United Tastes of America

United Tastes of America is a reality food show exploring the various regional tastes and cooking of the United States. In the United States there are many regions which have their own cooking styles. These styles have been passed from generation to generation and combine old world cooking with new world ingredients available when that area of the country was settled.

This show looks at regional dishes, the history and science behind these dishes. It then highlights the regional chefs who cook these dishes in the modern world of today and how they have reconstructed these classic dishes into tastes for the modern world.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Cooking Channel
3 Seasons, 38 Episodes
November 16, 2010
Cast: Jeffrey Saad
United Tastes of America

United Tastes of America Full Episode Guide

  • Jeffrey checks out the best fair food at the State Fair of Texas;

  • Jeffrey Saad heads to the Crescent City to visit the New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Festival to sample the best sandwiches in the city.

  • Carnivores rejoice! Meat is back on the menu at restaurants across the country as top chefs embrace the art of charcuterie - that is to say, sausage making. Jeffrey Saad will eat his way through this trend, sampling intricate terrines, making forthright salamis, and even helping one ambitious chef reinvent the pate of the masses: Spam.

  • The oven mitts are off as Jeffrey Saad joins the high-stakes competition at the 2011 American Royal World Series of Barbecue in Kansas City.

  • Oysters and clams have dug deeply into the bed of American history.

  • Jeffrey gets a sinfully delicious, moist chocolate cake at Alliance Bakery.

  • Jeffrey gets a crash course in cooking pork, chicken, and ribs over a fire.

  • Meatloaf is practically synonymous with "homestyle".

  • Pasta sheets, savory sauces, hunks of meat, gooey cheeses, we say: Lasagna!

  • In the hands of chefs, peanut butter is enjoying a culinary renaissance.

  • Jeffrey Saad studies dumplings from trendy to traditional.

  • Take an ooey-gooey trek to find the happiest food in America - the cookie.

  • Jeffrey Saad talks about the best ribs in America today.

  • Bacon is baaaack - and on every part of the menu these days.

  • Craft brewers from coast to coast are preserving history even as they strive to reinvent the future. Jeffrey Saad takes a seat at a bar to sample some of our nation's best brews.

  • Jeffrey Saad slurps up a few of the finest noodle finds in the nation.

  • Sweet, spicy or sauced... chicken wings have become their own food group.

  • Jeffrey Saad reveals the history and culture of burritos.

  • Jeffrey digs in to the debate: Is it mac and cheese, or cheese and mac?

  • Can you handle the hottest dishes in the world?

  • Jeffrey will belly-up to the bar and report on the mixed-drink scene.

  • Looking for paradise between two slices of bread?

  • As Jeffrey Saad discovers, pancakes make every day a little sweeter.

  • This in-the-raw import has become a true American success story.

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