The Xtacles

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The Xtacles is an Adult Swim animation. Cartoon network launched Adult Swim for the kid in all of the adults out here. It is not suitable for children of young ages. Adult Swim airs on cartoon network late at nite, starting around midnight. The Xtacles is a futuristic cartoon about men and one woman who dress up in robot suits that give them the ability to fly. The men are crime fighters who protect the world from villains, criminals, and unruly citizens. There is some comedy in the script as well as satire.

This adult cartoon was created by Matt Thompson and stars Rachael Harris, Marshall Bell, Michael Ian Black, Stuart Culpepper, and a few others who are occasionally cast members.

Cartoon Network
1 Season, 2 Episodes
November 9, 2008
Animation & Cartoon, Action & Adventure, Adult Cartoon
Cast: Marshall Bell, Michael Ian Black, Stuart Culpepper, Mr. Ford
The Xtacles

The Xtacles Full Episode Guide

  • President Stan unveils a new monument of himself but discovers it has been raped. Disgusted by the act, and low on super heroes, he reluctantly decides to send the Xtacles to find out who the rapist is and bring him to justice.

  • With Awesome X missing, the Xtacles have become paralyzed without leadership. They struggle to make the simplest of decisions, including wither to change course as they steer towards the Rocky Mountains.