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  • TV-Y7
  • 2018
  • 3 Seasons
  • 4.0  (923)

Total Dramarama is an animated television series that premiered on Cartoon Network in 2018. The show is a spin-off of the popular Total Drama Island series, which premiered in 2007. The show revolves around a group of toddlers who attend a daycare together and get into all sorts of mischief.

The main characters of the show are Owen, Duncan, Courtney, Izzy, Noah, Gwen, Jude, and Chef Hatchet. These characters were originally contestants on Total Drama Island, and they have been re-imagined as toddlers for Total Dramarama. The show is set at the same camp from Total Drama Island, but the characters are now attending daycare there instead of competing in challenges.

The show follows the toddlers as they play games, make crafts, and generally get into trouble under the watchful eye of their daycare teacher, Chef Hatchet. The show is full of silly humor and slapstick comedy, and it is aimed at a younger audience than Total Drama Island.

One of the unique aspects of Total Dramarama is the way it blends elements of reality TV with a preschool show. The show features confessional-style interviews with the characters, much like the original Total Drama Island series. However, instead of talking about their strategies for winning challenges, the toddlers discuss their favorite colors and toys.

The show also features a lot of pop culture references and parodies. For example, one episode parodies The Bachelor, with the toddlers competing for a rose from their crush. Another episode parodies The Hunger Games, with the toddlers competing in a survival challenge in the daycare sandbox.

The animation style of Total Dramarama is similar to that of Total Drama Island, with exaggerated character designs and bright colors. The show also makes use of flashbacks and dream sequences, which are animated in a different style to differentiate them from the main storyline.

Total Dramarama has been well-received by audiences and critics alike. Fans of the original Total Drama Island series have praised the show for its clever references and callbacks to the original series. Parents have also appreciated the show's humor and positive messages about teamwork and friendship.

Total Dramarama ran for four seasons from 2018 to 2022, with a total of 104 episodes. The show has also been released on DVD and is available for streaming on Cartoon Network's website.

In conclusion, Total Dramarama is a fun and absurd show that will appeal to both kids and adults. The show's use of reality TV tropes and pop culture references makes it a unique entry in the preschool show genre. Fans of Total Drama Island will appreciate the show's nods to the original series, while newcomers will enjoy the humor and colorful characters.

Total Dramarama is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (152 episodes). The series first aired on January 30, 2018.

Total Dramarama
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A Very Special Special That's Quite Special
53. A Very Special Special That's Quite Special
April 15, 2023
When Duncan destroys the school using an unsafe app, Chef ends up with a big cash settlement, but rather than rebuilding the school, he takes the kids on a cross-country adventure to a waterpark.
A Bridgette Too Far
52. A Bridgette Too Far
July 22, 2022
As season three draws to a close, Bridgette becomes desperate to star in an episode.
Legends of the Paul
51. Legends of the Paul
July 21, 2022
Duncan grows jealous of Paul's 100-year time out and determined to be King of the Pranks, has to team up with Paul, learn his ways, then double-cross and become a legend.
The Doomed Ballooned Marooned
50. The Doomed Ballooned Marooned
July 20, 2022
After over-decorating a birthday table with balloons, several kids float away to a deserted island.
Total Trauma Rama
49. Total Trauma Rama
July 19, 2022
Duncan, normally the bad kid, has an identity crisis when his pranks start curing people of their fears.
Be Claws I Love You, Shelley
48. Be Claws I Love You, Shelley
July 18, 2022
When Owen brings a lobster in for show and tell, we discover that Chef has a real lobster problem.
Senior Sinisters
47. Senior Sinisters
June 10, 2022
Harold concocts an anti-aging cream for Chef, but when it turns the kids old, Chef hides the reversal cream because taking care of old people is making him young again!.
Oozing Talent
46. Oozing Talent
June 9, 2022
When Sugar unwittingly wins a job as spokesperson for a diarrhea medication, she enlists the help of her friends to stop the commercial from premiering during the big game.
The Cone-versation
45. The Cone-versation
June 8, 2022
When Noah is forced to wear a cone of shame, he feels left out of everything. But when he learns of a pirate treasure buried under the school he becomes the leader of the team that goes on the quest to find it.
The Fuss on the Bus
43. The Fuss on the Bus
June 7, 2022
Having never booked the field trip he promised the kids, Chef has to manufacture a full day of delays on the bus trip to avoid getting to Happy Sunshine Good Time Land.
Knit Wit
42. Knit Wit
June 6, 2022
Total DramaRama is the outrageous, unexpected and totally random prequel to Total Drama Island that everyone's been waiting for! You thought the teens were manipulative? Meet the toddlers.
Ticking Crime Bomb
41. Ticking Crime Bomb
February 11, 2022
Leshawna and Izzy trick Owen into thinking he's destined to be a criminal mastermind, but when he leaves school to join the scariest gang in town, they have to mount a rescue attempt.
Van Hogling
40. Van Hogling
February 10, 2022
Chef and the kids take a field trip to Sugar's farm, but ignore all of Sugar's strict and boring farm rules. This leads to dire consequences when Chef and the kids unleash a herd of ravenous "Were-hogs" on a full moon.
The Original Act
39. The Original Act
February 9, 2022
After failing to open a jar, Chef believes he's past his prime and entering his twilight years. This prompts Beth and the kids to dig up something from his youth to rejuvenate him.
Virtual Reality Bites
38. Virtual Reality Bites
February 8, 2022
When the school switches to virtual reality, Harold uses the opportunity to get the respect he feels he rightfully deserves.
Cactus Makes Perfect
37. Cactus Makes Perfect
February 7, 2022
Cody's friends become concerned when he forms a new friendship with a cactus.
The Tree Stooges Save Christmas Part 2
36. The Tree Stooges Save Christmas Part 2
December 9, 2021
The kids accidentally destroy Chef's decorated Christmas tree. Scared this means they've ruined his Christmas, they go on an epic mission to replace his holiday treasures.
The Tree Stooges Save Christmas
35. The Tree Stooges Save Christmas
December 9, 2021
The kids accidentally destroy Chef's decorated Christmas tree. Scared this means they've ruined his Christmas, they go on an epic mission to replace his holiday treasures.
Aches and Ladders
34. Aches and Ladders
December 4, 2021
When MacArthur has a bad fall in the school, the kids' recollections of the event are just as weird as they are.
Daycare of Rock
33. Daycare of Rock
November 27, 2021
After believing he's turned Chef to stone Duncan sets his sights on ultimate chaos only to discover there's no joy in victory without an adversary.
Not for the Paint of Heart
32. Not for the Paint of Heart
November 20, 2021
When Izzy believes that Chef wants her to rise to the challenge of destroying the daycare with art, she gets some magic paint to bring all her creations to life.
Bearly Edible
31. Bearly Edible
November 10, 2021
Owen gets cookies from Chef's Orders Owen ate it while on the way back so now he bought cookies made out of car tires.
Mad Math: Taffy Road
30. Mad Math: Taffy Road
November 6, 2021
Summary is not available.
Gwen Scary, Gwen Lost
29. Gwen Scary, Gwen Lost
October 29, 2021
When Chef discovers his spooky Halloween pranks have never scared the kids he's devastated. Determined to get them this year, he agrees to hand over full control of his pranking to Gwen. Her plan turns out far spookier than Chef ever hoped.
The Big Bangs Theory
28. The Big Bangs Theory
October 23, 2021
Chef forgets the password for his computer but knows it has something to do with one of the 99 previous explosions that took out the school. Entering the wrong password will cause the school to blow up for the 100th time.
Trousering Inferno
27. Trousering Inferno
October 16, 2021
The Bad Guy Busters must reunite to save Izzy after Harold uncovers her previous identity and leads a supervillain from her past right to her.
Ice Guys Finish Last
26. Ice Guys Finish Last
October 9, 2021
Chef brings a souvenir iceberg home from a trip to the South Pole and Duncan finds a prehistoric surprise inside.
Quiche It Goodbye
25. Quiche It Goodbye
October 2, 2021
When an "evil conglomerate" is threatening to takeover Chef's favorite childhood restaurant, Owen rallies the kids to take them down.
24. CodE.T.
September 25, 2021
When Cody gets sick, the kids want to send a message back to his home planet in hopes that they can save him, but Courtney is not in favor of this plan.
23. Thingameroo
September 18, 2021
When a lack of motivation threatens to sink the kids' chances in the Sportslete Athlaction Awards, they create the greatest mascot of all time to boost school spirit.
Teacher, Soldier, Chef, Spy
22. Teacher, Soldier, Chef, Spy
September 11, 2021
When Beth, Duncan and Izzy break Chef's new VR helmet they have to recreate his game world to keep him from ever finding out the truth.
Erase Yer Head
21. Erase Yer Head
September 4, 2021
Gwen buys a Personality Modifier Ray to change people's personalities.
A Dingo Ate My Duncan
20. A Dingo Ate My Duncan
July 22, 2021
When all their classmates are replaced with well-behaved Australian doppelgangers in a school exchange program, Lightning and Cody start getting suspicious.
Chews Wisely
19. Chews Wisely
July 21, 2021
When the floor ends up covered in gum on the day of a big bubble blowing contest, Sugar decides she might help herself win by helping her friends get stuck to the floor.
A Tell Tale
18. A Tell Tale
July 20, 2021
After Owen's BBF, Noah, goes through a growth spurt, Owen fears losing his friend and takes drastic action.
A Hole Lot Of Trouble
17. A Hole Lot Of Trouble
July 19, 2021
When rain derails an outside game of catch someone suggests they play it inside. This prompts Izzy to lead the group through her wildly imaginative worst-case scenario. It's an adventure so scary that the kids many never play again.
Dial B For Birder
16. Dial B For Birder
July 15, 2021
Harold uncovers a secret plot that Chef's new parrot is hatching and tries to save his teacher only to discover that Sugar figured it out before him. Or did she?.
TP2: Judgement Bidet
15. TP2: Judgement Bidet
July 14, 2021
When the city experiences a toilet paper shortage Beth and Harold investigate and discover it's their old rival Sewer Mike who is the mastermind behind it all.
Cody The Barbarian
14. Cody The Barbarian
July 13, 2021
Cody is set to inherit a video game empire from his long-lost uncle, but only if he and his friends have what it takes to conquer a fantastical live-action video game.
13. Waterhose-five
July 12, 2021
The hottest day of the year and a broke air conditioner leads to a water battle of epic proportions to determine who controls the garden hose.
Say Hello To My Little Friends
12. Say Hello To My Little Friends
July 8, 2021
After telling the kids he will not miss them over the long weekend Chef locks himself into the school and finds out he was very, very wrong.
Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels
11. Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels
July 7, 2021
Courtney's attempt to make Chef a better teacher fails when a squirrel gets his hands on her mind-control device.
I Dream Of Meanie
10. I Dream Of Meanie
July 6, 2021
When Cody keeps screaming in his sleep Gwen and Duncan take a trip into Cody's dreams to see what is scaring him.
Breaking Bite
9. Breaking Bite
July 5, 2021
Beth becomes the big dog on campus after she bites Duncan, but being the big dog is a dangerous thing, especially when you didn't actually bite anybody!.
Sugar & Spice & Lightning & Frights
8. Sugar & Spice & Lightning & Frights
May 29, 2021
When two new kids show up at the daycare Duncan and Leshawna take issue with, not what makes them different, but what makes them similar to the newbies.
7. Carmageddon
May 22, 2021
Duncan is rattled when Chef, tired of having his car destroyed, buys a new one that is completely indestructible.
Last Mom Standing
6. Last Mom Standing
May 15, 2021
When Chef's Mom and Leshawna's Grandmother drop their loved ones off at the same time, it kicks off a dangerous competition for who is the most caring mother-figure.
MacArthur Park
5. MacArthur Park
May 8, 2021
After losing countless jobs because of the kids, MacArthur shows up at the school seeking revenge.
Weekend at Buddy's
4. Weekend at Buddy's
May 1, 2021
After Cody's best friend doll breaks on their watch, Owen and Beth put themselves in grave danger while trying to do the right thing.
Broken Back Kotter
3. Broken Back Kotter
April 24, 2021
Izzy nominates Chef for the Daycare Professional of the Year award and will do whatever it takes to see him win. As it turns out, it takes a lot.
Whack Mirror
2. Whack Mirror
April 17, 2021
Chef warns Beth and Cody making goofy faces into a mirror will cause them to get stuck that way. It turns out he was right, just not in the way any of them ever imagined.
1. Gumbearable
April 3, 2021
After accidentally swallowing a piece of gum Owen has to protect his friends by jumping into gum volcano.
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Total Dramarama is available for streaming on the Cartoon Network website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Total Dramarama on demand at Max, Amazon Prime, Sling and Cartoon Network.
  • Premiere Date
    January 30, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    4.0  (923)