The White Shadow

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People gathered around their television sets back in the late 1970s and early 80s to watch a television drama that starred Ken Howard. Ken Howard played the role of a former professional basketball player that decides to take a job at an inner city high school coaching a basketball team. This television series featured a white actor taking the role of a teacher in a mostly black high school. At the time, it was considered a groundbreaking television series. The series was closer to reality than a number of other series that were very popular at the time. The series covered a wide range of topics that affect teens too.

The show was praised for introducing very realistic characters to a television show. For example, Ken Howard played a formed Chicago Bulls basketball player that is forced to take a teaching and coaching job after a serious injury. The series covered very serious subjects that ranged from drug addiction to sexually transmitted disease.

3 Seasons, 54 Episodes
November 27, 1978
Cast: Ken Howard
The White Shadow

The White Shadow Full Episode Guide

  • Goldstein, Gomez, Hayward, and Reese all return for an "alumni" exhibition game, amid all the troubles the four have encountered in "real life" since graduating. Hayward is in college and wants to go to law school, but doesn't believe he'll be given the chance because of his skin color. Goldstein, after a year in the Marines, now believes he has the confidence to ask out a girl he admired while at Carver. Gomez is struggling to make ends meet as a car mechanic with a pregnant wife. And, finally, Reese is driving a cab and pursuing his dream of becoming a singer.

  • One of Carver's teachers, Ms. Mackey, starts showing signs of burnout by handing out undeserved grades, and this hurts Rutherford, who enjoys the class.

  • Coolidge, Thorpe and Franklin are charged with robbing a woman based upon the description she provided tehe police. Things turn bad to worst when one of the officers assualts Coolidge.

  • Ms. Stanley needs the team's help when a psychotic student is after her.

  • Salami and Vitaglia take on a part-time job reposessing cars, but the ungodly work hours and the harassments from the car owners affect both their performances in school and on the basketball court.

  • Coach Reeves lies to get out of jury duty and it backfires in his face when Franklin lies to get out of practice.

  • Stone saves an elderly woman's life by rescuing her from a burning car, and the experience goes to his head after he appears on the TV news and sensationalizes the story.

  • The team decides to get a record deal to take advantage of their shower singing skills, while Reeves mulls an offer to do a TV commercial.

  • Salami faces possible jail time after breaking an opposing team's player's jaw during an on court brawl.

  • Reeves and the team help conduct a basketball clinic at a local Catholic school, and Reeves takes a dating interest in the female basketball coaches.

  • In order to raise money for Carver's athletics, the team decides to organize a benefit. However, they publicize that Coach Reeves is dead in order to entice major sports and entertainment figures like Sparky Anderson, Elgin Baylor, and Willie Tyler and Lester to attend.

  • Coolidge is tired of school and wants to join the Harlem Globetrotters.

  • Coach Reeves heals his strained relationship with his dying father, breaks things off once and for all with Paula, and returns to Carver for the new school year, where some new players have joined the team: Wardell Stone, Mitchell, Rutherford, Paddy Falahey, and Eddie Franklin

  • Coach Reeves heals his strained relationship with his dying father, breaks things off once and for all with Paula, and returns to Carver for the new school year, where some new players have joined the team: Wardell Stone, Mitchell, Rutherford, Paddy Falahey, and Eddie Franklin

  • The school year ends and Reeves and the team makes plans for the summer.

  • A TV director wants Coolidge for a new series about black students.

  • The team faces a tragedy as they qualify for the city championship game.

  • Coach Reeves helps a boy named Go-Go after discovering he is abused at home.

  • A Soviet Union basketabll player wants to defect to the United States with the team's help.

  • Coach Reeves becomes the Athletic Director and now deals with the baseball coach that wanted the same postition.

  • Reeves and a police officer go in search of the drug dealer selling drugs to students.

  • Coach Reeves's girlfriend is a stripper.

  • Coach Reeves faces racism at a country club that doesn't allow blacks.

  • Salami get tutoring in history with a tutor that has other plans for him.

  • Thorpe's love of art is tearing his family aprat as his father sees basketball as the only way out of the ghetto.

  • Coach Reeves tries to help his players get painkillers.

  • Coach Reeves faces Christmas alone, while the team gets ready for a holiday party.

  • Jackson's old girlfriend, Dolores, returns and wants to marry him. However she is hiding a secret from him about her job.

  • A basketball star transfers to Carver, much to Coach Reeves delight. However that delight ends when it's discovered that he can't read.

  • Haywood is out to get a drug dealer that gave his cousin a fatal does of heroin.

  • Thorpe contracts a sexually transmitted disease from a former girlfriend, who is now Coolidge's girlfriend. The two of them must now tell Warren that he too must get tested.

  • The team is on a winning streak and egos flair to the point that Reeves gets the Harlem Globetrotters to help.

  • Coolidge's apartment burns down and Reeves offers to let Coolidge stay with him.

  • Coach Reeves begins to realize that his basketball career is really over and must move on.

  • A freshman that Reeves fought for to join the team dies during practice to an illness he never knew about.

  • A crosstown rival tries to lure Reese into leaving Carver for his school.

  • A former student returns from prison and his accusations of racism splits the team apart.

  • Harold, the school reporter, joins the team to do a series of stories for the paper. He soon discovers that one of the members is placing bets on the team.