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  • 2019
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This Giant Beast That Is the Global Economy is a fascinating six-part documentary series created by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Adam McKay, exploring the complex inner workings of the world's economic systems. The show is hosted by actor and former White House Associate Director Kal Penn, who guides viewers through an engaging and informative journey across the globe, meeting industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and government officials, who help to shed light on the critical issues impacting modern finance.

Throughout the series, Penn, along with expert correspondent and senior economic contributor to The New Yorker, Adam Davidson, explores some of the most pressing topics facing the global economy today. They tackle everything from the rise of alternative currencies, and the impact of AI on the job market, to the real-world consequences of political upheaval and social inequality.

For each episode, Penn takes viewers to a different part of the world, where he dives deep into the unique economic conditions and cultural factors impacting that region. Along the way, he meets with local experts and historical figures, who share their insights and experiences, lending perspective on how the past, present, and future of their economy intersects with daily life.

One standout episode focuses specifically on the rise of China as a global economic superpower. Penn and Davidson travel to Beijing, where they speak with economists, policy makers, and business leaders, who discuss the historic opening up of the Chinese economy in the 1980s and how the country's focus on high-tech manufacturing, infrastructure, and innovation has transformed the global economy. They also explore the challenges and potential drawbacks of China's unparalleled growth, including concerns about debt, environmental damage, and geopolitical influence.

Overall, This Giant Beast That Is the Global Economy is an excellent series for anyone interested in economics or passionate about understanding the world around them. It's informative, engaging, and accessible, with a diverse range of perspectives and insights from experts around the world. The show also benefits from a lighthearted, conversational approach, making it a fun and entertaining watch, in addition to its educational value.

One of the most exciting aspects of the show is the way it examines the global economy through a critical and nuanced lens, avoiding the simplistic, black and white interpretations often found in popular discourse. Whether it's exploring the impact of automation on employment or the relationship between colonialism and modern-day inequality, each episode provides a thought-provoking and insightful analysis of complex issues that are often only cursorily understood.

At its core, This Giant Beast That Is the Global Economy is a show about human stories, and how they intersect with the broader trends that shape our world. It's about the real people and communities impacted by economic forces, and how they respond to the challenges and opportunities they face. It's about the ways in which global finance is inseparable from human experience, and the profound impact that money and power have on every aspect of our lives.

In conclusion, This Giant Beast That Is the Global Economy is a must-watch for anyone interested in economics, globalization, and the evolving dynamics of our world. It's a show that combines rigorous analysis with human stories, making it both informative and engaging. With its combination of expert insights, global perspective, and lighthearted approach, it's a series that is sure to leave viewers both informed and inspired.

This Giant Beast That Is the Global Economy
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A Global Corruption Tour
8. A Global Corruption Tour
February 22, 2019
Why is that people in power so often use that power for personal gain? Host Kal Penn explores the wide range of corruption -- from petty bribery to grand corruption -- and how it can cripple entire economies. Traveling from San Francisco to Prague, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, and Singapore, Kal witnesses the various ways governments and individuals are fighting to keep their countries corruption-free. Kal begins his journey at UC Berkeley, where former US Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, gives him a crash course in corruption. From there, he travels to India, where petty bribery is part of everyday life. Back in New York, Kal talks to New Yorker journalist Adam Davidson about how you know when corruption goes beyond a few bad apples and has infected the larger system. Interested in getting a front-row seat to corruption in the wild, Kal takes a
Is Money Bullshit?
7. Is Money Bullshit?
February 22, 2019
What IS money, really? We spend our lives trying to get it, but what has inspired such divine faith in a piece of paper? Is it intrinsically valuable or is it all a big lie? The secret behind money is the big mystery at the center of the global economy, and host Kal Penn is setting off to unravel currency itself. Kal meets Rick and Jane Austin, a couple of grandparents and preparedness experts who don't believe in money. So much so, they've made a decision to live without it. Rick and Jane believe that one day soon, an economic apocalypse will hit the planet creating a kill-or-be-killed society of cannibals. Their advice: If you don't want to get eaten by the flesh-eating hordes, you'd better grow your own food -- the only real currency. If surviving on homemade goat cheese is not your thing, then what about trying to live without money, but with other people? Kal visits a barter market in Spain to witness a cashless community in action, and has an economic misadventure with Melissa (it's not what you think). Or what about hoarding gold instead of stuffing your mattress with Benjamins? Kal visits a vault filled with the shiny stuff and learns all about how US currency was once backed by the gold standard until the US government declared that a dollar has value
The Death Episode
6. The Death Episode
February 22, 2019
What does it cost you to die? Host Kal Penn travels to Spain, the Czech Republic, Germany, Malaysia, LA and New York, meeting with workers and experts in the
Counterfeiting Kills Economies ( And Helps Them Too)
5. Counterfeiting Kills Economies ( And Helps Them Too)
February 22, 2019
Fakes siphon off billions of dollars a year from the global economy. It's their uncanny ability to effectively imitate the real thing that gives them their power. They can undermine multimillion dollar brands
A.I. is the future. Will it Keep us Around to Enjoy it?
4. A.I. is the future. Will it Keep us Around to Enjoy it?
February 22, 2019
Over the next 15 years, artificial intelligence is going to completely transform our economy. But who will be the winners and losers of this new industrial revolution? Host Kal Penn travels to India, New York, San Francisco, and London to find out how A.I. will make and break human fortunes, and potentially change our entire working culture. Kal starts his journey in San Francisco, where he meets A.I. advisor to the World Economic Forum, Julia Bossmann. Bossmann sets Kal straight on all the things that A.I. is not, which includes pretty much everything science fiction has told you. With the newfound knowledge of what A.I. really is, Kal travels to New York to talk to MIT research scientist, Andrew McAfee, who puts A.I. in perspective by telling him how it will bring about a new industrial revolution. From there, Kal goes to London to learn about a scary application of A.I. technology called
The Rubber Episode
3. The Rubber Episode
February 22, 2019
There are a lot of ways to imagine how the world will end
Are Rich People Dicks or Do Dicks Get Rich
2. Are Rich People Dicks or Do Dicks Get Rich
February 22, 2019
Let's just say it: a lot of rich people come across as dicks. But is there a reason for this pernicious stereotype? What is it about having a lot of money and a willingness to step over anyone to get more of it that seem to go together? Is there a correlation between
Money Laundering: A How To Guide
1. Money Laundering: A How To Guide
February 22, 2019
What do you do when you have a lot of cash that wasn't exactly earned legally? Easy. You launder it. But here's the harder question: How EXACTLY do you launder it? Host Kal Penn sets out to talk to people in the know --international bankers, lawyers, investigative journalists, and money launderers themselves, to find out how the world's dirty money gets cleaned. Kal starts his journey in Miami, talking to convicted money launderer, Humberto Aguilar, about how it's done. Aguilar's expertise from the "glory days" of Miami's cocaine heyday leads Kal to the island nation of Cyprus. There, he meet a slew of characters who reveal all the ways that money laundering has played into Cyprus's economy -- but is it still going on? Kal eventually has to leave Cyprus to get the clearest answer. He travels to London to meet Panicos Demetriades, former governor of the Bank of Cyprus, who fled the country after blowing the whistle on continued money laundering in the country. Panicos reveals the ways that powerful people across the globe are continuing to launder money through secret networks -- and not just through Cyprus. Back in America, Kal gets advice from a man who has truly seen and done it all -- including money laundering, jewel smuggling, Bin-Laden hunting and working for three-letter government agencies to stop money laundering: Felix Sater. Like the Wizard of Oz, Sater reveals that the thing Kal's been looking for has been right at home in the US all along. This episode includes appearances by Joel McHale and Thomas Middleditch.
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    February 22, 2019
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    7.7  (855)