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In this animated spinoff of the animated series Total Drama, some of the original series' characters find themselves in an alternate universe in which they are toddlers instead of teenagers. Other than that, though, life is a lot like it was on the original series.Total Dramarama is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (84 episodes). The series first aired on January 30, 2018.

Total Dramarama is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Total Dramarama on demand at, Cartoon Network online.

Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 84 Episodes
January 30, 2018
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Drew Nelson, Deven Christian Mack, Scott McCord, Kerstin Julia Dietrich
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Total Dramarama Full Episode Guide

  • The kids invite Chef's old tag team partner in wrestling for a show.

  • Gwen realizes that Beth is right about cartoons being real after visiting an animation studio.

  • When Chef gets locked outside in a storm, the kids mistakenly assume he's a robber and decide to protect the any means necessary.

  • Courtney must deliberately lose a challenge or let the entire world go back in time. It's a really hard choice for her.

  • While trying to defend his elite gamer status, Chef uses an old cheat code that brings a dangerous avatar to life.

  • The class tries to help Chef achieve his dream of joining the world's most famous tuba band, Tubalicious, only to regret it when they realize how much they'll miss him.

  • Duncan takes advantage of a questionable Halloween legend to steal candy from his classmates.

  • Gwen rejects the friendship of a friendly ghost.

  • Duncan cooks up a nuclear hot sauce to mess with Chef, but accidentally summons Terry Spice, King of the Underworld!.

  • Owen has a mishap while baking an upside-down cake and is transported to an upside-down world where he is forced to outwit himself in order to get his cake back.

  • Bridgette donates her hair to a charity that makes wigs for hairless cats and now some classmates want to do the same. But their quest for perfect wig hair drives them to weird and dangerous lengths.

  • Cody gets a super cool, new t-shirt. It's SO cool that the kids don't even recognize him, so Cody jumps on the chance to leave his old life behind and become popular.

  • Izzy forgets the ending to her most amazing dream of all time, so the kids travel into her mind to find out what happened.

  • When Chef brings in some old toys from his childhood he, Duncan and Gwen, each get magically sucked into one of the toys and need to find a way to get back into their own bodies.

  • After trying on the nose of a clown Owen learns that this is how clowns are made and he is stuck as a clown until he can trick someone else into asking to try on the nose.

  • While trying to photocopy his butt on Chef's fancy new copier Duncan accidentally makes an entire other Duncan. Great! This other Duncan can do all the school stuff while the real Duncan chills.

  • It's International Cousins Day and Owen and Gwen are dreading the fact that their cousins Max and Ella are spending the day with them. And soon everyone else will understand why.

  • Leshawna hatches a plan to extort the tooth fairy for money after destroying her loose tooth, only accidentally kidnaps the fart fairy instead.

  • When the other kids fear Harold has accidentally flushed himself down Chef's fancy new toilet, they travel into the sewer on a rescue mission. But will they find Harold before the mythical Alligator King traps them underground forever?

  • After Leshawna, Bridgette, Owen and Cody win a Hide & Seek competition, they're trapped on a private island by a jealous former champion and forced to play for their freedom.

  • Izzy can't bring herself to smash a Pinata during the class' Cinco De Mayo celebrations. But when that unsmashed Pinata comes to life and spawns an evil Pinata Army, it's batter up.

  • After having a chocolate bar confiscated by Chef, Beth finds herself in a parallel giant world and aims to get back her now giant chocolate bar.

  • Chef is knocked unconscious right before a School Board Evaluator shows up for a big review. Now Owen has to fill in so Chef doesn't lose his Teaching License and to ensure the kids earn the pony ride Chef promised for good behavior.

  • After eating Chef's extremely rare and expensive chocolates Courtney drags Owen, Izzy and Beth all the way to the Norberian Alps of Fruffenberg to replace them.

  • When Chef's mom becomes the supply teacher for a day Duncan replaces Chef's to-do list with one of his own.

  • After Chef says opposing viewpoints make the world more interesting and fun Izzy applies it in the worst way possible.

  • When a severe screen addiction turns the kids into lazy deadbeats, Chef brings in a professional to whip them into shape.

  • Hoping to 'brighten her day', Izzy and Owen pimp out Gwen's egg chair. But when it ends up in a museum run by angry chickens, they must retrieve it before Gwen destroys the daycare in a temper tantrum of unspeakable darkness.

  • Owen pretends to be Izzy's pet dinosaur after leading her to believe she dug him up in the school playground.

  • When Gwen's favorite event, the Zombie March, falls on the same day as Noah's nightmare event, dental hygienist check up day, Gwen and Noah find a way to help each other out.

  • When a substitute teacher fills in for Chef, Duncan thinks it's going to be the best day ever. He's wrong.

  • Owen's newly found gloves make him great at everything. But this greatness comes at a high price.

  • When a skunk comes seeking its annual revenge on Chef, Duncan sees it as an opportunity to get a vacation from daycare.

  • After finding what he believes to be a magic wand, Owen accidentally turns Harold into a housefly.

  • When the daycare gets taken over by evil gnomes, Duncan finds himself on the wrong team.

  • Chef brokers a truce with lice, but Courtney instigates a war against them.

  • When Chef forgets to book a mascot on National Hot Dog Day, he's forced to find an alternative.

  • Duncan leads Beth to believe she's broken his battery-powered bike and makes her chauffeur him around in a wagon for the day as punishment.

  • Owen takes over the job of caring for the class hamster and learns that he's evil.

  • Duncan and Leshawna try to take advantage of Izzy's love for the game of Simon Says.

  • A class camping trip turns into a treasure hunt while Harold is determined to catch Bigfoot and keep everyone safe.

  • Duncan finally manages to break out only to realize he's forgotten his pacifier and needs to break back into the school to get it.

  • Duncan escapes during a community walk only to discover he has to babysit Cody and Bridgette.

  • Chef attempts to trick the kids into making his mother gifts after he forgets Mother's Day.

  • After a paper origami fortune teller tells Izzy she's the world's best advice giver, she's determined to prove it.

  • Beth refuses to believe that the adorable goo creature she's created out of slime is consuming the kids until she and Gwen are the only two left in class.

  • Chef struggles to maintain his sanity when the kids continue to blame a stuffed rabbit named Hoppy for everything they do wrong.

  • When Chef loses the last page of the story-time book, Gwen takes over and creates a monster that all the kids start to believe in.

  • When Chef tells Beth he won't buy the new super amazing toy she wants because they already have plenty to play with, she goes on a mission to get rid of their toys.

  • Beth and Leshawna try to one-up each other with fake injuries as they compete for the attention and sympathy of the other kids at daycare.

  • Harold believes that the picture day photographer is somehow turning the kids into well behaved zombies.

  • Beth gets her gum stuck in Leshawna's hair and has to get it out - without Leshawna finding out it's there.

  • Gwen accidentally brings a pink stuffed pony she loves to daycare and spends the day denying it's hers.

  • Duncan stages a small coup to oust Courtney as their official class firefighter so that he can wear the shiny firefighter helmet - until he smells smoke in the classroom and begs her to take her job back.

  • Toys Will Be Toys: Courtney becomes a toy tester but forgets that the most important thing is to have fun.

  • From Badge to Worse: In order to earn her final Girl Campers badge Courtney must earn Gwen's friendship.

  • A Licking Time Bomb: Owen and Noah unwittingly become cookie moguls and must hide the secret ingredient, which is Owen's spit from licking the sprinkles off the cookies.

  • Courtney must go all day without correcting her friends which is hard because they do everything wrong!

  • Beth gets Courtney's diorama furniture stuck up her nose and Courtney needs it back before the diorama contest judge arrives.

  • Leshawna creates a paint balloon fight to decide who gets to come with her to an amusement park.

  • Noah tries to rescue the chocolates Owen forgot outside.

  • Owen fears he's about to lose his BFF Noah to a gifted military school.

  • Duncan is determined to stop the musical duo Bananas & Cheese from coming to the daycare.

  • Bridgette gets the hiccups and becomes desperate to get rid of them.

  • Having the Timeout of Our Lives: Owen forms a special bond with Duncan after having loads of fun with him during their timeouts.

  • Harold's world is turned upside down when Beth becomes the class ninja.

  • Duncan goes on a mission to scare Courtney during a field trip to the museum.

  • Izzy wants to play a superhero game and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the others to see it through.

  • After Owen gets ripped off at the ice cream truck, the kids unite to right that wrong.

  • After seeing Leshawna enjoying a sick day at home with ice cream and TV, Duncan convinces the other kids try to get sick too.

  • Owen and Beth try to save an ant hill that Courtney and Leshawna want to destroy.

  • Courtney refuses to share her valuable collectors’ item toy with her classmates.

  • Duncan, Leshawna and Jude all want corner pieces of Izzy's Birthday Cake- But are they prepared to go to any length to get one?

  • Gwen tries to convince Chef to tell the class the truth about their pet goldfish.

  • When Owen hides a walker-talkie inside his chili dog, Harold believes it’s an alien here to destroy Earth.

  • After befriending a chicken with a bad attitude at a petting zoo, Jude is followed back to school by the chicken; he defends the bad bird’s behavior until he can defend it no longer.

  • After daring each other to drink Chef's Pegasus Rainbow Latte, Izzy and Jude are jacked up like crazy and Duncan and Courtney take a road trip to try and replace the drink before Chef finds out it's gone.

  • Owen has his super ball confiscated and locked up in Chef's office. Duncan, seeing an opportunity to get help escaping the daycare, leads an away team into the vents to recover Owen's ball.

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