Voltron: The Beast King Go-Lion

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Voltron: The Beast King Go-Lion is about the story of a legendary robot named Golion, who is a very powerful machine that overuses his abilities by destroying creatures known as "Deathblack Beastmen" and bragging about it. However, due to Golion's arrogance, he is punished by the divine space and transforms in 5 separate lion robots.

Years later, a team of five young men arrive on Earth after completing a space voyage. Once they arrive, they are surprised to find the planet destroyed due to a nuclear war.

The young men come in contact with a particular alien species called the Galtra. After this encounter, the team travels to the planet Altea and discover that the legendary robot, Golion, was split up into five lion robots.

They then decide to awaken these robots from their slumber, in hopes of putting a stop to the Galtra from eradicating the human race.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 18 Episodes
March 8, 2010
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Rumiko Ukai, Masako Nozawa, Kazuhiko Inoue, Ryusei Nakao, Akira Kamiya
Voltron: The Beast King Go-Lion

Voltron: The Beast King Go-Lion Full Episode Guide

  • A girl is shot down; Hothead rescues her. She claims to have escaped Daibazaal, but some are skeptical. She is actually a saboteur. She flees and Hothead confronts her. He pleads with Lisa to join in their fight against Daibazaal. She kills herself.

  • After spinning out of control in her lion, Fala is saved by Bambara from Planet Orion. He is asked to pilot the blue lion. Nobody is yet wise to Bambara's Galran origins. Bambara kidnaps Fala.

  • Fala is determined to fight on the front lines. They search for a new pilot, recruiting in a small village; a beast is sent to kill the candidates. The heroes fight on with just four lions, but get in trouble. Fala saves the day in the Blue Lion.

  • The Galran Empire fumes over their defeats and their new plan is assassination of the heroes. GoLion would no longer be a threat; Altea would be at their mercy. Traps are set and the heroes fight to save each other. Shirogane is lost in battle.

  • A new Beastman is sent to take on GoLion. Meanwhile on Altea, Fala goes with Raible to the tomb to pray, instead of fleeing as Raible had urged. Fala joins the fight, tipping the balance in their favor and allowing GoLion to triumph.

  • On Galra, the lions' appearance has caused great concern. Shorty returns to his team. The missing key is found with odd allies, space mice. After some training and a few attempts to form, GoLion is re-created.

  • The Galran attack heats up and Shorty is captured, The heroes seek the fifth key in the tomb of Raimon. Shorty is rescued by Alteans, while the rest of the team fights Sadak's army with only four of the five lions.

  • Sincline is interested in scientific experiments to defeat his enemy. He is interrupted by the collapse of Daibazaal. Honerva has a plan to cure him. Sincline attacks Fala, unsuccessfully. Sincline then decides to try to kill his father; he fails.

  • Sincline finds a new love interest. An old rival of Altea seeks to use Galra to enact treachery on Altea; he reveals he will turn on Galra after a win over his older rival. GoLion wins over the evil alliance and new bonds are formed.

  • A story of an Altean legend of two kingdoms bound together by a miraculous bridge, created by the Goddess of Love.

  • Sincline attacks; he is taken with Fala. He captures her & tries to get the others to surrender. They escape. Kogane is hurt, but Fala saves him. She is ready to give up Blue Lion; they rally and suggest her strength is greater than even Shirogane.

  • Prince Imperial Sincline returns from battle and declared supreme commander; Sincline flies to Altea, where he mounts an attack. Sadak is eventually defeated and destroyed by GoLion, but the appearance of Sincline is viewed as a bad omen for Altea.

  • Fala receives word that her aunt, Queen Elena, is returning. Honerva attacks Elena's carriage. Disguises and intrigue follow, with Honerva almost getting the upper hand. Fala persues Honerva in the Blue Lion but the witch is rescued by a Beastman.

  • There is peace on Altea, until a red rain begins to fall; it is human blood. The Alteans panic. The rain ignites a fire that engulfs the villages. The lions dispatch to stop the river of flames. Sadak then takes many of the villagers hostage.

  • The Galrans possess a white lion. Fala runs outside to follow it. She believes it is the embodiment of her mother. The heroes are drawn into traps and are captured. The Blue Lion shows up and the team is rescued.

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