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"The Wildlife Docs" takes viewers inside the work of zoological professionals -- including veterinarians, technicians and trainers -- at Busch Gardens Tampa, as they care for thousands of exotic animals whose home is the popular tourist destination. The series showcases everything from preventive care to ground-breaking medical procedures, giving viewers the opportunity to observe what the millions of people who visit Bush Gardens each year rarely get to see. The hostess of the weekly half-hour series is actress Rachel Reenstra.

5 Seasons, 116 Episodes
October 5, 2013
Animals, Documentary & Biography
Cast: Rachel Reenstra, Peter Black, Dominique Keller, Angie Jones
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The Wildlife Docs Full Episode Guide

  • Discover the amazing work being done by SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund recipients as they help animals across the globe. Then leap into action as an African bullfrog visits with park guests and The Wildlife Docs.

  • From summer camps to the animal ambassador program, discover how Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is educating the next generation about the importance of saving wildlife. Plus, seven otter pups need rescuing.

  • Discover what’s slowing down a usually fast cheetah. Plus, we’ll travel to South Africa to visit with a cheetah rescue and rehab facility. Then, take it slow with two, young Aldabra tortoises.

  • A 350-pound silverback gorilla and his mom go in for their annual check-ups while two young gorillas make the most of playtime.

  • The docs reflect on memorable animal procedures. Included: a dental exam on a large hippo; a house call to an elephant herd; and a wildebeest's calf delivery.

  • A celebration of the show's 100th episode looks back on the birth of baby tigers, gorillas, lemurs, cheetahs and others. Also: relive conservation expeditions with the team as they help elephants, lions, sloths and sharks.

  • Discover all there is to know about the American alligator, and find out the treatment needed when one injures its leg. Plus, find out what it means to be a veterinary extern as a college student experiences life as a Wildlife Doc.

  • Discover the great lengths taken to keep the Eastern Cape lion population healthy for generations to come in Africa. And, meet the veterinarians and volunteers dedicated to protecting the animals in the area from poachers.

  • Join Dr. Dominique as she journeys to Stingray City in the Cayman Islands with world-famous conservationist and artist, Guy Harvey. Follow along as the team tracks the health of the stingrays, and find out if any are pregnant!

  • The slow-moving sloth family is busy as dad, Mario, goes in for a check-up, and one-year-old Yiscel, makes strides as an animal ambassador. Then, a nyala calf breaks her leg.

  • A cardiologist is called in to consult on a male chimp’s annual check-up. Plus, meet a kookaburra and a Tawny frogmouth, two unique Australian bird species.

  • Discover the ingenious methods used to take an x-ray of a giraffe’s giant hoof. Then, an armadillo goes in for a check-up.

  • A hyena cub needs surgery to repair its elbow; a few species of water-dwelling birds have their yearly checkup.

  • Meet the orangutans at the park, and follow a young orangutan on his voyage from New Zealand to Tampa. Then, a wild falcon has been hit by a car and needs surgery. Plus, witness the journey of an orphaned bobcat!

  • A 350-pound Malayan tiger visits the Animal Care Center for his annual exam. Plus, we'll introduce you to a slow loris and find out what's being done to save them from extinction.

  • The Wildlife Docs each share a memorable animal procedure. First, Dr. Pete performs a dental exam on a large hippo, while Dr. Dominique deals with a much smaller patient in a lesser bush baby. Then Dr. Mike makes a house call to the elephant herd.

  • Celebrate 100 episodes of The Wildlife Docs as we look back on the births of baby tigers, gorillas, lemurs, cheetahs and more. Relive conservation expeditions with the team as they help elephants, lions, sloths and even sharks!

  • A red ruffed lemur visits The Wildlife Docs for her annual exam while a mongoose lemur needs a root canal. Then, we’ll introduce you to “Berko,” a ground cuscus.

  • The giraffe herd get special lessons from the staff in order to stay healthy; three new Chilean flamingo chicks get ready to become animal ambassadors for their variety.

  • Follow along as we investigate the digestive differences between a meat-eating hyena cub and baby sloth that prefers a leafy green diet. Plus… a tarantula, a scorpion and a millipede visit The Wildlife Docs.

  • A mama bear and her two cubs are saved; a wild emu has a hurt neck; a loon must have a fishing hook removed from its throat.

  • Samantha, one of the chimps at the park, has a wound that won’t heal so the Docs must perform surgery. Then, discover all kinds of frog facts. Plus, a smokey jungle frog has a leg issue.

  • There’s a new baby gorilla at the park! Witness family dynamics, as a two year old, male gorilla meets the new addition. Plus, a giant anteater is having issues with his heart.

  • On an expedition to the jungles of Cambodia, The Wildlife Docs witness the conservation work being done to save wild elephants, bears, snakes, gibbons, monkeys and other endangered wildlife.

  • Witness how fast lions grow up, and then, a lioness needs to visit The Wildlife Docs. Plus, we’ll introduce you to the park’s newest bush baby!

  • Follow along as we visit The Duke Lemur Center to find out about the important work being done to save this endangered species. Plus, meet three baby lemurs!

  • When a female cheetah fractures her hip, a specialist is called in to perform surgery. Then, a young flamingo requires surgery to repair a leg injury while a hyena needs a hysterectomy. Plus, a delicate procedure is performed on a kudu to remove cancer from her eye.

  • A red kangaroo needs a root canal. Also: a peek of some camouflaged fowls from the South Pacific.

  • A penguin with breathing issues needs a CT scan to find out what’s causing the problem. Then, two wild bobcats are rescued, but in need of help from The Wildlife Docs.

  • Discover what an armadillo, a sloth and an anteater all have in common. Follow along as they go into training to participate in their own health care. Plus, witness a ground dwelling bird take flight.

  • The docs go see Cambodian schoolkids who are interested in helping wild animals, and they help the children identify gibbons, sun bears, tigers and various monkeys.

  • A trip to Cambodia to watch little-seen exotic animals such as pangolins and langurs.

  • The Wildlife Docs travel to Cambodia to support wild animal rescue and emergency care efforts for tigers and elephants. Join the Docs as they study exotic Asian tigers, and then provide expertise as an orphaned elephant baby receives a prosthetic leg.

  • Dr. Dominique visits Mexico to accompany conservationist Guy Harvey doing research on the mako shark.

  • A hyena cub checks out its new home. Also: the grand opening of a snake-centered roller coaster.

  • Two sloths are born at the park, and the newborns get a lot of attention from the doting workers.

  • The doctors attempt to figure out why a cheetah has slowed down; the antelope heard gets larger.

  • The team brings in a cardiologist and a dentist to assist in an aging chimpanzee¢s check-up. Plus, a myriad of macaws visit the Animal Care Center