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In this animated series, the giant robot Bumblebee teams up with his friend Windblade on a quest to recover Bumblebee's erased memory chips. Along the way, they face attacks from the evil Decepticons, and they have to fight to save the world from the bad robots.Transformers: Cyberverse is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (64 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 2018.

Transformers: Cyberverse is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Transformers: Cyberverse on demand atNetflix, Amazon, Cartoon Network, Google Play, iTunes online.

Saturday 6:30 AM et/pt on Cartoon Network
3 Seasons, 64 Episodes
September 1, 2018
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Jeremy Levy, Jake Foushee, Ryan Andes, Sophia Isabella
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Transformers: Cyberverse Full Episode Guide

  • Chromia and Bumblebee venture into Cybertron's gaseous Argon Sea in search of Windblade.

  • A rescue mission to save Jetfire reveals a secret Decepticon operation.

  • In search of Windblade, Grimlock journeys with Bumblebee to prehistoric Cybertron.

  • Bumblebee must travel to Cybertron's forbidden moon to help Windblade.

  • A forgotten bot returns to Cybertron, looking for revenge.

  • Searching for Windblade, Bumblebee and Chromia discover that the legendary Crystal City holds many secrets.

  • In an attempt to find his missing friend, Bumblebee goes on a spy mission into Decepticon territory.

  • Megatron and Optimus's strike team faces off against the Scientist while the Autobot and Decepticon defenders of Iaconus desperately keep the all-powerful Judge distracted.

  • Freed from the Loop, Optimus and Megatron still have trouble reconciling so it's up to Hot Rod and Soundwave to unite the divided Cybertronians against the Quintesson invaders.

  • In order to heal Soundwave's glitch and find out how to free the Autobots and Decepticons from the Loop, the team hunt down a mysterious Quintesson called The Scientist.

  • Hot Rod and Soundwave compete over leadership of the group, arguing over how to best defeat the Quintessons.

  • To awaken the Titan Iaconus, Hot Rod plans a daring rescue of the Autobot's only City Speaker.

  • Hot Rod, Clobber, Dead End, and Whirl search the long-buried Titan for MacCadam and anything to help them defeat the Quintessons.

  • Despite finding shelter at MacCadam's, Hot Rod is frustrated with their lack of progress rescuing more bots from the Quintesson Loop.

  • When Clobber enters the Deception Loop to rescue Lockdown, she attracts the attention of a different Decepticon instead.

  • It's a beautiful day on Cybertron and only Hot Rod doesn't seem to be enjoying the festive Parade of Metals.

  • Bee and Cheetor find new allies in the depths of Cybertron, Windblade, Wheeljack and Teletraan-X battle Bludgeon for control of Vector Sigma, and the Decepticons reveal their superior weaponry on the battlefield.

  • While the battle rages on the surface, deep below ground Hot Rod faces off against an unexpected traitor, giving Cheetor and Bee time to get the Allspark to the Well.

  • Megatron's jubilation at destroying the Ark is short-lived as he realizes the ship was a decoy

  • As the Autobots on the Ark prepare to land on Cybertron, Chromia and Perceptor attempt to escape Decepticon captivity.

  • Seeking a shortcut to Cybertron, the Autobots use a damaged SpaceBridge that takes them somewhere completely unexpected.

  • Grimlock and Arcee look for adventure and find more than they expected.

  • The mission to save Cybertron is threatened when Windblade steals the Allspark and flees to a mysterious planet.

  • Hotrod takes Bumblebee and Cheetor spaceboarding through an asteroid field where they encounter Sharkticons.

  • An Autobot party turns into an uncontrollable brawl that could destroy them all!.

  • The Autobots have the Allspark! Now they just have to get it off Earth.

  • Starscream unleashes the ultimate attack on the Autobots and Decepticons.

  • The Autobots and Decepticons are surprised by the sudden arrival of two bots locked in a millennia long feud.

  • Shockwave kidnaps Wheeljack to help the Decepticons find Starscream, but he underestimates the wily Autobot inventor.

  • As the Autobots prepare for an attack, Cheetor struggles to find his place amongst the tight-knit group.

  • Optimus Prime leads a rescue mission onto the Nemesis, saving the Decepticons from Starscream.

  • The Autobots and Decepticons attempt to forge an alliance in the face of the threat posed by Starscream.

  • While Starscream acquires new power through the Allspark, the Autobots mistakenly assume Starscream is still under Megatron's command.

  • Optimus and Megatron finally discover the Allspark.

  • The Decepticons are thrown into chaos by an unexpected Autobot visitor in their midst.

  • As one of Wheeljack's inventions wreaks havok on The Ark, Bee tries to figure out what he saw on the Moon.

  • Starscream makes a power play for control of the Decepticons as the Moon hurtles toward the Earth.

  • To save the Earth from destruction, the Autobots must defeat the Decepticons on the Moon.