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For the first time Guy Fieri is heading back to some of his all-time favorite Diners, Drive-ins and Dives spots on Triple D Nation. On this all-new spin on DDD, Guy checks in on some of the most memorable joints he has previously visited to see how they have been doing, and to get a taste of some of the new and classic recipes they are dishing out. Whether they have opened new locations, expanded their old ones, or added to their menus, these restaurants are always pushing the boundaries of their culinary comfort zone.

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Creative Comfort
46. Creative Comfort
November 12, 2021
Summary is not available.
From Chicken to Chowder
45. From Chicken to Chowder
October 8, 2021
This time, Guy Fieri's got all kinds of chicken and a chowder that can't be missed! First up in Florence, Ore., a never-been-seen seafood shack is makin' a must-have crab chowder, and Guy's creating a crab toast for their menu! Then, a Cuban spot in Chicago is cooking pollo and vaca frita the authentic way, and in Houston, a Jamaican joint's still adding their wet jerk seasoning to just about everything.
Diner Eats and a Fieri Treat
44. Diner Eats and a Fieri Treat
September 24, 2021
For this trip, it's Guy Fieri's treat! On Maui, musician Mick Fleetwood and his kitchen crew get the royal treatment when the Fieri family stops by to whip up lamb with mint pesto just for them. Then, when Guy first stumbled on a diner out in Delta, Wis., he just had to share it. Now he's back again, and the hash browns have a whole new look. Plus, the third generation may have taken over a Houston joint, but the burgers and specials are still the same.
Fresh Flavor aka Fresh from Flavortown
43. Fresh Flavor aka Fresh from Flavortown
September 10, 2021
On this trip, it's Flavortown at its freshest. In Maui, Hawaii, Guy Fieri stops by a food truck for hamachi straight from the sea, served up on chilled soba noodles. Then, an empanada empire in Houston, Texas, is dishin' out churrasco and chimichurri, and a Chicago hot spot known for their homemade chorizo is crankin' out three different concepts from one kitchen.
Papaya, Panelle and Pork
42. Papaya, Panelle and Pork
August 27, 2021
It's Triple P on Triple D! First up in Kihei, Hawaii, Guy Fieri finds papaya and pork belly paired up at a local spot known for fusion flavors. An Italian eatery and market in Norridge, Ill., is still creating authentic Sicilian recipes like pane and panelle, and a Chicago BBQ spot is dishin' up killer pulled pork.
From Chicken to Chorizo
41. From Chicken to Chorizo
August 20, 2021
Guy Fieri's covering everything from chicken to chorizo, starting on Maui, where he revisits a spot that's churning out smoked chicken and killer cornbread. In Kenosha, Wis., a diner that's almost a century old is still putting chorizo in all their breakfast favorites, like sweet potato hash, and in Chicago, crowds flock to a BBQ joint for their jumbo wings in soy ginger sauce.
Intercontinental Cuisine
40. Intercontinental Cuisine
August 6, 2021
On this trip, Guy Fieri finds intercontinental cuisine without leaving the U.S., starting in Lahaina, Hawaii, where the whole Fieri family revisits a funky noodle joint for some surprising soup at their new beachfront address. Then, it's a double dose of Chicago spots with an Italian eatery that's crankin' out calamari and makin' all kinds of mussels and a Korean-American burger joint going crazy with their kimchi.
Cookin' Across The Country
39. Cookin' Across The Country
July 9, 2021
Guy Fieri's traveling from sea to shining sea, starting in Key West, Fla., where a food cart has increased its footprint to churn out even more food, like kimchi and Kogi dogs. In College Station, Texas, Guy goes back to an early stop on the DDD road trip, and they're still makin' classic diner staples like meatloaf and biscuits and gravy. Then, in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, a collision of Hawaiian, Korean and Filipino traditions creates combinations like adobo-style oxtail.
Pork, Poke And Pollo
38. Pork, Poke And Pollo
July 2, 2021
Guy Fieri hits the road for a Triple "P" Party! In Houston, he's checking in on a Greek diner where the machinery -- like a rotisserie spinning off-the-hook pork -- is as impressive as the food. Then, a poke place in Kahului, Hawaii, is dishin' out fresh fish and turning up the heat on tako. And in San Francisco, a real-deal Mexican joint is scratch-makin' it all, from the pozole to the caldo tlalpeno con pollo.
All Sorts of Seafood
37. All Sorts of Seafood
June 18, 2021
In Hawaii, a poke place had to change its address to handle the "DDD" crowds, and in San Francisco, a quaint spot is still serving Southern staples with a twist.
Mobile Meals
36. Mobile Meals
May 28, 2021
In Kihei, Hawaii, Guy, Hunter and Jules stumble onto a pizza cart that Guy first found on the beach in 2016; in Cloquet, Minn., an old-school carhop's delivering double cheeseburgers and real-deal Coneys right to your car.
New Faces and Old Places
35. New Faces and Old Places
May 14, 2021
Guy Fieri is checking out a mix of familiar places and new faces; in Miami, Guy and a couple buddies hit up a Haitian place for the first time; in Oakland, he finds a vegan version of Creole classics.
From the Seas and Lots of Cheese
34. From the Seas and Lots of Cheese
May 7, 2021
On this trip, Guy Fieri is diving into all sorts of off-the-hook flavors. First up, in the Florida Keys, Guy and Hunter are hittin' up a local landmark that's new to DDD -- but their deconstructed ceviche is the talk of the town. In St. Paul, the stuffed burgers and spicy apps at a neighborhood hot spot called us back for a third time, and, in Philly, classic comfort food is made with unexpected ingredients.
Nostalgic Neighborhood Nosh
33. Nostalgic Neighborhood Nosh
April 23, 2021
Guy Fieri cruises the neighborhood to revisit local hangouts, starting in San Francisco, where an Italian joint keeps crankin' out favorites like chicken marsala; in Philadelphia, an old-school diner is still offering up scrapple and French toast.
Triple D Nation: Bbq, Burgers And Beyond
32. Triple D Nation: Bbq, Burgers And Beyond
May 22, 2020
Summary not available
Triple D Nation: East Coast Eatin'
31. Triple D Nation: East Coast Eatin'
May 15, 2020
Summary not available
Savory Seafood and Square Pie
30. Savory Seafood and Square Pie
March 27, 2020
This trip, Guy Fieri's thinking outside the box. First up, he and his son, Hunter, check on an Italian spot in Boston dishing out double portions of their authentic eats. Then, just outside the city, an eclectic diner's wowing the crowds with brand-new blue-plate specials. And in Baltimore, a pizza joint is serving up not-your-average-shaped pies.
From Near to Far
29. From Near to Far
March 13, 2020
Guy Fieri's taking a trip around the world without leaving the U.S. An Italian eatery in Boston is still serving up real-deal dishes from the homeland, and just down the street, a popular place is making major-league burgers and poppin' up all over the city. There's a first time for everything when Guy decides to revisit a ramen spot in El Paso, Texas, that he just discovered for dinner the night before!
Italian, Thai and Pie
28. Italian, Thai and Pie
February 28, 2020
Guy Fieri has a righteous time revisiting joints offering everything from pie to Thai. In Honolulu, a family spot going strong with their specialties straight out of Thailand. In Dallas, a funky spot blowing up all over town with their pizza and pasta, and in Washington, D.C., a pizza-ping pong mashup serving up even more winning combos.
Layered, Stuffed and Stacked
27. Layered, Stuffed and Stacked
February 14, 2020
It's a feeding frenzy on this trip, as Guy Fieri first stops in to see an old buddy in Kansas City, Mo., who's got new spots and a secret menu of sandwiches that are not so secret anymore. Then, a grab-and-go taqueria is now three locations deep in Baltimore, and it's a familiar tune at a Greek joint in Cambridge, Mass., where they've got the moussaka market cornered.
Meat Mashup
26. Meat Mashup
January 24, 2020
Guy Fieri is reliving his most meat-tastic memories, starting in Kansas City, Mo., at an award-winning BBQ joint serving up pork belly burnt ends. Then, a taqueria in Dallas is still flipping the script on Tex-Mex and bringing real deal Mex-Tex to the masses. And a sub shop is winning over Washington, D.C., with their huge hoagies and homemade everything.
A Little Lighter
25. A Little Lighter
January 10, 2020
Guy Fieri is lightening the load on this trip, starting in Boston, where he pops into Triple D's first diner to check out the egg-white omelets. Then, a Cuban joint in Los Angeles is trading in bread for plantains and stuffing avocado with fresh fish. Finally, jackfruit tacos in Park City, Utah, are perfect for devouring after a day jumping moguls.
Trottin' Out the Turkey
24. Trottin' Out the Turkey
November 15, 2019
Guy Fieri is checkin' out Flavortown's all-time turkey-centric spots. At a Boston diner, Guy reminisces about the Thanksgiving plate he had in 2007. Then, in New Orleans, traditional turkey gets the French Quarter flair with some seafood stuffing you won't see coming. Finally, a chef in Albuquerque is still puttin' a New Mexico spin on her turkey -- not to mention the pork and corned beef.
Something Sweet
23. Something Sweet
September 27, 2019
It's Diners, Drive-Ins, Dives and decadence … with plenty of sweet to go along with the savory! First up, Guy Fieri's in Kansas City, Mo., where a brunch spot is serving up a vegan treat rich enough for any meat eater. Then, a burger joint in Dallas is stirring things up with their mouthwatering milkshakes. Finally, a hidden steakhouse in Albuquerque, N.M., is keeping Mama's Greek classics -- and confections -- coming out of the kitchen.
Coastal Cuisine
22. Coastal Cuisine
September 20, 2019
The sun is out and the surf is high as Guy Fieri hits up some ultimate DDD spots by the shore. First, he's in Honolulu to say "Hi" to an old buddy who's reelin' in fresh poke and smokin' pork by the plateful. Then, a fresh fish market in San Diego is growing their menu -- and their real estate. And in Kona, Hawaii, there's a never-before-seen Triple D hot spot where a do-gooder is using his pirating ways to spread international flavor and give back to his community.
A Family Affair
21. A Family Affair
August 30, 2019
Guy Fieri's heading out to check in on family-run favorites. In Honolulu, a set of siblings ready to roll their mom's Filipino food all around the island. In San Diego, a taqueria that has been serving taquitos the same way for three generations, plus, a brother-sister team in Kansas City, Mo., still dishin' out off-the-hook, Asian-inspired eats.
Guy's Going Home
20. Guy's Going Home
June 28, 2019
On this trip, Guy Fieri's hittin' up some of his favorite hometown haunts. First, he pops into a Mexican joint right in his Santa Rosa, Calif., 'hood, where he chows on the pozole every time he's off the road. Then in Eureka, Calif., near where Guy grew up, a pizzeria is still bringing authentic New York pie to the West Coast. Finally, it's off to Las Vegas and an old college hangout where strombolis still reign supreme.
From Pork to Pot Pie
19. From Pork to Pot Pie
June 7, 2019
Guy Fieri starts things off internationally as he brings the whole family to his favorite jerk joint in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Then it's back to the States, where a cafeteria in Tucker, Ga. hasn't changed a thing -- including its true Southern staples. In Austin, Texas, a sandwich spot has a new name and a new location, but the food is still out-of-bounds, and finally, a barbecue hot spot is seriously smokin' in Salt Lake City.
Beef, Barbecue and Bar Food
18. Beef, Barbecue and Bar Food
April 5, 2019
Guy Fieri's trip is all about the three B's: beef, barbecue and bar food. First, he stops in Taylor, Texas, at one of the first DDD barbecue joints to pay homage to an old friend whose son is carrying on his legacy. Then, it's on to Las Vegas, where Bolivian food and the ultimate Triple D prank reigned supreme. Finally, in Atlanta, a punk rock bar is still flippin' the script on bar food.
A Taste of Italy
17. A Taste of Italy
March 22, 2019
Guy Fieri hits up his favorite Italian joints from over the years. In Scottsdale, Arizona, a real-deal Italian grocer crankin' out scratch-made staples like gnocchi and prosciutto that bring a tear to Guy's eye. And a San Antonio pizzeria serving authentic Neapolitan pie -- and they have the papers to prove it. Plus--BONUS! Guy pops into a by-the-slice stand in Austin, Texas, that the Nation has never seen before.
Where's the Beef?
16. Where's the Beef?
March 15, 2019
It's all about the beef on this trip as Guy Fieri pops into a classic diner in Marietta, Georgia, for a taste of what's topping the charts these days. Next, it's on to San Antonio where a carwash-laundromat-kitchen combo is crankin' out killer burgers. And in Gilbert, Arizona, there's a joint pullin' all their ingredients from their own backyard and giving new meaning to the phrase, "farm to table."
Steak, Sausage and Salami
15. Steak, Sausage and Salami
February 1, 2019
It's meat mayhem and Guy Fieri is checking out a joint known for cheesesteaks and meatballs that have taken over Salt Lake City. Then, a father-son team stays true to their Italian roots in -- of all places -- Glendale, Arizona. And in Omaha, a Triple-D chef's son pays tribute to his father by carrying on his legacy and his recipes.
International Affair
14. International Affair
January 18, 2019
A Vietnamese sandwich shop in Salt Lake City; a Greek chef whips up Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner in San Antonio; a German restaurant in Glendale, Ariz.
From the Sea
13. From the Sea
January 11, 2019
Guy Fieri heads back to see what the Triple D Nation is cookin’ up from under the sea. For starters, an oyster shuckin’ shack is putting a new spin on an old favorite in the Big Easy.
Fried and Smoked
12. Fried and Smoked
December 21, 2018
Sometimes it's not what you're cooking but how you're cooking it. Outside San Antonio, Guy Fieri checks in on the O.G. Triple D, and she's blowin' his mind with her new fried food. Things are smoking in Miami, Fla., with an appetizer made with smoked fish, and a chef in Des Moines is servin' up smoked duck. Plus, in Omaha, Guy pays tribute to a chef who will always be part of the Triple D Nation.
Stuffed Stuff
11. Stuffed Stuff
December 7, 2018
Guy Fieri tries some stuffed food items in different spots through California, Colorado, and Oregon.
From Brisket to Bison
10. From Brisket to Bison
November 16, 2018
A Hawaiian hideaway in Seattle has branched out to serve sweet island treats, and a Denver restaurant takes Korean barbecue to the next level. Plus, there’s a bonus, never-before-seen-on-Triple-D Italian hot spot that Guy visits every time he hits Chi-Town.
Between the Bread
9. Between the Bread
November 2, 2018
Guy Fieri's always down for a good sandwich, so he's stopping in to check out some of the Triple D Nation's latest creations. A food truck in Nashville put down roots and started churning out cheesy concoctions. A Denver diner's gone global, dishin' up eats from all over the world. A seafood joint in Miami put their signature dish inside two pieces of bread, and as a bonus, Guy's letting us in on a Fieri family tradition in Northern California.
Wings n Things
8. Wings n Things
October 12, 2018
Ain't no thing but a chicken wing in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, when Guy Fieri stops by to taste a couple of new eats they've added.
Around The World
7. Around The World
October 5, 2018
It’s an international affair as Guy Fieri revisits old favorites. The Triple D Nation took notice in Miami when a Latin-inspired place opened a fast-casual joint to serve the masses, and their burger tower is the talk of the town. A Hawaiian hideaway in Seattle has branched out to serve sweet island treats, and a Denver restaurant takes Korean barbecue to the next level. Plus, there’s a bonus, never-before-seen-on-Triple-D Italian hot spot that Guy visits every time he hits Chi-Town.
Meat Lovers
6. Meat Lovers
September 14, 2018
Guy Fieri heads to Miami to see what his buddy is doing with chicken and duck; a noodle shop in Portland, Ore., is churning out thousands of dumplings a week these days; in Spokane, Wash., chicken wings have never been so explosive!
Dough Delights
5. Dough Delights
September 14, 2018
Guy Fieri is going downright dough crazy over new recipes from old joints. A noodle shop in Portland, Oregon, is churning out thousands of dumplings a week these days, and a Hawaiian hideaway in Seattle has branched out to serve sweet island treats. Plus, in Jackson, Wyoming, Guy is giving his two cents as he taste-tests new pizzas for an ever-expanding menu.
Far Out Flavor
4. Far Out Flavor
August 24, 2018
It's east meets west when Guy Fieri revisits a place in Miami known for their Asian Funk Fusion to see what the chef is doing to Chinese food these days. Then, a Hawaiian hideaway in Seattle has branched out to serve sweet island treats and two dudes in Portland are still cranking out crazy sandwich concoctions all over the city. Finally, with the word out in Jackson, Wyo., a small, all-organic cafe had to expand to handle the DDD Nation.
Sammies, Snacks and Seafood
3. Sammies, Snacks and Seafood
August 17, 2018
Guy Fieri's kicking it old school as he pops into one of his favorite places from the very first season of DDD. Also, a lobster food truck's looking a lot different in Minneapolis and an out-of-the-way rustic restaurant's got some new dishes to inspire the DDD Nation. Plus, a place in Spokane had to move to bigger digs to keep up with their big dishes.
Global Goodies
2. Global Goodies
July 20, 2018
Guy Fieri's taking a walk down memory lane to check on some of his favorite DDD finds. He gets a second helping at his first Peruvian place in Chicago. In Seattle, tradition stands firm at an old school chili parlor. Plus, local dives in Minneapolis and Portland, Ore., both have their fair share of dining developments.
Poke, Pork and Chicken Parm
1. Poke, Pork and Chicken Parm
July 13, 2018
Guy finds things have changed a lot for his poke buddies at Big & Littles in Chicago. In Denver, it's a second serving at a unique 'triple threat' location that is part bar, part pizzeria and part biscuit shop, where they are dishing out breakfast biscuit sandwiches and a couple of new late-night Italian options. Over at The Shanty, in Wadsworth, IL, the owner reminisces about how DDD changed his life and his menu with new dishes, including braised pork shanks and goat cheese wontons. Finally, in Seattle, a return to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives first, and only, Trinidadian joint reveals their new take on an old staple - fry bread.

For the first time Guy Fieri is heading back to some of his all-time favorite Diners, Drive-ins and Dives spots on Triple D Nation. On this all-new spin on DDD, Guy checks in on some of the most memorable joints he has previously visited to see how they have been doing, and to get a taste of some of the new and classic recipes they are dishing out. Whether they have opened new locations, expanded their old ones, or added to their menus, these restaurants are always pushing the boundaries of their culinary comfort zone.

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    July 13, 2018