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The Two Coreys is a reality show that stars Corey Feldman, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman's wife Susie. The show is about the long-time relationship of former child actors Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. The two became friends in Hollywood while working on the Lost Boys and were referred to as the two Coreys for years.

Now that they are adults, the two went their own ways, mostly due to the fact that Corey Haim developed a drug problem. Now Corey Haim wants to move in with the Feldmans. Corey Feldman has a band called the Truth Movement and has become a vegetarian with his wife Susie. Susie is annoyed by Corey Haim because he is a slob and constantly makes her house a mess, which causes friction between the two. Corey Feldman tries to act as a go-between to keep the peace between the two.

The couple does a lot for Corey Haim. They throw him a birthday party and even try to help him find a girlfriend. Haim and the Feldmans end up having a blowout fight, which leads Haim to find his own place to live. The men decide to speak to a therapist about why they are having problems getting along. During the sessions, both express their disgust with show business due to the abuse that they suffered as young teen boys.

Haim decides to get his life straight and hires a personal assistant to help him sort out his affairs. He also apologizes to the Feldmans and even posts a public apology for his past bad deeds in an issue of Variety. The two decide to film Lost Boys 2; Haim, though, has issues with reciting his lines properly. This leads to an argument with Feldman in which he accuses Haim of being on drugs once again. He even asks other child stars including Todd Bridges to help him stage a drug intervention because he is afraid of Corey Haim dying.

1 Season, 19 Episodes
July 29, 2007
Cast: Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Susie Feldman
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The Two Coreys Full Episode Guide

  • In the show's second season finale, Corey Haim walks out of a therapy session after Feldman confronts him about his addiction. Haim needs to meet with Feldman after he learns he got movie role.

  • Corey Feldman decides to get liposuction after seeing the latest photo of him from shoot. During this time, the Feldman's come to a decision to cut ties with Haim until he can become clean. Haim's assistant informs his mom about his self-destructive life style.

  • During the Corey's couples therapy session, Feldman invites Haim over to his home to help mend their relationship. But Haim is shocked when he arrives to find that Feldman has set up an intervention with his old friends concerning his drug problem.

  • Haim receives a visit from his father and takes him golfing and to an actors studio where he shares his experiences as a former child actor. Meanwhile, Susie is asked to pose for Playboy magazine by Hugh Hefner while visiting the Playboy mansion.

  • Valentines Day has Haim in search for a date and Feldman planning a surprise for his wife. The Feldman's offer to set Haim up with a former Playboy Playmate.

  • Haim places a public apology in Variety magazine as a way to atone for past mistakes and misdoings. Although skeptical, Susie and Feldman accept a dinner invitation from Haim.

  • Further tension develops when Haim considers backing out of The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. Feldman is fed up and looks for projects on his own. Meanwhile, Haim hires an assistant and attends an audition.

  • Things tense up when the Corey's head to couple's therapy sessions in hopes of working out their problems.

  • A reunion dinner becomes heated as Corey Haim returns to L.A. to try and patch up his relationship with his old friend Corey Feldman.

  • Feldman and Susie look back at the previous 8 weeks of life with Corey Haim, adding insights to the experience and sharing many unseen moments.

  • After eight weeks of living together, the simmering tension between Cory Haim and Feldman's wife Susie reaches a boiling point. After a spat about Haim's slovenly living habits, Haim threatens to leave, but decides to stay for a business meeting with Cory Feldman and an up-and-coming movie director. When Haim discovers Susie pressuring Feldman to send Haim packing, Haim confronts the Feldmans and an explosive argument ensues. The shouting match quickly becomes physical, and Haim decides it is time for him to leave for good. The "Coreys" are over...for now...

  • After learning of Feldman's love of performing with his band, The Truth Movement, Haim decides to book the band at a local club as a surprise for Feldman. A nice thought, but Haim has no concept of how much preparation is needed and drops all the work in Feldman's lap. Now Feldman and his band mates must scramble to put together a full-fledged rock concert in a matter of days.

  • With Joanne in town, Haim is finally happy and the Feldman's finally have some time to themselves. Feldman and Susie decide to take advantage of this and head to the mountains for a romantic getaway. But when Haim begins to question his relationship with Joanne, he decides to crash the Feldman's little vacation--much to Susie's dismay. With Joanne's time stateside running out and their relationship at a turning point, Haim tries to avoid the mistakes he's made in the past.

  • It's Haim's birthday and turning 35 has him catching up on things he should have done long ago--such as learning to do laundry and getting a driver's license. Feldman and Susie plan a huge surprise party with Haim's mom, but the mood turns somber when Haim has to make an emergency visit to the hospital. After some reassuring news from the doctor, Feldman scrambles to pull together the ultimate birthday party.

  • Haim and Feldman are invited as special guests to a 20th Anniversary screening of the first "Coreys" movie, The Lost Boys. Haim sees this as a great opportunity to promote the "Coreys" and get back in the spotlight, but Feldman seems less interested in reliving the past. The screening is a huge hit and inspires Haim to write a Lost Boys sequel, but the plan ends in heartbreak when Feldman informs him a sequel is already in production without them.

  • After a long hiatus, the "Two Coreys" are finally reunited when Corey Haim comes to stay with his best friend, Corey Feldman, and his wife, Susie. But a lot has changed in the years they have been apart--Feldman is married, a devout vegetarian, animal activist, and a non-smoker. Haim, still single and a committed carnivore, finds himself at odds with Feldman's new lifestyle and struggles to adjust to the rules of the house. The tension peaks when Haim disrupts an important dinner meeting between the Feldmans and a PETA representative.

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