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Finally, a show that tests man and gear to the limits. "True Magnum TV"'s new format tells more of the story behind each hunt. It tells the story of the role hunters play in conservation, the adversity they face in the remote places and foreign countries they visit, and the cultural components that play into the large and small pieces of each hunt. Join internationally renowned hunters Bo Morgan, Rob Dunham, and James Brion as they take you inside the original extreme sport

True Magnum TV is a Reality series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on June 29, 2016.

True Magnum TV is available for streaming on the Outdoor Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch True Magnum TV on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Wednesday 7:30 AM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
June 29, 2016
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True Magnum TV Full Episode Guide

  • James Brion takes an elk in British Columbia but quickly learns he will have to stand his ground to keep it. Bo Morgan learns that Myanmar will hold it's own set of problems that will need to be overcome if he is going to launch a successful program.

  • Bo Morgan investigates Myanmar species while visiting in hopes of opening hunting that will displace the black market wildlife trade; James Brion trails two days through the Stone Mountain area to arrive at the winter home of the Moose Master.

  • Bo culminates a Baja Blacktail hunt with a fiesta; James tests his horse while searching for a legal caribou in BC; Bo arrives in Myanmar, where it will take all of his knowledge and experience to move the project off ground zero.

  • Bo Morgan is just about to admit defeat when opportunity crosses his path in the hunt for the newly designated Baja Blacktail. James Brion treks through the British Columbia wilderness in search of Moose, with a capital M.

  • Bo Morgan struggles to find a Baja blacktail buck in Mexico. British Columbia continues to challenge and surprise James Brion and his guide, Derrick Stevens.

  • Bo Morgan arrives in the Baja Peninsula to test hunt the newly designated Baja Blacktail. Rob Dunham wraps up his successful Mexico Coues hunt. James Brion continues his trek through the wilderness in search of game.

  • James gets a chance to settle the score with his long time adversary, the Rocky Mountain goat. Rob attempts to make up for the previous confusion in Abraham's Coues deer hunt. Bo and Nick continue their hunt in the French Alps, hoping for chamois.

  • While on the search for mountain goat, James Brion calls in a moose instead. Bo Morgan's son, Nick, gets his chance at his first sheep. Abraham's Coues deer hunt gets exciting.

  • The surprises keep coming as James Brion readies to spike out in BC and Rob Dunham turns the hunt over to his friend, Abraham. Bo and Nick continue their hunt for mouflon high in the Alps.

  • Bo Morgan gives his son, Nick, a turn with the rifle while training him on the area ahead of clients. Rob Dunham turns his sights towards his old Mexican nemesis. British Columbia continues to offer obstacles for James and his guide, Derrick.

  • James Brion arrives in British Columbia to commence his 30-day project on horseback in Northern BC with Stone Mountain Safaris; Bo Morgan turns his sights to a chamois in the French Alps; Rob Dunham finds Desert rams.

  • Rob Dunham's hunt for Desert sheep has his spidey senses tingling; James's client, Alex, gets a chance at a Caucasian Chamois but it will require all of his shooting skill; Bo Morgan continues to look for an elusive Mouflon in France.

  • Weather challenges James Brion and the team high in the mountains of Russia. Bo Morgan gets the opportunity to hunt Mouflon in a new area of France. Rob Dunham arrives in Mexico for a multi-species desert big game hunt.

  • Rob celebrates the fruits of his Bongo hunt with the team that helped make it possible. James's Kuban Tur hunt proves to be challenging right up to the very end. Bo is up against time and the elements to make his Blue Sheep hunt successful.

  • Bo and his team are forced to hike higher and higher in the quest for Blue Sheep. Rob Dunham forges deeper in to the jungle of Cameroon on trail of Bongo. James scales treacherous territory in search of the wary Kuban Tur.

  • Bo begins his hunt for bharal deep in the mountains of Nepal. Fresh tracks get Rob excited early in his hunt for Cameroon Bongo. James must choose between taking his chances with his knee and the elements or potentially coming up empty in Russia.

  • Rob's client finishes the hunt of his dreams. Bo's turn behind the trigger puts his skills to the test. James tries to convince his physical therapist to sign off on his next trek.

  • Rob Dunham starts his search for sitatunga in Cameroon. Bo Morgan and James Brion both suffer the challenges of hunting wary high mountain quarry.

  • Bo Morgan wraps up his hunt for Bukharan ibex while James Brion starts his first hunt on a new knee in Russia. Rob Dunham starts his journey in Cameroon, a world away from home.

  • Bo starts his trek deep into the mountains of Nepal. The early stages of James's hunt for Kuban Tur in the Caucaus Mountains brings a dose of reality. In Cameroon, Rob hunts one of the jungles's smallest creatures with a Pygmy tracker.

  • With only one day left, Rob's client searches for Sable. Bo starts his quest for Ibex in the treacherous mountains of Tajikistan. James finds a new challenge back in Montana and is up against the clock to be able to continue his season & his career.

  • Bo Morgan's client culminates his hunt for a world record markhor. Rob Dunham's client finally shakes the jinx that has been following him while James Brion is stuck on the sidelines.

  • Rob Dunham searches for answers to get his client's hunt back on track. Bo Morgan's markhor hunt is challenged by language barriers and a missing rifle; back in the States, James Brion's elk hunt ends with a twist.

  • Half a world apart, Bo Morgan and Rob Dunham help their clients through unforeseen problems that threaten to derail their hunts. James Brion continues the hunt for an elusive bull elk in Utah and finds a beauty...but something beats him to it.

  • Bo Morgan and Rob Dunham each arrive on the scene for their latest new offerings for conservation hunting while James Brion is distracted by a lucky public land tag draw.