide range of different lives of musicians who try their best to make it onto the big scene. Being famous is not easy, and neither is it to try and be famous. With this show, you will finally get to see how some people make their dreams a reality. The show has garnered great ratings, but it wasn't a huge success the way the producers have wanted.

The Next is a great show that can teach people the fact that fame can happen even though it does take time. Many singers have found this show intriguing compared to other shows that are out there. The Next has some big stars as mentors, so if you like seeing Joe Jonas or Gloria Estefan on television, this show may be interesting for you.

The CW
1 Season, 9 Episodes
August 16, 2012
The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep

The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep Full Episode Guide

  • In the first-season finale, the five finalists compete and a winner is crowned and given a recording contract with Atlantic Records.

  • The six remaining contestants battle it out in the second round of the semifinals.

  • Six local winners and one fan favorite compete in the first round of the semifinals in a live episode.

  • The judges mentor their contestants: Jeremy, Krystle, Tilky and Angela.

  • Joe Jonas turns to finger painting; Gloria Estefan takes on extreme bike riding; John Rich shows up at a contestant's bachelorette party; and Nelly creates a motivational tape.

  • Gloria Estefan performs at a Chicago Cubs game. Nelly ambushes his contestant while he's on a date. Joe Jonas is educated in women's shoes. John Rich performs at a fundraiser at the L' Station.

  • The mentors work with their contestants. John Rich rides a horse through New York City; Joe Jonas bonds with a contestant's Italian family; Gloria Estefan makes a surprise entrance at a nail salon; and Nelly gives wardrobe advice to a contestant.

  • The mentors work with their contestants.

  • In the series premiere, celebrity coaches Gloria Estefan, Joe Jonas, Nelly and John Rich meet their contestants.

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