The People's Court

The People's Court is a television show that takes place in a simulated courtroom where a judge overhears cases that have to do with civil matters. It began airing way back in 1981 with Judge Wapner presiding over the cases. Today Judge Milian is the judge making the decisions.

Having been on t.v. for over 28 seasons and over 28 years The People's Court is one of the most popular court shows still airing today. The show deals with civil matters that individuals are trying to work out. There is typically a plaintiff which is the person suing and the defendant which is the person being sued telling their case in front of the judge. The cases vary from people suing for money that is owed, to contracts that were not upheld, to mistakes that were made by dry cleaners or carpenters.

The People's Court is so popular because not only do individuals learn facts about the law while watching but also because there tends to be lots of drama and excitement surrounding the cases. Often the plaintiff and defendant are friends or family members that have been unable to resolve their issues. In the end the judge makes a ruling on who presented the best case and who had the most evidence and facts and the person who wins is often awarded the money.

10 Seasons, 664 Episodes
September 21, 1981
Game Show, Reality
Cast: Marilyn Milian, Harvey Levin
The People's Court

The People's Court Full Episode Guide

  • A Family Squabble - Taking A Customer For A Ride - Give Me My Money You Cad

  • Being A Careless Girlfriend - Being Uneven - Being A Lug-Nut

  • Refusing To Split The Ashes - Igniting A Lawsuit

  • Breaking In - A Mix Up - Shortchanging A Contractor

  • Leading A Guy On - Target Practice - A Minor Mishap

  • Double Crossing A FriendCausing A Diggy DilemmaA Hunk Of Junk

  • A Hairy Situation - Shedding A Shed - Shortchanging

  • Faking It - Taking Advantage - Phoning it In

  • Lawyering Up - Causing A Ruckus