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Set in the Toronto-based investment house Gardner/Ross, "Traders" explores the intimate lives and loves of investment bankers whose high-stakes decisions and sizzling alliances can have grave international consequences. Traders is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (83 episodes). The series first aired on January 31, 1996.

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5 Seasons, 83 Episodes
January 31, 1996
Crime, Drama
Cast: Sonja Smits, Bruce Gray, Patrick McKenna, Chris Leavins
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Traders Full Episode Guide

  • Sally goes on her honeymoon; Adam shakes up GRC; the market takes a dive.

  • Sally marries a banker; Marty hounds Ziggy; demented Jansky tries to download his consciousness into a computer.

  • Sally's old friend wants to take her pornography company public; political strife devalues Marty's overseas investments.

  • Adam considers a job offer; unstable Jansky tests the stock exchange's computer system; Ziggy's boyfriend kills a homeless man in a hit-and-run accident.

  • Sally and MJ clash over a merger; Adam schemes his way into a business syndicate; personal lives interfere with business.

  • Americans buy a Canadian hockey team; Marty tapes an infomercial; Paul promotes a student's nutritional supplement.

  • Sally complicates an allocation to a university research project; Marty continues his fling with a producer; Ziggy courts high-rollers.

  • Sally and Adam goad feuding siblings into a merger; conventioneer Marty is tempted to stray; Niko confronts her ex-husband.

  • Sally is convinced to fund an American medical-marijuana grower; Adam seeks greater responsibilities.

  • A book fan pursues Marty; Paul decides to market a the device of a convicted child murderer to find missing children.

  • Catherine leaves the baby with Adam; Marty annoys colleagues by bragging about his book; Sally finances a project to aid the homeless.

  • Adam's deal for an old friend may fall apart; Sally issues tough job evaluations; Paul turns to a religious group.

  • Adam is reluctant to accept the burdens of fatherhood; Marty is disappointed by the response to his book; Sally seeks financing for her Internet deal.

  • Sally is tiring of banking; Mark has a midlife crisis; computer hackers disrupt the market.

  • Paul is attacked by thugs over his dirty deals; Chris promotes an herbal mood enhancer; Ziggy works for a pop star.

  • Marty's yen arbitrage endangers the company; Sally admits she stole Jack's money; Adam and Catherine grow closer; Ian brokers a deal.

  • Sally's suspicious dealings are probed; Marty gambles on an arbitrage play; Adam oversees a publishing-house buyout.

  • Marty tries to boost the troop's morale; Sally aggressively fights her cancer; Adam helps his sister-in-law; Paul angers a rival bank.

  • A corporate chairman dies suddenly; the floor's computers and phones go out.

  • Sally fears investigators will learn she bought controlling interest in a company with purloined funds.

  • A real-estate development causes a rift between Sally and Adam; Ian outmaneuvers Paul; Chris digs up Niko's past.

  • An Internet post mars Sally's credibility; hubris afflicts Ian; Paul needs to close a deal.

  • Recurring cancer clouds Sally's judgment; Adam orders Paul to clean up a retail stock fiasco; Marty's marriage flounders.

  • Sally and Adam promote a luxury cruise liner; Marty and Niko conduct a power struggle on the floor.

  • A poor harvest, politics and demands by investors threaten a winery.

  • The firm is heavily invested in a baby food company that may be liable for an infant's death.

  • Adam forms an alliance with a biker gang; Marty hires his son; Sally and Paul try to save a shipping company; Ziggy has difficulty coping with stress.

  • Sally uses questionable tactics to secure a deal; Adam manipulates Ian; Chris and Niko encounter sexual tension.

  • Sally schemes to buy back the bank; Adam recruits Ian to salvage the Montreal deal; Chris would sell family land for waste disposal.

  • Sally is guilt-ridden over Jack's death; Adam suspects his new partner has Alzheimer's disease; Ian plans to launch a new mutual fund.

  • Adam becomes a partner in a redevelopment project; Ian's mutual fund provokes racial issues; Jack is distraught over a failed relationship.

  • Jack starts a new life; Sally tries to force Jack to return to Canada; Adam makes a savvy deal.

  • Sally bails Jack out of jail; a mutual fund is aimed at the black/youth markets; Niko ignores Marty's directives.

  • Jack plans to flee the country; Sally teaches money-management; Jansky has an affair with a prostitute; Chris demands a transfer.

  • Jack is wanted for murder; a power struggle develops for control of a bank.